10 of the Most Original Wedding Photos Ever Captured

A wedding is among the most important events in a romantic couple's life, and wedding photos are meant to capture the significance of the precious moment and give the newlyweds something to remember their special day by. That makes the wedding photographer's task supremely critical -- but what is it really that ensures a successful wedding photo shoot? That's a tough question that doesn't seem to have a definite answer. But perhaps the wedding photos to follow will give husbands and wives to be, as well as their wedding photographers, some inspiration for their tasks ahead.

Here are ten of the most amusing and original images of weddings to have been captured by some very talented photographers:

10 Deerly Beloved

Photo from Ian Christmann of Catalyst Photography

Erick Fix and Lauren Ruff, a filmmaker and an actress, respectively, had no plans of having nature-themed photos taken for their wedding. But when photographer Ian Christmann saw a herd of deer come up out of the woods, he convinced the newlyweds to interrupt their dinner for a unique photo op with the animals. The deer seemed to grow quite jittery as the bride and groom approached them, but when the couple were ready for their pose, they simultaneously looked up, allowing Christmann to capture the magical moment. As soon as the photo was posted online, it immediately went viral and was even the top Reddit link for 3 hours. Groom Erick Fix jokingly observed, "Lauren and I have worked on a lot of projects together where we try to build buzz together, and, of course, this is the one that goes viral. Not our projects, but our wedding photo."

9 Till Zombie Apocalypse Do Us Part

photo from Josiahx on Reddit

Based in Rochester, New York, Josiah Moore took his own wedding photo with new wife Ruthie and their bridal party, and hoped to create something fun and memorable. Moore already had the theme "zombie apocalypse" in mind, but he had to resort to a lot of skillful Photoshopping to make the photo look like a scene from a Hollywood horror movie. He already anticipated that people would be interested in finding out how he did it, so he created a time lapse video of the Photoshopping session and posted it on YouTube:

8 T-Rex Wrecks Wedding

photo from Quinn Miller Photo + Design on Facebook

Most people would probably be horrified by the thought of their ex crashing their nuptial, but how about a T-Rex ruining their wedding? That was the concept photographer Quinn Miller had for a bridal photo to commemorate the 2013 union of James Lowder and Katie Young at the Myrtles Plantation in Francisville, Louisiana. The impressively Photoshopped image features a horrified bridal entourage running from an angry T-Rex on a grassy field. Not surprisingly, when Miller posted the picture on his business's Facebook page, it quickly caught people's attention and racked up thousands of likes and shares.

Of the shot, Miller shared, "They are such a fun couple [Lowder and Young] and a fun wedding party that all I had to do is tell them to run away from an invisible dinosaur. And they did. We did it in one take -- the entire shooting process in two minutes tops."

7 Justice League Wedding

photo from Hoffer Photography

Not much is known about the photo Justice League Wedding from the nuptial of a certain Erin and Tim of Maryland. But the image credited to Amy and Tony Hoffer of Hoffer Photography is one of the most widely circulated examples of an awesome superhero-themed wedding photo. And it's not hard to see why. The female members of the bridal party are intriguingly portrayed to be holding open the shirts of the males to reveal their supposed superhero identities -- not totally outlandish, but definitely fun and creative.

6 "I Do, No Bull"

photos from Yahoo! News

Brian and Rebecca Pepper of Tamworth, Australia had just gone through the wedding of their dreams and were posing for photographs to capture the event when the unexpected happened -- a bull began to take interest in the couple. The beast slowly but threateningly approached the two, but photographer Rachel Deane instructed the newlyweds to continue posing because the intruder was "adding some extra interest to their images." After some time, however, the bull began sniffing Rebecca's dress, then kicking up dust, then aggressively charging towards the couple.

Fortunately, both Brian and Rebecca were raised in a rural town and were comfortable around cattle. Brian bravely turned around and charged at the bull, which caused the animal to run away. Understandably, when the visitors at the wedding reception heard about what had happened, they begged to see the photos. And a lot of other people all over the world ended up seeing the photos too, when several news outlets reported on the incident.

5 Yabba-Dabba I Do !

photo from Guy Harrop

Ed Robinson, a 34-year-old fireman from Combe Martin, England and his fiancée Gayle Watson loved playing dress-up and were thinking of a fun theme for their forthcoming wedding. In the process, they realized that the prehistoric scenery of Combe Martin would make an excellent backdrop for a Flintstones-themed nuptial. And that's exactly what the couple ended up carrying out. Robinson dressed up in Fred's black and orange furs, while Gayle wore traditional white -- but in Wilma's usual one-shouldered style. The couple's best man and maid of honor, meanwhile, dressed up as Barney and Betty Rubble, respectively. Cute, too, were the bridesmaid who portrayed Pebbles, and the page boy who played Bam Bam. Amusingly, even the guests attended the ceremony in costume.

4 Actor Photobombs Artistic Wedding Shot

photo from Sascha Reinking Photography

New York-based photographer Sascha Reinking is quite well known for taking photos of newly married couples in sweet poses on busy streets. For this reason, it wasn't an unusual request when in November of 2013, a German couple who had gotten married back home asked Reinking to take one of his famous street shots while the newlyweds vacationed in New York. Reinking obliged and asked Verena and Michael to pose on 42nd Street with Times Square as the background. The night after the shoot, however, as the photographer sifted through the images, he was amused to see that some guy in a cap had photobombed one of the pictures. Reinking was even more amused when upon closer inspection, the photobomber bore an uncanny resemblance to Scrubs actor Zach Braff.

To confirm his suspicions, Reinking tweeted the image to Braff with the message "Sir, I think you photobombed my newlywed couple the other day in New York. Well played..." Braff, meanwhile, responded through the following tweet:

The number of retweets and favorites indicate just how widely circulated the photograph ended up becoming.

3 Fairy Tale Wedding

photo from The Mirror

Nathan and Amanda Gibbs, a couple from Kingswinford in England, had lost a number of friends to cancer and wanted their wedding to somehow raise money for charity. Their idea: a fairytale-themed wedding where guests would be encouraged to donate to cancer research instead of spending on wedding gifts. Having finalized the idea, the couple were thinking of what characters they would dress up as when Shrek came up on television. "We turned to each other and laughed," Nathan recalled.

For the wedding ceremony, the couple played their roles by painting their exposed skin the perfect shade of green and matching the outfits of Shrek and Princess Fiona. The guests, meanwhile, came as varied characters, including Mr. T, Minnie Mouse, and Snow White. And of course, through their union, Nathan and Amanda were able to raise a considerable amount for cancer research.

2 Fortunately, Not The Red Wedding

photo from blinkbox images on Flickr

Kerry Ford was on Facebook one night when she saw an ad asking couples to apply to be married Game of Thrones-style. She mentioned the promotion to her fiancé Darren Prew, who reacted, "Who on earth would do that?!" Then, without telling his wife-to-be, Darren went online and applied to join the Blinkbox Movies competition. And from among the many entries, the Hereford, England couple was chosen.

For the big day, Blinkbox rented Eastnor Castle and hired a professional team to spend more than 50 hours preparing the wedding party of nine for the elaborate ceremony. Kerry was made to play Daenerys Targaryen, while Darren portrayed Jon Snow. The various members of the entourage, on the other hand, were dressed up as a White Walker, Ygritte, Hodor, Brienne of Tarth, Khal Drogo, Catelyn Stark, and Melisandre. And as should've been expected, the resulting wedding photo was nothing short of stunning.

1 Submerged in Love

photo from moctodtidderptth on Reddit 

In August of 2012, Metro Manila in the Philippines was hit by a 12-day southwest monsoon so severe, it caused tremendous flooding, left 95 people dead, and damaged more than $14 million worth of property. For couple Ramoncito Campo and Hernelie Ruazol, it could have meant having to reschedule their August 8 wedding because the San Antonio de Padua Parish Church, where they were going to celebrate their union, was submerged in flood water. Nevertheless, the couple decided to push through with the ceremony despite having to stand in ankle-high water all throughout. Then, after the couple had said their I do's, they proceeded to pose for wedding photos outside the church. One of the pictures resulted in a spectacular image that included soaked children cheering the couple on as they shared a romantic kiss under an umbrella.

Days after the ceremony, new bride Hernelie reminisced, "I always said that I just wanted an ordinary wedding. Who knew that my wedding would still end up being one of a kind?"

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