10 Luxury Health And Beauty Trends Of 2014

When it comes to going glam, celebrities are always ahead of the game. Whether it's a reality TV star promoting a weight-loss trend or an actress leaving her exclusive, adventurous personal training session in Beverly Hills, when the elite subscribe to a trend the world takes notice.

As many celebs are given preferential treatment, like being paid to promote new products, it is common to see your favorite stars getting in on new developments from the very beginning. Emerging health trends for the wealthy and fabulous in 2014 center around digitally advanced procedures, health and wellness tracking, and a simultaneous return to simplicity.

Surprisingly, many influential taste-makers seek out these treatments not only to improve their appearance in advance of special events, but as a way to change their entire lifestyle. The sessions gaining traction with trendsetters rejuvenate the skin and detoxify the body. Many celebs start by focusing on the inside out, taking on healthy dietary habits by juicing their fruits and veggies for nutrients. Supplementing this raw lifestyle with an expensive workout, such as a statistics-monitoring spin class, is another popular sign of healthfully living the high life.

Treatments range in terms of origin, incorporating new technology or appropriating ancient holistic practices. Prices for precious mineral masks and pampering spa getaways indicate that the cost of  world-class health and beauty regimens can range from the indulgent to the extreme. Whether driving to take classes down the street from their mansion or flying in their private jets to exclusive, limited-access getaways, there are plenty of options for the privileged seeking out ways to restore and replenish the body.

Most of the options for this year appear extreme, from bloody faces to gauze wraps gripping the body. Costing from several hundred dollars to several thousand, below are the top 10 beauty and health trends for high rollers in 2014.

9 Vampire Facelift

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When looking for the latest in luxury, who better to consult than a Kardashian? The beauty-obsessed clan spends their money on everything from body peels to facials. One of Kim K's chosen procedures in luxury beauty is the Vampire Facelift, a top request for clientele in Beverly Hills.

While gruesome looking, as it involves smearing blood all over the face, Vampire Facelifts are known for creating a more youthful look. The facelift works by extracting, purifying and re-injecting the client’s faces with their own blood. This helps capture the potential for rejuvenating tired and dull-looking skin, a big no-no for busy celebs.

8 24-Carat Facials

24-Carat Facials are luxe, light-infused and positively refreshing. Wrinkles relax and a youthful smoothness emerges as a result of the treatment. Gold is apparently not only beautiful and valuable, but also purifying, as this facial incorporates layering gold masks onto the surface of the skin. This allows the minerals to soak into the skin and create a youthful and radiant complexion.

As attractive as it is effective, 24-carat treatments are the ultimate glam regimen. Starting at several hundred dollars,  this facial is one celeb-popular option for re-capturing glowing skin.

7 Mineral Body Wraps

Mineral and Herbal body wraps remain popular as we move toward the 2014 summer season. Soothing the skin and calming inflammation, these natural element-infused wraps make a big impression. Especially prized for their results fine-tuning skin and erasing cellulite, the effects of a good body wrap speak for themselves: for younger-looking celebrities are happy to shell out hundreds for a refreshed, enhanced appearance.

With paparazzi hanging on to their every move, it makes perfect sense to show off baby-soft looking skin in the hundreds of photos taken while out at the gym or shopping at the mall.

6 Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse

Glistening skin isn't the only issue for many celebrities and the wealthy jet set when it comes to maintaining a glamorous lifestyle. When losing weight, whether for a role or a red carpet roll call, there are times when even the hottest stars need to slim down.

One  hot trend for 2014 is the increasingly popular cold-pressed juice cleanse. Two trendy cleanses making the celebrity rounds include the multi-day cleanses from Pressed Juicery and BluePrint Cleanse. Pressed Juicery creates cleanse cycles centered flavorful and vitamin-enriched cold-pressed juices. Lines range from $159 into the hundreds. BluePrint Cleanse, meanwhile, cultivates clients with their spice and herb infused cold press juices.

A three day cleanse starts at $200, ranging up to several hundred if used over longer periods of time.

Another option for the diet dedicated is purchasing a juicer to engage in Do-It-Yourself juicing. More glamorous patrons are swearing by the self-juicing method.

Carrying a price tag ranging from around $100 to $500 or more for high-tech options, juicing is an involved investment. The payoff is well worth the commitment, however. By capturing the raw nutrients in the plants, the maximum health benefits are obtained, creating a healthy complexion.

5 SoulCycle

An especially high tech option for working out for fans of spinning, SoulCycle has devoted fans who shell out thousands of dollars for class packages. Trainers instruct cyclists every step of the workout as they can monitor their progress and vital signs through multiple metrics.

They boast a killer soundtrack to propel class attendees onward. SoulCycle must be doing something right: Lady Gaga famously held her birthday celebration at a SoulCycle location.

4 Barre Workout

Another workout option taking the luxury seekers by storm is a workout on the barre, the famed ballet dancer's tool for developing muscle tone and strength.

Developing deep muscles and creating improved posture for devotees, barre classes frequently range up alongside top tier fitness programs for price point and it takes frequent class attendance over a series of studio visits to achieved desired results due to the low impact factor in the workout.

3 FitBit Bracelet Data Tracking

Popular with celebrities and anyone willing to shell out close to $150 for the product, many optional features for this trendy fitness monitoring product can bring up the cost for purchasers. The latest in activity monitoring, the FitBit allows users to see their results over time and monitor everything from activity to sleep levels.

2 Canyon Ranch Spa And Wellness Retreat

When nothing else will do, it may be time to leave town to get a luxury fix on vacation. For several thousands of dollars there are spas that treat everything from stress to detox issues. Canyon Ranch spa in Arizona is one such luxury health resort.

Situated deep in the desert of Arizona, the distraction-free zone is available at a price of $12,000 a week. Wealthy patrons assemble here from around the world for a relaxing vacation complete with world-class amenities, sports and culinary delights.

1 Spa V At Hotel Victor

Featured at an internationally accessible location, the Spa V at the Hotel Victor in South Beach offers a $5,000 Evian bath treatment for its privileged patrons. Illuminated by candles, guests bathe in an infinity tub filled with Evian water to the brim. Auxiliary benefits such as bespoke confectionary creations and complimentary services from the regular menu make this location a perennial favorite with celebrities and heiresses alike.

When it comes to the trendy side of healthy indulgence, some treatments are fads, and some are classics. Whether a sustained and timeless trend or a brand new entry in 2014, the jet set has spoken. At any price, the best in inner and outer beauty standards for the stylish and glamorous are sought for and, often, here to stay.

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