10 Of Dan Bilzerian's Most Awesome Pastimes

Dan Bilzerian is one of those interesting figures who nobody can really pin down with one label. He's not just a businessman, nor is he just a guy with a rich father. He isn't just a soldier, and similarly he's not just a poker player. He's more than an internet celebrity, but that is the apex of his awesome existence.

From heart attacks to poker to an awesome Instagram account, Dan Bilzerian has done more with his 34 years (35 in December) than most can fit into a century. He's acted in movies, participated in Navy SEALS training with the United States military, and if you look at his Instagram profile, he has paid to spend time with nearly as many beautiful women as Charlie Sheen.

It's hard to say whether he's a hero or just another rich guy with a social media presence. For our sake however, as a bunch of people who drool over entrepreneurs and aspire to be remotely wealthy one day, he's something to aspire to emulate and a man with more money and charisma than he knows what to do with. Visiting his Instagram page is akin to looking at a child who has his own amusement park. In fact, Dan Bilzerian is one of those men who essentially treats the world like his own amusement park. Here are ten of the coolest things that Dan Bilzerian spends his time doing. Get ready to be jealous.

10 Poker


Whether you play for a ton of money, a small amount of money or no money at all, poker is fun. It's not football, rugby or hockey, but it involves mathematics skill, a ton of self control and awareness, and luck. Bilzerian is beyond good at it. Anyone who is good enough to win poker in a professional tournament is deserving of respect, but according to Bilzerian himself, he's made over $50 million from poker. He has been quoted as saying that after he left the US military, gambling was the only thing that gave him a rush anymore.

9 Hanging Out With Animals


For every cat lover out there in that beautiful world called the internet, there is an equal and opposite cat hater. He has two cats, Smushball and Penelope. They seem cool. Actually, more accurately, they seem like cats. This is a rather hard point to make. If you love cats, then seeing Dan Bilzerian with one of these adorable furballs is awesome, but if you hate cats this is less than a moot point.

If you're not into cats though, Dan also owns two goats, considering them awesome animals to have as pets.

8 Working Out


If you haven't looked at the guy, calling Dan Bilzerian "jacked" isn't far off the mark. He's got that body (and this coming from a comfortable heterosexual male) that is squarely between bodybuilder and professional athlete. In short, he has a great build and anyone would be lucky to have the kind of definition he has.

He isn't a gym freak by any means, and doesn't work out daily. He's described his workout routine as being intense but hits the gym three days per week. He focuses on maximizing efficiency and uses the reverse pyramid method. This method involves starting with the highest weight with which one is comfortable, and moving down from there, hitting maximum reps every time. In terms of cardio, Bilzerian also climbs mountains, and does various exercises, from the elliptical machine to jogging.

7 Interesting Legal Issues


From being sued by an adult film star after a mishap that stemmed from throwing her off a roof, to suing the makers of Lone Survivor (more on that later), Dan Bilzerian has had some interesting legal troubles. It's hard to call these pastimes, but he treats them like almost everything else: with an air of confident nonchalance.

He was sued by Janice Griffith, an adult performer who broke her foot after a mishap while he tossed her into a pool. He was sued by a model in 2014, after he allegedly kicked her in the face during a brawl in a nightclub. Some have argued that this entire story was fabricated, but the two are still involved in a lawsuit. Late in 2014, he was arrested for charges of bomb making in Los Angeles. The charge was knocked down to a misdemeanor fire related crime, and he was given a $17,000 fine. Back in his youth he also experienced legal trouble, having been arrested for having brought a machine gun to his school in his car.

6 Occasional Philanthropy


Around the end of 2014, Bilzerian donated over $10,000 to a foster family with six special needs children who were in debt. He did not know this family, but learned of their plight on YouTube.

Just a couple of months ago, he and house musician Steve Aoki, hosted a charity party to raise awareness and funding for Aoki's foundation for brain disease research. Sure he may have gotten in trouble for throwing an adult film star around and apparently kicked a woman in the face, but he's still a very decent person...or does a great job pretending.

5 Acting


It's hard to say whether Dan Bilzerian can accurately be called an actor. He did stunts for the movie Olympus has Fallen and more recently had a very limited role in Lone Survivor. He went on to sue the producers of that film because the final cut had not involved as much screen time and dialogue as he had requested. He dropped the lawsuit however, and has claimed to have made $1.5 million from the film's success.

He's appeared in a few films since, and is rumored to have a role in an upcoming film called Extraction, which will feature Bruce Willis.

4 Vehicles


Make no mistake, having tens of millions of dollars will allow a man to play with some significantly nicer than average vehicles. He has spent several millions on his vehicle collection and calling it "an impressive collection" would almost be an insult.

He has a Lamborghini Aventador, a 1965 Shelby Cobra, a Bentley Continental, an old Land Cruiser for his trips to the beach, and a Brabus 6X6 AMG G63 which he had custom made. In total, Dan Bilzerian has reportedly spent about $3 million on his incredible car collection. Don't pretend you're not jealous.

3 Hot Women


This one goes without saying, Dan Bilzerian is living on a pile of money and has been for years, so if you look closely at his Instagram profile, you can see that the most beautiful women in the world are more than willing to hang out with him, as long as he gives them relatively small amounts of money.

I'd like to say that he has such an awesome personality that these are just cool babes who like his company, but if that's the case, I'll take a big bite out of the drywall in my house and post the video on YouTube. Our modern-day hero has earned a bucket of money to add to the bucket of money his father gave him and whenever he feels like it, he hires some of the most beautiful Goddesses the world has ever known to spend time with him. It's just another example of living the dream.

2 Firearms


According to house guests, Bilzerian's security guards warn all who enter his home not to touch any of the numerous rifles, shotguns, and pistols lying around. They are all loaded and ready for action. He is a former military member who claims he was kicked out of the Navy SEALS for no good reason (while others say it was a firing range infraction).

If I had his money, I'd be locked and loaded too. He has joked that if someone were to try to break in, his greatest challenge would be figuring out with which gun to shoot the poor intruder.

1 Running for President?


It's probably a joke, but Dan Bilzerian has produced a video indicating that he would like to run for President of the United States. I'll come out and say it, this job is for a liar and it is below our beloved hero Dan. While Donald Trump would make a great President despite what many might think, Dan Bilzerian is too genuine to get the job done. If Trump's campaign is a joke then Bilzerian's is an absolute mockery. The video and supporting pictures were fun though.

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