10 Reasons To Bed Former Catholic School Girls

Every man has an ideal fantasy girl. For Neil Sedaka, it was his little calendar girl. For David Lee Roth, it was California girls. And for many other men, it’s Catholic school girls. Their charms are easy to see, from those cute plaid skirts to the saucy way they hold their books. But there’s more than meets the eye. Former Catholic school girls are known to be the perfect balance between nice and naughty – and are therefore some of the most sought-after girls to bed. Here are ten reasons why former Catholic school girls will make you scream “Oh-my-God!”

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10 They Are Generous

The educators in Catholic school preach the value of generosity, from feeding the poor to helping one’s fellow man. So, former Catholic school girls abide by the “Golden Rule.” This means men can be assured that what they give, they will also get back. The former Catholic school girl will remember what carnal favors were bestowed on her, and respond in kind. Men can be free and easy with the foreplay, knowing that they will be rewarded not in the afterlife but under the covers.

9 Cute Underwear

Any former Catholic school girl will tell you that she had a love-hate relationship with her uniform. On the one hand, the uniform took the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning. On the other hand, the uniform was the same old thing – day in and day out. Thus, many Catholic school girls developed a penchant for wearing cute underwear because it was one of the few ways to express themselves. The church would be scandalized if it knew how many of its schoolgirls were wearing garter belts, see-through thongs, and lacy push-up bras. This habit often carries on into adulthood, making former Catholic school girls quite a feast for the eyes when they disrobe.

8 They’re Smart

Catholic schools are run by the clergy, who believe in dedication not just to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – they also preach the importance of education. As a result, many former Catholic school girls are quite smart. They can discuss a variety of topics, from philosophy to finance. With so many women falling prey to the dumbing down of America, it can be refreshing for a man to bed a woman he feels an intellectual connection with. Intellectual chemistry is under-rated in the bedroom, but the fact is that sexual satisfaction is heightened when there is a bond between two people that runs deeper than just looks.

7 They Know How To Be Sneaky

Catholic schools are strict places, which naturally breeds cunning as students need to develop a sixth sense of how to get away with things. Girls that attended them have learned how to beat the system, which makes them rather sneaky. She’ll be down with getting down in a public place – and she’ll know how to dodge getting caught. She will also know how to see a man on the sly without his girlfriend finding out and the best spot to have a quickie in the office. She’ll also be creative between the sheets as she will know that there’s more than one way to get the job done.

6 They Enjoy The Finer Things in Life

Girls that attended Catholic school often come from privileged backgrounds and as a result enjoy the finer things in life. They are appreciative of a gentleman’s fine touch, be it holding open a door or a simple compliment. This trait can be a very sweet asset during sex, as these girls won’t just fall into the monotony of it all. They will want the full V.I.P. treatment in bed, from foreplay to a kiss the morning after, and everything in between. In an age when most women are all too happy to play the whore, it can be refreshing to experience one that wants to be a lady.

5 Neat Appearance

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Catholic school girls were brought up that cleanliness was Godliness. So, it’s no surprise that they stay well-groomed after graduation. On the outside, former Catholic school girls are neat in appearance, from their expertly ironed blouses to their polished shoes. They are also vigorous in their personal hygiene, so they are perfectly coiffed from head to “down below.”

4 They Like to Dress Up

Most girls these days are unaccustomed to dressing up. They save dressing up for weddings – or at least Halloween. But former Catholic school girls spent their formative years dressing up, whether it was in their uniforms or wearing their Sunday best to Mass. This translates well to the bedroom, as they are more than willing to dress up. And what’s more, they understand the appeal of dressing up. (Don’t let them fool you: they knew even in high school that they drove men wild parading around in their preppy uniforms!) If men desire a naughty nurse, a sexy teacher or a damsel in distress, the former Catholic school girl will oblige – just say the word.

3 They Are Discreet

Catholicism has a long history of clandestine attitudes, which is carried over into the schools it runs. So, former Catholic school girls know the value of discretion. They can keep a secret, which makes them more attractive in the bedroom. If they have a heat of the moment office hook-up, they are less likely to go blabbing about their exploits to every Tom, Dick and Harry at the water cooler. If their partner was a dud, they’ll be more apt to pray for his soul than post his shortcomings online. And if it’s simply a matter a keeping things quiet in the early stages of romance, they can do that, too, because patience is a virtue.

2 They Know How to Follow the Rules

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Rules govern everything in Catholic school. There are rules on how to dress. There are rules on how to behave. There are rules on how to write one’s name on homework. Hence, former Catholic school girls have a lot of practice being obedient. They don’t question the rules – they accept them (no matter how inane they seem). Men can reap the rewards of this little quirk because it keeps things from getting messy. Every relationship has rules, whether explicit or implicit, and these girls are more likely to make an effort to be on time, to not ask a man to sleep over after the deed, and to stop nosing around in her man’s phone. And a smart man will further play this to his advantage – like by playing a sexy game of “Simon Says.

1 They Know How to Break the Rules 

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Former Catholic school girls are good at following the rules – but they are even better at breaking them. They are addicted to the rush of flouting convention and getting away with a cheap trick. They had plenty of practice smoking in the girls room, hiking up their hemlines and passing notes in class. As adults, they are thrill seekers and are up for newness in the bedroom. With their devil-may-care attitude, these girls are eager to try new positions, play a game or talk dirty. The adrenaline rush they get from the taboo enhances their enjoyment of pleasures of the flesh.

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