10 of the Weirdest Themed Dating Apps Ever

weirdest dating apps

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’ve all either tried or thought about trying online dating apps. From heavyweight contenders like Tinder and Plenty of Fish to OK Cupid, the virtual pick up scene has been going strong for the past couple of years. When you work long hours or travel a lot, it’s often difficult to find the time to go out during the week or make connections in new cities. Beyond that, sometimes people just don’t feel like meeting future mates in a bar environment or aren’t comfortable in a group setting. Over 60% of romantic relationships nowadays have started online and digital entrepreneurs everywhere are taking note.

Recently, there’s been a mega boom with developers putting out stranger and increasingly quirkier dating apps by catering to the lesser known fetishes that traditional dating apps don’t address. Whether you’re into bondage, threesomes, sugar daddies or quickies, you can guarantee that there’s something calling your name in the app store. If people are into it, there’s probably a business possibility for it. We’ve scoured the many, many options and have come up with 10 of the strangest dating apps on the market right now. From bribes to mile high encounters, you’ll be surprised and amused by the weird possibilities below.

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10 Carrot

Via scienceofthetime.com

Carrot’s dating app is cheekily named after the age old saying of “dangling a carrot in front of a horse.” Much like how horses have been proven to move forward with the temptation of the veggie in front of them, the app seeks to have users offer bribes in order to get dates. With rewards such as dinner, flowers and shopping trips built in as options on the app, users can peruse for matches then offer their bribe of choice to them. While there’s been backlash calling the app materialistic, its founder Brandon Wade claims that it allows for people who would normally never have gotten together to meet. The briber gets his or her dream date, while the bribee gets the material possession of his or her choice. We can’t say we fully endorse it, but at the very least Carrot has got an interesting concept going on.

9 InstaDo

Via hercampus.com

Did you add that cutie you met at last Saturday’s party to Facebook? Are you having trouble mustering up the courage to speak to him or her and express your interest? Not to fear, InstaDo is here. The app allows you to ask your Facebook friends out in a fun way by suggesting coffee, dinner, a movie or straight up sex. They’ll receive a notification when you send your request but won’t be able to see what you’ve suggested until a match is made. From there, the softer of the two options is selected and you two can finally go out.

8 Cloud Girlfriend

Via xojane.com

Are you a single Bachelor who’s been feeling lonely in his apartment late at night lately? Do you miss the blissful days of having a significant other sending you little love notes all over your social media? If so, Cloud Girlfriend may be the perfect app to fulfill your needs. Users can now design the ideal fake girlfriend to leave cute messages on their Facebook walls and can then role play romantic scenarios virtually. In other words, it allows lonely men to go online and have dates with robots on an app. Fun.

7 Passion

Via cosmopolitan.com

If the thought of being recorded while having sex isn’t your thing, Passion probably isn’t the app for you - it literally keeps track of your movements and sounds during intercourse using your iPhone’s microphone and accelerometer. Essentially, its goal is to match users based on their sexual compatibility. Rating your trysts on a scale of 1/10, it then pairs you with others who have similar scores in an effort to create the best sexual pairing possible. Definitely not your thing if you have performance anxiety.

6 MedXCom

Via graphicd-signs.com

While doctor-patient confidentiality is mostly unbreakable in the real world, MedXCom throws that notion out the window with the idea that users should be able to have access to each other’s medical histories in order to become a match. You’ll be able to see when your future Romeo’s last STD screening was, when his last full physical was and what kinds of medication he’s taking. If he’s on anti-depressants, you’ll know about it. While we can see how the idea may be appealing to some, the whole thing feels pretty invasive to us.

5 Wingman

Via pixogroup.com

If you’ve fantasized about joining the Mile High Club, Wingman may just be your new favorite app. It functions with Tinder in that both users have to like each other in order to be matched. What really narrows it down is that you can only be matched if you’re on the same flight – before meeting in the bathroom to have some sexy time. While intercourse in the sky may seem glamorous, the thought of nosy flight attendants, smelly airplane bathrooms and tiny spaces seem anything but to us.

4 3nder

Via independent.co.uk

If you’re part of a couple on the hunt for a third party to help liven up your sex lives, 3nder is the answer to your prayers. It acts like Tinder in that you have to browse through suggestions and can only start messaging if you both match. From there you can organize your wild, multi-party tryst and hope that the person looks like their photo and doesn’t catfish you upon showing up. The downside is that there apparently aren’t enough users on the app yet to make it worthwhile.

3 Pure

Via businessinsider.com

Many people shun online dating because of the stigma of desperation around it. If you’re turned on and absolutely need to hook up right now but can’t stand the idea of turning to an app, the creators of Pure might have come up with the most plausible solution for you. Here’s how it works: you download the app, fill in your profile and have an hour to search for a mate. After that, your profile is completely wiped off the grid – sparing you from the shame of having turned to online dating.

2 Sock-It

Via youtube.com

Most of us have been there – young, broke students living with one or several roommates. If you live with others and can’t enjoy the luxury of having your own place, Sock-It is the app solution to leaving a sock on your doorknob when getting down and dirty. The catch here is that your roomies have to download it in order for it to work. From there, you simply send out a notification before you’re about to get busy and can leave your socks in the hamper. Weird? Yes, but also quite useful.

1 Personal Dating Assistants

Via washingtonpost.com

If all of the bribing, sex recording and medical record checking above still doesn’t land you a date, you could always sign up for the Personal Dating Assistants app. For the cool sum of $900 a month, you’ll receive a dating concierge to guide you through the appropriate conversation starting tips and profile hacks to land you your dream guy or gal. To sum it up, there are people in the world who pay almost a grand a month to have a virtual dating coach get them laid on Tinder. The world is a sad, sad place.

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