10 Reasons Why Legalizing Marijuana Would Be Great For Society

We need to protect our future and solidify a time where the prohibition of marijuana is no more. For decades this country has stood strong on the fact that Marijuana is a disservice to society. Even after evidence intangible and tangible comes out about the polarizing plant, our government still proceeds to unjustly incarcerate millions of Americans every year on charges of possession of marijuana.

We have a broken criminal justice system that seems to serve an agenda larger than getting drug abusers and offenders off the street. The number of black and brown men being incarcerated for this plant is proportionally larger than any other race and ethnicity. It has become a perfect way to restrain the poor, and populate jails and prisons to initiate free labor and depopulation in this country.

These claims are all backed by facts and credentials, and many Americans have no clue on how the government has dealt with this epidemic of criminal injustice. According to DrugPolicy.org, over $51 billion is spent annually on the war on drugs. In a country that struggles to compete globally in education, innovation and other areas of interest this is a bit discerning. This also includes a 57% incarceration rate for Blacks and Latinos, which was the case in 2014 alone. These problems have been going on for over 30 years now and it is time for a generation to step up, and help reunite crumbled families.

Here are 10 dynamic reasons why legalizing marijuana will change the world and set our society on a new course of achievement. The millennials will make a change:

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10 Decriminalization Will Grow Our Economy 

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Marijuana, despite the many facts about the drug, is still classified as a schedule 1 substance sitting right next to heroine and LSD on the list of dangerous substances. I know this may sound shocking since the drug has literally claimed 0 deaths in its existence. Decriminalizing the drug will offer opportunities for ex-cons (most of which are non-violent offenders) to proactively search for jobs, apply for student loans and position themselves and their families for opportunities that having a possession charge on their record negates. This will also help bring home some of the great minds of the black and brown community who because of financial circumstance had little choice as a young man in this society. Poverty is one thing that will kill a man on the inside. Throwing us into situations where success is limited will only create people who see drugs as the alternative to living poor. Legalization is slowing down cartel illegal activity as we speak.

9 Prohibition Never Really Works

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Prohibition of any substance has proven to be ineffective. In the 1920s the alcohol prohibition just groomed better bootleggers and gangsters who did whatever they had to ensure their businesses would stay afloat. The government shouldn’t be able to control a substance that shows no evidence in harming people, anyway. That being said, it has spent its time on the list of banned substances since the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act which was abolished shortly after, but still, Marijuana was placed on the current Controlled Substance Act of the 1970s by President Nixon. Despite evidence of its therapeutic uses, he chose to label it a substance as dangerous as any available. (What a shame.) From there we have seen it become a highly consumed drug in which funds the private prison system we have today.

8 It's Less Addictive Than Tobacco 

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Growing up, I remember D.A.R.E. and all of these other anti-drug groups claiming marijuana was the root to all evil. It was a gateway drug to the perils of death. I remember being told people who smoked “weed” were lazy and unproductive throughout my entire life. The propaganda was real; I came to find out the cannabis plant is far less addictive than tobacco and doesn’t actually give you lung cancer like cigarettes. Yet for half a century, we have legally killed people with cigarettes and marijuana has been illegal. Save lives and legalize pot. We can’t allow the cigarette companies to dictate policy any longer.

7 It's One of the Easiest Plants to Grow 

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Marijuana is a plant of the Earth. Just like any other flower or weed, it grows vastly without much help from us. We are humans, so we like to take credit for mother Earth’s work when we can, but in this case it’s hard to even do so. Cannabis is a weed and grows fast with the right care. It is a plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors. People who grow cannabis can yield as much as a pound off of one plant if cultivated under the right lighting and conditions. It can grow around other vegetation as well keeping away certain pests. Growing outside allows for other plants to grow simultaneously. Unlike other weeds, cannabis is very good for the surrounding soil.

6 It's Environmentally Friendly 

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The cannabis plant will provide environmentally friendly solutions to many of the world’s issues. Accompanied with the ease of growth it also utilizes little to no use of pesticides and other chemicals that farmers and other growers utilize to sustain their harvest. It is also just like any other plant that takes in carbon dioxide, which with the vastness of its growth will help generate positive results to our air quality. It could be the alternative for crops that are chemically intensive and are causing temperature increases like the fossil fuels oil and gas. According to ScientificAmerican.com, legalizing may help to transcend the conversation about climate control.

5 Hemp is a World Changer

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Now that we know the cannabis plant has environmental strengths and can be cultivated in pretty much any soil or climate, we can now discuss how it can literally change the world. Along with the drug components, the cannabis plant also encompasses another weed called hemp which is derived from the plant as well. Hemp lacks high doses of THC, which are the psychiatric effects of the plant. This allows the plant to offer many solutions for our climate and many daily needs. Hemp can create fibers and fuels that are carbon neutral allowing for growth that is not a detriment to the Earth or humankind. Hemp can replace cotton, it can be used to save trees and make paper, it can also be used to generate fuel for vehicles. The innovation and ideas are endless pertaining to the plant. The prohibition is literally stifling our ability to change the world.

4 A Thinking Man’s Drug

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Many people may disagree with this, but as someone who has experienced the effects of the drug, I can give you a firsthand perspective. Marijuana is a drug that literally effects the processing of the mind. Many of its users testify that it has major effects on creativity, focus and how you understand logic. Marijuana smokers are some of the more critical thinking drug users in the world. Unlike other pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana connects you to your inner self rather than separating you from it. That is the fundamental difference between synthetic pharmaceuticals and a weed that grows in your backyard with or without you there to grow it.

3 Take Me to the Bank

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Legal marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the United States and has opened doors for business owners to thrive. According to a US research study, the United States cannabis industry grew $1.2 billion in profit from 2013 to 2014. Now if you go state to state and look into the four states that have made recreational use legal, you will be able to examine the growth directly. In Washington State alone, they generated $70 million off of the tax revenue in the first year. This is a sign that the illegal plant should be federally legalized which will offer better solutions for states to localize their own marijuana industry. Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington (D.C.) have all seen a boost in revenue due to the taxes levied on marijuana after legalization. A true cash crop is among us.

2 Could be the Anti-Cancer Substance We Need

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Cancer has been ripping through generations for decades. Many people who choose to go through chemotherapy fall victim of the side effects, never knowing about the alternatives that cannabis provides. For many years, scientist have looked into marijuana as a way to counter chemotherapy treatments. THC and CBD (cannabidiol) are the two components found in cannabis that scientist believe are medically viable for patients. THC is used for its ability to help with pain relief which is vital for cancer patients. CBD impacts the brain without the high that THC brings. Cannabis oils have also been proven to help alleviate certain skin cancers and have been used to slow the spread of cancer to other areas of the body. The legalization will allow for more research to be done. The fact that it remains on the schedule 1 substance list, detailed research is limited and practically illegal.

1 Because it is F****** AWESOME

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After reading all of the previous post, this one may be a bit vague. (So to ensure you I was NOT high when I wrote this, I will explain.) Marijuana has been fueled by outside perception. When in reality prior to 1937, people throughout the world for nearly 5,000 years consumed and utilized the plant for its medicinal and therapeutic effects. The consumption of the plant as we know it has led to the separation of families through incarceration and have placed countless of people in circumstances that they otherwise may have never been in, due mostly to being wrongly stigmatized as a gateway drug.

Cannabis can truly be the crop that transcends our generation. Opening opportunities for the PEOPLE to take over an industry that hasn’t been gutted by corporations and big businesses. The opportunity to offer products, infrastructure and a system that holds the value of the people as first priority. The marijuana industry is one that we have to take as our own and this alone will set the United States society on a new path. Where we build businesses and business owners, subject our tax revenue towards education and we treat every human with decency no matter their condition. Time has come to ratify our war on drugs and legalize Marijuana for good.

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