10 Of The Most Luxurious Pet Resorts

There is no doubt that pets are expensive. Vet bills, grooming services and food, all add up to make caring for our fluffy friends take a toll on our wallets - an average, people spend $1,650 per year for a dog and $1,270 for cat. Consequently, pet ownership in the United States has actually dropped 2.4% since the economy went on the decline. So, how about spending hundreds on your pet in just one week? Some pet owners do that just by sending their dogs and cats to stay at luxury pet resorts. When these pet owners go on vacation, they go far beyond hiring the kid next door to walk their dog. In these five-star pet resorts, the animals are given spa treatments, room service and daily activities that rival your kid's day camp. Let's take a look at the ten most luxurious pet resorts in the United States.

10 Heavenly Pet Resort - West Covina, Upland, and Temple City, California

Heavenly Pet Resort, which has three locations in California, boasts a vast array of services for its canine and feline guests. Their "French door suites" are a base price of $29 a night for one dog, and include a large room with a raised bed and playtime thrice daily. However, owners can also purchase additional services for their pet, like a pedicure or facial. They can also spend a little more for their dog to enjoy some ice cream or have extra exercise sessions in their large outdoor area, featuring a fountain for the dogs to swim in. Cats, on the other hand, enjoy a private room with a bed, natural lighting and background music. They can also sign up to watch cartoons, have a private cuddle session, or enjoy group playtime with the other cats.

9 Bayside Pet Resort and Spa - University Park, Florida

At Bayside Pet Resort and Spa, pet owners pay up to $45 a night to board their four-legged friends. Dogs can choose to stay in their "Parkview Suites" or "Atrium Suites," both featuring flat screen TVs. Cats can stay in Bayside's two story "condos," which are right next to a fish aquarium, for the cats' entertainment. Special add-ons for pets to choose from include, a skinny dip in their baby pool, a tuck-in at bedtime and a 'brush and fluff' spa session. Also, concerned pet owners can keep an eye on their pet the whole time through Bayside's webcam system.

8 Ritzy Canine Carriage House - New York, New York

The Ritzy Canine Carriage House rivals New York City's swankiest hotels, but, of course, this one is designed just for pets. A pet owner can pay up to $50 a night for their pooch to stay here. The Ritzy Canine Carriage House features a rooftop play area with a garden and a waterfall. At night, dogs can stay in a regular suite or the "Presidential Suite," which has a bed, toy chest, and television. When not playing on the roof, guests can spend time in the indoor play area or at the spa. Their other option is to browse the gift shop, where they can peruse pet items, from dog prom dresses to designer dog carriers.

7 Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa – Grand Rapids, Michigan

At the Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa, dogs can enjoy a 110 square foot private suite with a bed and flat screen TV for $55 per night. The puppy guests enjoy a menu of room service items like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pupsicles, puppy pot roast and yappy hour drinks. They can also enjoy a relaxation treatment with aromatherapy, massaging and a calming treat. Their owner can also ensure that they are given an MVP experience with extra playtime and an interactive toy for their room. As well as overnight boarding, pets can go to Whiskers University for training, or Whiskers Spa for a soak in their double whirlpool hydro bath, a skin conditioning treatment, or trimming and brush out.

6 Paradise Ranch Pet Resort - Los Angeles, California

Dogs can enjoy a truly resort-like atmosphere at the Paradise Ranch Pet Resort in LA. With its main two boasts: cage-free boarding and a fountain-filled water park, owners can be sure their pets will run free. Instead of private rooms, for $69 a night, dogs sleep "slumber party style" in the resort's various cottages, so they're never alone or without supervision. Paradise also includes webcams, so customers can check in on their dogs at any time. In one testimonial, a dog owner claimed, "Our dogs had it better than we did on our weekend vacation!"

5 Stay: A Modern Dog Hotel - Chicago, Illinois

Stay: A Modern Dog Hotel costs $75 a night for a stay in one of their 160 square foot, all glass dog suites. The suite includes: bedding, a toy chest, wall art and fresh flowers. Along with the extravagant rooming, dogs can stay in top shape at the hotel. For $5, they can enjoy a supervised 10 minute jog on a treadmill. On warmer days, dogs can go on a 30-minute nature walk in Horner Park by the river, for $20. And for $25, dogs can take a 20- minute swim in the hotel's custom made dog lap-pool. Dogs wear a life vest and work directly with a trainer to ensure optimum safety during their work out. According to their website, this one-of-a-kind experience "utilizes buoyancy and resistance to provide your dog low impact exercise with great results."

4 The Barkley - Orange Village, Ohio

At The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa, overnight guests can choose from several different styles of accommodations. Along with their standard suites, dogs can stay in the Barkley Park Suites, which are situated in a grassy room with a fountain; the Executive Poolside Suites, which overlook the indoor dog pool; or the Director's Suite, which, for $88 a night, provides 160 square feet of private space, leather furniture and Hollywood decor. During the day, dogs can enjoy activities like an ice cream social, a pool party, a trip to McDonald's, or a phone call to their owner. Feline friends can sign up to stay in Kitty City which provides each cat a private, multi-level condominium with windows overlooking The Barkley's tropical fish tank. There's no doubt that all the animals will feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay (except maybe this fish).

3 Best Friends Pet Care - Disney World, Florida

Best Friends Pet Care, which boasts that it's "the exclusive pet care provider of Walt Disney World," gives Disney-goers' pets the royal treatment for a cost of up to $89 a night. Vacationing canines can stay in an all-indoor suite, an indoor suite with access to a private outdoor patio, a Vacation Villa suite with a flat screen TV, or the 226 square foot VIP Luxury Suite with a private play yard, a personal concierge and a complimentary bath before check out. Feline guests stay in Best Friends' kitty condos and can choose from 'a la carte' options like playtime, cookies and milk, or tuna. Not only can cats and dogs board here,"pocket pets," such as hamsters and bunnies, can also board overnight.

2 American Cat and Dog Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada

For $130 a night, Las Vegas vacationers can house their dogs in American Cat and Dog Hotel's beautiful Presidential Suite. Featuring hardwood floors, a throw rug, a bed and a large window, dogs lucky enough to stay here won't forget their night in Vegas. The smaller Executive Suite is quieter and more private, so it can accommodate either dogs or cats. When not in their suite, dogs can enjoy American Cat and Dog Hotel's spacious indoor playroom that provides room to run and jump, while sheltered from the desert sun. With astro turf, fire hydrants and flat screen TVs, owners aren't taking a gamble on their pets' enjoyment.

1 Spa Paws Hotel - Fort Worth, Texas

Dog owners shell out up to $200 per night for their dog to stay in Fort Worth's Spa Paws Hotel, which, according to their owner, is "the only hotel in America like this." Spa Paws uses holistic techniques to pamper their furry guests with 24 hour care. Along with the basic services and amenities like filtered air, custom bedding and nightly tuck-ins, dogs can also order room service items like fillet mignon or get dressed up for a professional photo shoot. Spa Paws not only acts as a hotel, but also hosts canine weddings, birthday parties and memorial services.

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