10 Great Places to Meet Your Mate

Statistics show that people are getting married later in life than in previous generations. Most agree that this is a good thing. One has time to experience adventures, date different types of people and really get to understand who they are and what type of person they want to settle down with. Some even believe that this will cut down on divorce by doing away with the infamous, "Midlife crisis." Perhaps by marrying later in life, people will feel they have sewed their wild oats and had enough fun and life experiences to keep them from looking back ten years into a marriage and wondering, "What if?"

Though in theory this is a great concept, it does pose certain problems, mainly, where can one meet that special someone when they finally do decide it is time to settle down? In previous generations many spouses met in college; in many instances, marriages taking place shortly after college graduation. Another popular place for meeting your future spouse was the work place. Today with so many people working from home, that may not be an option.

Without a doubt, the whole dating landscape has certainly changed. Sure, the single's bar is still an option for meeting people, but typically a night of drinking and loud conversation ends in a parting of ways. Online dating has become one of the most popular ways for singles to meet, yet there are still options open if you want to meet someone in a more old fashioned way before you turn to your computer. Below are ten great places where you could find the love of your life. They are out there, you just have to find them!

10 Dinner Parties

We have all been there...invited to a dinner party we really do not want to attend. However, if you are looking for that special someone, this could be a great place to start! The good thing about dinner parties is that the people invited are also friends of the host or hostess. You like these people, so chances are you will like most of the people they choose to invite to their home as well. If you trust these people, you may even mention that you are open to a fix-up and see where that goes. At the very least you will have a nice meal and enjoy some pleasant conversation. At the very most, this introductory dinner will turn into something long term with a fabulous person.

9 Fitness Class

There is a group class for just about every physical activity these days, from Yoga, to Cycling to the newest exercise trend; boot camps. Pick one and sign up, and choose one that interests you, not the one where you think the most single people will be. You want to meet someone with the same interests as you so be honest with yourself. If Yoga is something you've always wanted to try, sign up, but if you want constant movement and full-on exertion from your exercise go with a cycling class or kick boxing. The people in the class thrive on that as well, giving you something in common with that special someone already!

8 The Grocery Store

Forget about the local Kroger's, I am talking about the trendy, high-end grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Chances are someone you meet in Whole Foods cares about their body and is health conscious. If this is also important to you, this is good to know. It may also mean that this person likes to cook from time to time and what a perfect way to break the ice then over the organic arugula and free range salmon. Share a laugh as you both reach for that last bottle of two buck Chuck in Trader Joe's. Food and wine, we know, are the two biggest aphrodisiacs.

7 Weddings

This of course is a no-brainer. Take two people that you care about and put all the people they care about together in an event hall. Chances are you will find someone there that will spark your interest. Another good thing about a wedding is that most likely everyone is staying in the same hotel. After the festivities are over, you and that interesting someone can relax in the hotel bar and continue learning about each other over intimate cocktails.

6 The Dog Park

Love your dog? If being with another dog lover is a must have in a relationship, what better place to search out a mate than the neighborhood dog park? The number of dog parks continue to grow. Recent demographics say there are now more households with dogs than with kids. This is the perfect place to start up a conversation, about something you both are passionate about. This is not to say go out and get a dog so that you can hit the dog park in search of a mate, however, if you are a dog lover this is a great place to find someone who shares your passion.

5 Local Sports Team

Not only does joining an adult sports team help you break out of your exercise rut, it allows you to meet new people. Right off the bat, you have a common interest, it can only get better from there! Mixed doubles tennis, golf, and co-ed softball teams are great options. There are even cycling and running teams and groups that train for marathons year round. A lot of times, teams are restricted by age therefore landing you in the right spot and age demographic.

4 Classes

Again, taking a class puts you in a group of people who are interested in the same thing as you are, and you get to learn something as well. Computer classes, photography, art, and writing classes are offered continuously at local colleges and through adult education programs. What better way to strike up a conversation than to ask to see someone's work, or ask a question about a recent assignment. This is a great environment to meet a special someone who wants to learn something new and who may spark your interest.

3 Coffee Shop

Just about everyone drinks some form of coffee these days, whether it be hot, cold, decaffeinated or super charged. Waiting in line while the barista whips up double soy milk vente lattes gives you plenty of opportunity to strike up conversations, and if it happens to be with an attractive somebody, even better. The coffee shop is very conducive to good conversation in a comfortable and familiar place. Remember, that impromptu coffee date can lead to better things down the line.

2 Kids Places

Places such as Chuck E. Cheese and even the local Science Museum are filled with single moms and dads spending time with their little ones. If being in a relationship with someone who is a parent is something you are okay with, or if in fact you are a parent yourself, this is a great option. Sitting down and talking with other parents while the kids run and play is a fun and natural way to meet people. If you don't have a child, perhaps friends or a family members would love to have some down time while you take their children out for awhile. Nothing wrong with being the "aunt" or "uncle" who loves spending time with some cute kids!

1 Meet Ups

The "Meet-Up" is a locally organized group that gets together for a certain event. Maybe it is a wine tasting Meet-Up or a fiction writing Meet-Up. Whatever your interests are, chances there is a meet-up group dedicated to it. You can find these groups by googling local meet-ups and then zeroing in on what you would like to participate in. Most people come to meet-ups to meet new people and share common interests, making this the perfect venue for beginning new relationships.

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