10 Interesting Stats You Didn't Know About Marriage

Marriage is a very beautiful thing, especially if the two lovebirds try to stick to the vows that they commit themselves to on their wedding day. In most fairy tales, the prince marries the princess and the two live happily ever after; however, no one usually thinks about what happens a few years into their marriage, or how they deal with the problems that every couple goes through.

Marriage is not always what the fairy tale stories and romantic movies show it to be, because there is a lot of hard work involved in keeping marriage alive and even harder work to keep the flame of love alive. The problem with most people is that they get into marriage without going through some form of premarital counseling, thinking that all marriage needs to work is two people in love.

Although it is difficult to determine the exact percentage of marriages that end up in divorce, statistics show that almost half of all marriages today end up in divorce. This is definitely bad news for everyone wishing to get married, and the result of this is that most people are shying away from the institution of marriage altogether. However, it is also very important for everyone to realize that marriage is unique in every situation, and just because many marriages are failing, it does not mean that theirs is doomed to fail as well.

What is your understanding of marriage, and how much do you really know about it? Here are a few statistics about marriage that might shock you. Which of these do you already know?

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10 Couples who have attended college decrease their chances of divorce by 13%

If you have an opportunity to attend college, please do so because the benefits are more than just the certificate you get at the end of your course. According to statistics, a couple that attended college is 13% more likely to stay married. In addition, such a couple has a significantly higher level of satisfaction and happiness in marriage when you compare them to high school dropouts who get married, largely owing to the fact that they have a better income and that they never married too early. On the other hand, a woman who continues on with her education to attain a masters or even a doctorate degree without getting married continues to reduce her chances of ever getting married, probably because a man will find it hard to approach her and she will hardly have time to socialize owing to her focus on her studies.

9 Couples who marry from an affair have a 75% chance of divorce 

People fall in love under different circumstances and then end up getting married, a fact that is acceptable in our society. However, people who had an affair, whether both or just one of them was married at the beginning of the affair, have a 75% chance that they will end up in divorce. Affairs are never a good thing, they destroy marriages that could have worked out, they end up hurting all the parties involved, and they will usually lead to more affairs in the future and divorce. Marring a lover when you already have someone to love is like "chasing after the wind" although it is also important to point out that every situation is different.

8 Premarital cohabitations are twice as likely to end up in divorce compared to a married couple 

It is very common for people to want move in together, as they think about getting married. However, this common belief is one of the worst things that a couple that wants to get married can do. Despite the fact that divorce rates are higher today than at any other time in history, a couple that gets married after cohabitation is twice as likely to end up in divorce than a couple that moved in together after marriage. Furthermore, chances of infidelity and violence in marriage are far higher in couples who are or once were cohabiting, and these among other factors are what contribute to the marriage having a higher likelihood of ending up in divorce.

7 Marriage hardship costs businesses in the United States Approximately $6 billion every year 

If you are hiring new employees to come work in your organization, you will want to look into their marriage life for the sake of your company. A happily married employee is sure more productive at the workplace compared to an employee who has marital problems, and the figures that result from such issues have a huge effect on the company. Statistics show that the amount of revenue that businesses in the United States lose every year owing to marriage hardship and family stress is up to $6 billion. Therefore, a company should be interested in how its employees are faring at home, because whatever is happening there will translate into how productive they will be at the workplace.

6 Children may reduce the chances of a divorce, but they definitely reduce marital satisfaction 

When a couple gets married, the period immediately after the wedding is usually the time they are most satisfied and happy. After the wedding, most couples experience a slow but steady decline in their marriage satisfaction, a situation that changes for the worse with the birth of their first child. Children are a blessing and they bring joy to the family, but the added responsibilities to care for and provide for these children will usually pull the couple further apart. However, children tend to make a couple stick together even in the worst of times. A couple will usually choose to solve its problems faster and stay together for the sake of the children, a factor that leads to longer and more rewarding marriages after the children have grown up and left.

5 Marriage promotes life satisfaction more than money and sex 

What do you consider more satisfying in life; is it money, sex, children, or marriage? According to research done by Wake Forest University psychologists, marriage is the thing that most people consider to have the highest level of satisfaction, compared to sex, money, and even children. A marriage, especially where both parties are working hard to make it work, is the best thing that can happen to someone. Getting married to the love of your life means that you have them through thick and thin, someone who will never leave your side except in death. Nothing is quite as satisfying than that, but both parties in the marriage have to work hard to maintain this loving relationship.

4 Married couples have sex just once per week on average 

A man planning to get married to the love of his life usually has the expectation that he will have sex with her every day when they get married, especially if she is his definition of the sexiest woman alive. However, statistics show that most married couples have sex just one time per week, and such couples are the ones where both parties tend to be happiest and most satisfied. An individual might want to have sex every day or several times a day, but with today's busy schedules and of course the tendency to get bored, once a week is realistic and healthy. Therefore, a couple that has sex far less times than four times a month is probably going through problems that could eventually break the marriage.

3 People in marriage have a higher life expectancy than singles 

One secret to living longer is getting married, at least according to what statistics show. A single individual usually has no one to take care of or live for, and he or she usually ends up just focusing on his or her needs. On the other hand, a married person has people depending on them and in a way; they have more meaning in life. Women know that their husbands and children need them, and this gives them the drive to push through regardless of their situations. Furthermore, married men have a much lower chance of committing suicide, because they know that they have a family to care for and provide for. Married people are also more likely to adapt a healthier lifestyle compared to single people, they are more likely to visit the doctor for checkups, stay on their medication, and even recover faster from health problems because they have people to take care of them.

2 Married couples with a daughter are 5% more likely to get a divorce compared to married couples with a son 

This might sound like the weirdest thing you have ever heard, but according to research, couples who have girls, as their firstborns are 5% more likely to divorce than couples who have boys. In addition, a family with two daughters has a 43% chance of ending up in divorce when you compare it to a family with two sons, which has a 37% risk of ending in divorce. Although many factors can be the cause of the above statistics, most professionals tend to think that fathers are more involved in the family where they are raising sons, but are more distant when raising daughters. When a father takes an active role in raising the children, regardless of their gender, the mother feels his support and their teamwork ends up strengthening their marriage.

1 Marriage between two "only children" is likely to be doomed before it even begins

Psychologists claim that the best marriage combination is always a firstborn marring a lastborn, regardless of who is first or last. On the other hand, the worst combinations are those of a firstborn marrying a firstborn, and a lastborn marrying a lastborn. Children born first tend to be controlling, bossy, and always have to have their way, while children born last tend to be irresponsible, needy, and spoilt; therefore, if you put these couples together, they will just end up in a marriage disaster. Only children on the other hand are the worst combinations ever, because these are usually the most spoilt children in society, they are selfish, and they have a combination of the worst traits of the firstborns and the lastborns. When only children get married, their chances of divorce are very high.

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