10 Questions A Guy Should Never Ask A Girl

It doesn’t take a genius to know that there are some questions you should never ask a girl. It makes no difference if it’s your girlfriend, friend or a random woman you just met. Sometimes you simply need to hold your tongue, and think before that question escapes your lips.

I’m sure we are all aware that women can be sensitive and touchy when it comes to certain subjects. So if you have your best interest at heart (and I hope you do) then you should avoid asking women questions that can have a wicked backlash.

Ever talked to a girl that you were interested in, only to have her disappear on you? Well think back to the exchange. Did you get personal too fast? Did you make her uncomfortable by asking her an out-of-bounds question? A woman is a complicated being, filled with a complexity so gargantuan that more often than not, she doesn’t even understand it herself.

So next time you think about asking one of these 10 questions, well think again.

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10 Is Your Sister Hot?

This might be the most annoying question in the world! It seems that whenever a guy finds out you have a sister, they get the sister syndrome almost immediately. Instead of asking “Is your sister as beautiful as you?” men somehow decide to weigh out their options with her instead. Not even taking into consideration that your sister might be, well 12 years old or something. Not only is this a creepy question, but it’s definitely a major turn off.

9 Can You Make Me A Sandwich?

Now if you want to test the waters with your new girlfriend, this might be the perfect question but take into consideration that you might end up drowning. She might laugh and take it as a joke, and well that’s great, you’ve found a funny one! But more often than not, if you’re seriously asking her to make you a sandwich out of the blue, then you’re in trouble mister. Here's a suggestion, if you want someone to make you a sandwich go to Subway or call your mother.

8 Are You On Your Period?

If your friend or girlfriend is acting like a colossal biznatch, well maybe that’s just her attitude. It definitely doesn’t mean that she is experiencing her dreaded monthly visit. I think we could all agree that it doesn’t take much to make a woman angry; a better question would be “Are you hungry?” Not only will asking a girl if she’s on her period make her even angrier, but you only have a 25% chance of being correct. Better keep those odds to yourself.

7 Can I Borrow Money?

In the 21st Century, I think we can all agree that the assigned roles between genders are definitely taking a turn for the better. More often than not, if you’ve gotten yourself a gem, she will offer to take you out, split the bill and won’t expect you to pay for everything. Although asking to borrow money when you actually need it is understandable, asking to borrow money for cars, video games, and beer funds are not. A woman might feel like she’s being taken advantage of if those type of questions start to pop up on the regular.

6 How Many Guys Have You Slept With?

There’s obviously something wrong with this question. Not only does it make a girl feel uncomfortable, but it makes her think that you don’t think she’s a virgin (and we’re all virgins, forever). Asking this question is the first mistake, someone should be comfortable enough to tell you that on their own terms. Even asking this question between friends that are extremely close can cause a weird energy to arise.

5 How Much Do You Weigh?

In this day and age, women are extremely sensitive when it comes to their weight. Asking them how much they weigh may cause laser beams to come out of their eyes. And if you are prepared to face that, then by all means continue with your interrogation. Instead rephrase your question into “You must weigh 120 pounds at most, I could carry you with one arm” and love beams will come out of their eyes instead.

4 Why Are You Even Friends With Them?

A girl’s inner circle is a piece of art. If you’re asking her why she even likes her friends, you’re basically asking her ‘Why do I even like you’? If you don’t trust your girlfriend when she goes out with her friends, then maybe you don’t really trust her and that’s the underlying problem. As long as her friends don’t mistreat or use her then there is nothing really wrong with them, and if you simply cannot get yourself to like or respect them, you should take a longer look at the person you’re dating.

3 Can You Calm Down?

Have you ever heard the term ‘’don’t poke the bear’’? Well if you’ve asked your girlfriend to calm down, then you’ve just poked it. Asking someone to calm down after they’ve clearly shown how angry they are, is like asking The Hulk to calm down after he’s undergone his monstrous transformation. Asking your girlfriend to calm down is basically telling her that you don’t think she has enough cause to be angry which can tend to make someone angrier.

2 Is That What You’re Wearing?

Having a good looking girlfriend can obviously have its downfall. Sure when you first met her you thought her outfits were a godsend, but now that you’ve been dating for some time, it’s getting harder to ignore the looks she gets from other guys. What is important to remember is that she is with you and only you. On a contrary note, maybe you don’t think your girlfriend dresses nice enough and you’d like her to step it up. What is important to remember before you ask her “Is that what you’re wearing tonight?” is that it takes a girl at least 10 outfit tries before she finds one she likes and feels good in. So it’s up to you, ask that question and get in a fight just to end up waiting another hour for her or change. Or simply accept that you are dating the girl, not her clothes.

1 Are You Going To Eat That?

Yes, yes I am. There’s nothing more annoying than someone who eats everything on their plate, and then wants yours too. Just because a girl looks small, doesn’t mean she can’t eat her weight in pizza. When a girl first gets to know a guy, well frankly, she tries to hide the side of her that can devour four cakes, two pies, and ten hot dogs. But in truth, girls are always starving and can become quite prissy when experiencing a lack of food. So save yourself the trouble, and sneak food onto her plate instead.

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