10 Reasons Gamers Are Actually Amazing In Bed

In case you aren’t aware, there are many benefits to being a gamer, and even more benefits to sleeping with one. Let’s face it, when it comes to the bedroom, it’s hard to find someone who can do the job right, and this why the video game world has received so much attention recently. Everyone is looking for his or her perfect partner, and what better way to find this partner than to search through the untapped resource of the gaming universe? Ok, there’s probably more to gaming research than gamers’ bedroom capabilities, but they’re definitely not as interesting.

In an effort to assist in this oh-so common search for sexy-time perfection, we’ve decided to compile a list of reasons as to why gamers are, contrary to popular belief, quite amazing in bed. With all of the research on video games out there nowadays, it’s actually not that hard to realize how undervalued the gamer community is. So, here are 10 reasons to consider bedding a gamer near you!

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10 They’re Playful

Among their many personality traits, gamers have been known to be quite the playful bunch. If your ‘escapades’ usually include a laugh or two, then you need to think about finding a gamer to ‘escapade’ with you. If you’re looking for someone with a sense of humor and who knows how to have a good time, you can be sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in a gamer. The term actually has the word ‘game’ in it; if this dude can’t make ‘fun time’, fun, no one can.

9 They Have Good Hand Eye Coordination

Throughout the available gaming research out there, a finding that keeps being replicated is how good gamers’ hand-eye coordination is. If you’re not sure what exactly hand-eye coordination is, a simplified explanation is basically being able to coordinate your muscles with what you’re seeing or doing without necessarily having to look (kind of like how reflexive it is to ride a bike). “How does this help in the bedroom”, you ask? Well, imagine being with someone who knows what to do and how to do it so well that he doesn’t even need to look. Although, practice can help non-gamers out with this, they’re just not as quick at learning the task and they don’t learn the task as well. So, sorry to all of you non-gamers… don’t shoot the messenger (try playing a video game).

8 They Can Multi-Task

Many studies have actually shown that individuals with a history of playing video games have an improved ability to engage in multiple tasks simultaneously. Hopefully, you can get creative with this one and realize just how awesome being able to multi-task is when this skill is applied to bedroom activities. One study actually tested gamers’ ability to multi-task using a pilot simulation. What tasks did it involve? Handling a joystick, keeping focus on a target, monitoring fuel levels, and responding to lights on an instrument panel. Those of you with a dirty mind will have no problem seeing the clear naughty parallels in all of these tasks. Go gamers!

7 Gaming Boosts Brain Power

Though few of us would like to admit it, our judgment tends to be blurred in high intensity situations. It’s no secret that when the heart gets pumping, the brain goes on sleep mode. Sadly, this sort of thing happens all too frequently when trying to *ahem* close a sale. This is where video games come in. After constantly having to make quick decisions throughout their game, these men become used to thinking smart in pressure situations. Granted, real life doesn’t have extra lives to hand out, but no one can argue that practicing quick decision-making would hurt in the bedroom. It’s just good to have, and boy do gamers have it.

6 They’re Good With Their Hands

Of all the popular research and implications of playing video games, the fact that gamers practice their handiness is among the most basic findings. Have you seen a video game controller lately? With all of those buttons so awkwardly placed, it’s no wonder gamers are good with their fingers; they don’t have a choice! Though lady parts can’t be directly compared to a video game controller (and shouldn’t be), the fact remains that there is still some level of skill required in achieving the magic touch. Fortunately for gamers, they get a head start in this department.

5 They Love Tech

This one is no surprise; gamers love tech. Anything involving technology is within their comfort zone, and they’d be more than happy to incorporate it in as many aspects of their lives as they can. Introducing tech and gadgets into the bedroom may be a little too bold for some, but if you happen to be among the kinky ones, you can be sure that a gamer will be open to trying out some new toys with you. He might even be the one making the suggestions; in which case, embrace it! Just don’t use a computer mouse– or do, whatever.

4 They Like Fantasy

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The video game world has evolved to a point where it includes so many different genres that the categories can range from 50-100 different kinds of games. Whether a game involves stealth, medieval fantasy, simulation, or sports, the bottom line is that gamers enjoy feeding their imagination, and they typically channel this hunger through video games. This interest can prove to be quite useful when it comes time to spice things up in the sac. Anyone looking for some sexy role-play will be thankful for the gamer in his or her life. Perhaps a game of ‘doctor’ is in question?

3 They Know How To Focus

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According to an interesting study on gaming, those with the most hours of video game experience showed reduced impulsiveness. Gamers were actually able to hold back from reflexive reactions when the occasion didn’t call for it. Their ability to focus and inhibit an unnecessary response actually has great implications when considering relations with the opposite sex. You can guarantee that every girl you meet will have dreamt of a man who is able to focus on her and not get distracted by any little event. Lucky for gamers, they score major points here (provided they can manage to put the girl before the game).

2 They Can Easily Adjust To Your Needs

One of the most interesting benefits of being a gamer is that playing video games increases one’s mental flexibility. This means that gamers can switch rapidly between tasks that might have conflicting demands. Not to mention, they make fewer errors while they’re at it. How many times has a woman you know changed her mind? Many times, right? Can you see where this is going? Funky time between the sheets might as well be an art; things are constantly changing, and every time is different. If you can manage to keep up between requests, and channel the gamer in you, then you’ll be set.

1 They Won’t Stop Until They Win

Perseverance is practically a prerequisite for gamers. They’re naturally competitive, and their success in the game they play is directly based on their ability to learn from their mistakes, and keep playing until they win. Whether you’re a woman or a man, you know that pleasing a woman is no easy feat. They’re all different, and while they’re all being different, what they want changes depending on the mood they’re in. Given this often-troubling detail, gamers have another win in their pocket. Since they’re better at learning their mistakes and persevering, the lucky woman they’re ‘playing’ with will never have to experience an unfinished race. Can you say win-win?


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