10 Tips and Tricks To Help You Get Through College

For many, their college years are the greatest time of their life, or at least that’s how they look back at their time. However, many don’t feel this way when they are actually attending college.

After 12 years of predictable school, you are thrown into a major change. College often means a new city and all new people. You are now living on your own, possibly in a dorm or with several roommates. There are parties and the social anxiety that goes along with fitting in. Oh, and there is the actual school which consists of exams and pressure to succeed. One more thing - how are you paying for this?!

We have 10 great strategies for how to cope with it all, and also one honorable mention: exploring your new city or hood. Hey, it’s a new place so why not embrace it and make it an adventure? It’s not like you know anyone anyway, so go out and see what your new city has to offer. Most colleges are surrounded by parks, lots of food options and, of course, bars. Make a day of it, or hell, make a week of it.

This list includes classic ways to cope such as alcohol and girls, but is also about available options. Failing at college is not the end of the world, but let’s try and see if we can get you through this. Here are 10 tricks to help you get through your college years.

10 Alcohol

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If you didn’t spend your high school years sipping whiskey in the parking lot, then college may be your true introduction to alcohol. It’s readily available and everyone is experimenting. Alcohol can assist with stress, social anxiety and homesickness. There is also abuse, but that’s also part of the college experience. Should you stumble upon the study aid of a bottle of vodka and pack of Marlboro Lights, you should know that you didn’t create this; that combo has been used for years. Bonus: Beer bongs and “shot gunning” a beer. Never heard of this? Try Google and you’ll get the picture.

9 Girls

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Nothing beats college girls. (Hey, I think there may be an internet site or a million dedicated to this concept.) Girls in college are experimenting and “available.” Also, they are everywhere and “picking up” a college girl (assuming you go to the same college) isn’t creepy. True story: When I was in high school (grew up in college town) we would drive around and pick up girls. It was that easy. Not that we knew what to do with them. For the ladies, if you think I’m directing this one only to men, you are wrong. College girls like college girls as well.

8 Cheating

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We are way past the days of looking over your neighbor's shoulder or stealing an advance copy of an exam. We are the digital generation! You can find papers and research on just about anything at the fingertips of your phone or computer. Just remember to be smart about it. Think Microsoft; steal ideas, but don’t plagiarize, make it your own. Professors now scan documents to look for this and it’s not like it’s that hard to change the language after the heavy lifting is already done for you. Don’t feel guilty, you’ll study next time. You have girls to meet and beer to drink!

7 Bros

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Hey man, friends for life, right bro? In life there are few times you will have an opportunity to make new friends and college is one of them. If you are thrown into living quarters with a bunch of guys, you are automatically bros and must grill out and drink every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night - it’s the college bro code. If you go to a school with a big time football program then you will also do a lot of Saturday day drinking and Saturday night puking. What about school? What about it, man? You don’t talk class unless it’s about a hot professor or girl. These are rules.

6 Dropping Out

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It’s not life or death (unless you make it that). Just look at many of the famous people (and rich) people who dropped out of college. Does dropping out ensure you will be a rich entrepreneur? Probably not, but maybe? Find out what life without college is like before taking extreme measures that drastically limit your future options. If nothing else, play the lottery. I have never heard of a recent college dropout winning the lottery so you could be the first – rich and famous all because you dropped out!

5 Partying

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Looking forward to something is always a good way to cope with stress, and nothing beats a good ol' fashion keg party. Pay five bucks for a plastic cup, get it filled and go looking for girls or fun people. If you’d rather just hang out in the corner listening to indie rock while other bros do keg stands, that’s your prerogative. Hitting bars with your friends is also a wise choice; college bars know what you’re there for and know how to relieve your stress. Just don’t make any plans before noon the next day. Better yet, make no plans at all…

4 Your Future

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The present of college: studying, tests and pressure may suck, but your future is all about pulling in fat paychecks, driving a nice car and taking people out on the town. Focus on the future, the condo, trips and freedom. You may be eating Mac and Cheese now, but soon you will have a paycheck and disposable income to spend however you please. If it was illegal for college students to eat Mac and Cheese, would they still sell it? Would Kraft be able to exist without the college Mac and Cheese market? Important questions I need to research and find answers to...

3 Internships

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If you just can’t wait to start working and want to get experience, there are always internships. So many top companies bring in a ton of college students for internships. The good is that you can put J.P. Morgan on your resume. The bad is that the actual work probably stinks and you may even feel abused. But who cares? Did you see J.P. Morgan on my resume?! No doubt the experience goes a long way and after you graduate it may even be a foot in the door for a real job. Just think a real job where you can hire an intern and treat that person like garbage. Circle of life.

2 Pot

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Depending where you go to college, this may be legal ... if not, I mean it’s just pot, it’s pretty much legal now, right? Marijuana is a great stress reliever. So much, you may not care at all about that exam the next day - it works that well. But you really need to have a good gaming station and an NBA 2K game. Just don’t let your friends be the Houston Rockets ... man, I could never beat the Rockets.

1 Enjoying The Moment

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After all this great advice, we are back to where we started. Most will look back on college as one of the greatest times of their lives, so you should really just try to enjoy yourself. Take time to take stock and smell the roses, enjoy the new people you meet and be sure to take chances with new experiences. Relax, have a drink, take a chance with someone (or many people) and live for yourself. This is your time and you should enjoy it.

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