10 Of The Best Luxury Yoga Retreats In The World

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline characterized by breathing control, specific bodily postures and meditating with the aim of relaxing and promoting good health. A few decades ago, yoga wasn't so popular. Fast forward today, things have changed. This can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are becoming increasingly interested in trying out anything that has health benefits. This explains why there are tonnes of yoga spots around the world.

In this article we will be interested in discovering some of the best luxury yoga retreats in the world. Although yoga can be done anywhere i.e. at home on the front porch, in the office where you have open space e.t.c., we are interested in discovering specialized facilities offering serious yoga services i.e. yoga retreats. The retreats covered in this article host some of the richest yogis (yoga enthusiast) in the world. They are scattered all over the world in some of the most popular and luxurious tourist destinations.

If you are looking to have a meaningful luxurious vacation coupled with numerous health benefits, you should really consider visiting these retreats. This of course applies to yoga enthusiasts. The retreats featured in this article offer everything from periodic yoga classes to philosophic dialogue and contemplative meditation. The retreats also offer unmatched luxury foreign to many traditional yoga venues/classes.

Regardless of your tastes and preferences or style of yoga, you will definitely find these retreats soothing, life changing and luxurious. If you are interested in discovering the best yoga retreats in the world, below are 10 of the world’s best luxury yoga retreats.

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10 Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand

New Zealand is home to one integral residential yoga retreat only; Anahata Yoga. The retreat is located in Golden Bay on top of a mountain which is 640 metres above sea level. The retreat’s location offers magnificent views of the ocean, green valleys and the Farewell Spit. Anahata Yoga Retreat offers its clients daily activities and personal sessions throughout the year. The retreat specialized on Satyananda yoga which borrows numerous traditional yoga systems i.e. Hatha, Karma, Raja and Bhakti yoga.

Anahata offers a variety of lodging options from camping and tent sites to private straw bale houses with magnificent views. All meals are organic/vegetarian sourced from Anahata’s garden or local growers. Yoga training packages range from $75 to $90 per hour depending on the number of sessions in-between. Training packages over one hour range from $95 to $110. Private yoga sessions range from $75 to $120 depending on time and type of trainer. For accommodation; Tent Site/Camping: $70/person/night, shared room: $90/person/night, single room $115/person/night or $195/couple/night, Chakra guest house: $160/person/night, $240/couple/night, $310/triple night.

9 Maya Tulum Retreat, Mexico

Located approximately one and a half hours from Cancun, Mexico, Maya Tulum is definitely among the best yoga retreats in the world. This seaside yoga retreat hosts over 50 yoga events every year leaving yogis spoilt for choice. Complete with healthy vegetarian meals, day trips, massages, world class spas and some much more, Maya Tulum Yoga is undeniably the best most luxurious yoga retreat spot in Mexico. Nightly rates vary depending on the season and the type of accommodation you want. For instance, renting a villa costs between $435 and $623 during the holiday season. Garden cabanas with a magnificent view of the retreats’ garden cost between $255 and $270 during high season. Other accommodation types i.e. beach front and ocean view cabanas cost $353 - $428 and $285 - $428 respectively.

8 Paradis Plage Yoga, Morocco

If you are interested in staying in one of the best yoga retreats’ in North Africa, perhaps you should consider visiting Paradis Plage. The location alone speaks volumes about this yoga retreat. Paradis Plage Yoga retreat is located on a private beach. The retreat overlooks the ocean offering breath-taking views.

Paradis Plage is built using wood and panoramic glass windows. You are therefore assured of the best views as you enjoy your yoga sessions. The resort has 3 daily yoga classes including beginner sessions. Because the retreat is located on a private beach, there is no limit to the number of fun activities you can engage in i.e. beach volleyball, water sports, beach walks e.t.c. Accommodation prices start from $238.

7 Absolute Sanctuary Yoga, Thailand

Thailand is famous for having some of the best spa amenities as well as indulgent therapies. When you visit Absolute Sanctuary Yoga, you understand why this is the case. Most importantly, Absolute Sanctuary Yoga offers unlimited yoga classes. No other luxurious yoga retreats have such offers worldwide. This means you can take as many classes as you like to enjoy full health benefits. The retreat also offers a wide variety of yoga types from Vinyasa to Ashtanga and Pranayama to Hatha Yoga. All classes are offered by expert yogis as you enjoy breath taking panoramic views of the retreat and the sea. Absolute Sanctuary has all the amenities you need in a world class resort. The accommodation prices are however ''fair’’ considering the yoga retreat is one of the best in the world. For instance, a suite costs from $370 during the low season and $517 during the high season.

6 Shreyas Yoga Retreat, India

India is also home to some the most luxurious yoga retreats in the world. Shreyas Yoga Retreat offers authentic spiritual traditional yoga sessions in an environment normally associated hotels. No wonder the retreat stands out. Shreyas Yoga retreat sits on 25 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, organic farming and medicinal herb plantations. The retreats accommodation is world-class with an infinity pool, a steam room, hot tub and walking trails. The retreat offers Hatha and Ashtanga yoga sessions, chanting classes, meditation, massages as well as ayurvedic treatments like abhyanga and shirodhara. Meals are organic. The retreat can accommodate up to 25 guests at a time. Accommodation rates start from $330/person/night in the garden tent and pool side cottages. Double accommodation costs $430. Accommodation in any of the 3 bedroom cottages costs $680 per night. 

5 The Farm Yoga, Philippines

This award winning Asian spa definitely deserves a spot in this list. The Farm Yoga is popular for its unique approach to wellness. The Farm Yoga offers complimentary yoga attendance to all its guests interested in improving balance (physical and mental) as well as rejuvenating themselves. The Farm has numerous luxurious villas and suites offering world class accommodation. For instance, you can decide to stay in The Lakan, Master, Narra pool, garden, Anahaw family villa among many other types of villas. Some of the amenities available include; golf facilities, healing sanctuaries, fitness facilities, children’s programs e.t.c. Accommodation charges start from $1,345 for villas like the Lakan.

4 Adler Thermae Yoga in Italy

If you are interested in one of the most luxurious yoga retreats in Italy, the Adler Thermae Yoga Retreat is the best choice for you. The retreat offers numerous wellness activities i.e. Pilates alongside yoga sessions. The retreat is famous for its natural springs and thermal waters. When you couple that with world class golfing, tennis, cycling and fusion fitness amenities, it is easy to see why Adler Thermae offers the best most luxurious yoga holiday experience in Italy. Accommodation starts from $1,638/person/night singles and $1,132/person sharing. 

3 Silver Island Yoga retreat, Greece

Silver Island Yoga retreat can easily qualify as the best Yoga retreat in Greece. It doesn't get better than this Yoga retreat when talking about luxurious yoga vacations in Greece. First and foremost, the retreat is located in one of the most serene locations in Greece (a few kilometres of the Coast). The retreat sits on a 60 acre Island/olive farm providing ample space for any kind of yoga group activity you can think off. Silver Island Yoga Resort is owned by two sisters (Claire and Lissa Christie). Their family has owned Silver Island for more than five decades.

The retreat features a main house, a villa and 2 traditional which houses. In total, only 12 people can be accommodated at a time. The retreat offers dawn and sunset yoga sessions among other fun activities such as kayaking and snorkelling. The main house accommodation rate is $1,512 full board per person per week including practice. The villa rate is $1,993 per person per week including practice.

2 38 Degrees North Retreat in Ibiza Spain

If you are interested in visiting one of the most luxurious yoga retreats in Europe but you don’t want to go to Italy or Greece, 38 Degrees North Retreat is the most ideal Yoga retreat for you. This retreat is located in Ibiza; an Island off Valencia in eastern Spain. This location is luxurious offering magnificent coastline views. 38 Degrees North Retreat is not a famous yoga destination for nothing.

The retreat offers daily yoga sessions besides the rooftop pool located at Aguas de Ibiza. The retreat also offers Pilates classes alongside private yoga classes. Considering the retreat is located in a party destination, the retreat offers the best yoga vacations for yogis who are party animals. 38 Degrees North Retreat has all kinds of accommodation from junior and cloud 9 suites to presidential suites. Accommodation starts from $2,543/person/night singles and $2,268/person sharing. 

1 Parrot Cay Retreat, UK

This retreat stands out as the best most luxurious yoga retreats in the UK and the world at large. The retreat’s location is luxurious in its own right i.e. Turks & Caicos islands. The retreat also offers some of the best yoga experiences considering daily yoga classes take place on a private beach.

Yogis enjoy their sessions facing the Atlantic Ocean. The retreat also treats its guests to one of the most amazing spa experiences featuring exclusive treatments. Some of the most outstanding amenities that make the Parrot Cay stand out include; Japanese baths, a 1,300 square feet yoga studio and an outdoor Jacuzzi garden. Nothing more needs to be said. The parrot cay retreat definitely tops the list of the world’s best luxury yoga retreat experiences. Accommodation rates per person per night range from $500 (terrace rooms) to $13,700 (5 bedroom villas).

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