10 Facts About Foreplay She Wishes You Knew

Foreplay precedes good sex. By mastering it, one can enrich his or her sex-life with confidence and remarkable intuition.

Foreplay is not a romance novel nor is it a foolish pursuit. It is real! Abandon fear and betray skepticism. Think of self-awareness and insecurities like clothing. Once her bra is stripped away, the moment his shirt is no more, the realm of foreplay may be entered. Hence, foreplay is power.

Foreplay triggers countless sexual sensations. Motivation rises. Cause and effect become immediate, growing hotter and hotter. Then comes the inevitable.

Foreplay prepares the body for penetration and the mind for stimulation. However, the act itself only involves the here and now of your deepest sexual fantasies.

Suppose that everything in you craves to be aggressive, gentle and genius. Don’t overthink it! Like a lion on the prowl, you are not waiting, you are anticipating. You are not excited you are ready. Also, it takes two to tango, so both parties must be willing to explore the unknown. Rule of thumb: Let loose; Care less; Have fun.

Conversely, some men say that foreplay is meaningless. Women may deem it old fashioned. However, this list will dispute their claims. If you are single, dating, or in a committed relationship, know that foreplay is sexy and even the richest lovers dare not underestimate it. Here are some quick facts that she wishes you knew about the phenomenon known as foreplay.

10 Nipple Play

An orgasm can occur while engaging in foreplay. It also increases the chances of orgasm during sex.

Both men and women can have orgasms. But for men to achieve one, their first orgasm must occur without ejaculation and without losing their erection. Therefore, men benefit from foreplay just as women do.

However, one of the top complaints regarding sexual gratification is the big O. An estimated 25% of women are able to reach orgasm through intercourse alone. Therefore, foreplay is crucial in most cases. Sex expert Seymour Fisher says: “Women [and men] who feel insecure… are less likely to orgasm.”

So, be bold and creative with a timid lover. Open up your sex life to new things, so that thrill and adventure do not seem obscure.

Nipple play is a foreplay favorite. Lovers that arouse the nipples will trigger the brain to stimulate the breasts. A woman’s breast can swell up to 25%

9 Fantasies

The brain is the largest sex organ. It can arouse the body without a single touch, because of its ability to create fantasy.

A sexual fantasy is a mental picture, consumed with lust that can lead to strong sexual arousal. Foreplay uses fantasy as its prop in the bedroom.

Fantasizing about what could happen or what a person wants to happen is a big part of both foreplay and intercourse.

In the 80s, Magic Johnson was a superstar athlete notorious for sleeping with numerous women at his lush Hollywood parties.

Sports Illustrated writer Rick Telander wrote that Magic had “many [women]… in L.A., at home, in hotels, in cars, in an elevator… in twos, threes… his maximum… was six [women] in one night.” Magic said that he “enjoyed making women’s fantasies come true.”

For ideas, see adult entertainment or refer to iconic movie scenes that incorporated foreplay fantasy like when Jack draws Rose in Titanic or Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s pottery scene in Ghost.

8 Foreplay Flicks

Sharntell, 27, told Cosmo magazine: "An old boyfriend once fixed a huge mirror to the ceiling above his bed, then went down on me. As he gently stroked me with his fingers and tongue, it not only felt amazing, but looked amazing, too. Seeing everything in the mirror was such a buzz that I came within minutes."

Mirror flicks are a trending topic in the sex scene. In today’s selfie generation, people are obsessed with themselves. Watching foreplay live is worth a try.

On the other hand, you can make a sex tape. Get a GoPro and press record. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and ex-bestie Paris Hilton launched their careers by leaking their sex tapes. However, it’s probably best to be safe and proceed with caution when considering performing in front of the camera.

7 E-Zones

The Erogenous Zone is an area on the body that can be sexually stimulated.

E-zones are areas with heightened sensitivity. When sensitivity is stimulated the body is energized. Reflexes are accelerated and they trigger a sexual response from an unlikely place. Foreplay doesn’t obsess over the e-zone, it acknowledges it and allows instinct to serve a purpose.

The 12 best e-zones are: inner thighs, nose, nipples, navel, roes, back, ears, nape of neck, back of knees, lower abs, and as mentioned, the mind.

The word erogenous comes from the Greek –eros, which means love - and the English -genous, meaning producing. The small indention where the neck connects with the collarbone is the most sensitive area of this zone.

Matthew, 28, via Cosmo: "Some women say it's not essential to climax during sex but, I must admit, if she doesn't I feel like I haven't done my job properly." Rule of thumb: Don’t think. Feel.

6 Exotic Dancing

Musicians like Katy Perry and Rihanna integrate lap-dances with music videos and for various performances. Most notably, rapper Nicki Minaj surprised her fans by giving (“Hotline Bling” rapper) Drake a lap dance in the record breaking “Anaconda” video. It’s foreplay at its best.

Further, attending a strip club like Chicago’s King of Diamonds or Atlanta’s Magic City is a great way to find inspiration for the bedroom. Music and entertainment are interesting ways that create intense arousal and initiate foreplay with ease.

Model Amber Rose was quoted saying: "Have you ever seen a girl on a dance floor who isn’t very attractive but truly does not give a f*ck what anybody says about her, and she is just killing it and having the most fun in the whole club, and all the guys love her."

5 Tossed Salad

The butt has countless sensory nerves that are highly pleasurable when stimulated. Tossing salad is the act of licking the area between the sex organs and anus.

Once an underground act of foreplay, tossing salad has made a recent shift to pop fame and continues to set trends.

The song “Post To Be” features the r&b singer Jhene Aiko. She sings the most popular line in the song. A few lines from the lyrics recite: “I might let your boy chauffer me/But he gotta eat the booty like groceries.”

4 Chocolate

Before or during foreplay, blindfold your lover and feed him or her something moist and sweet. Expensive candies, melted chocolate and whip cream are sensual treats that produce feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Many of the ingredients in chocolate are said to have caused arousal in similar fashion to sexual foreplay. Moreover, some experts believe chocolate may be even more effective than foreplay for sexual arousal. Chocolate boosts the mood and sex drive.

People have claimed that chocolate in bed makes them feel sexier. They get more satisfaction from eating more of these desserts for better sex.

3 Foreplay Reduces Nerves

Doctor David Samadi wrote an article, in which it states: “You can think of sex and orgasms as the ultimate body high. Besides the increase in blood flow and heart rate, getting down floods the blood stream with hormones. Sex releases hormones such as oxytocin and dehydroepiandrosterone, both of which are stress-reducing brain chemicals. Both [of] these [have] been shown to reduce depression. Oxytocin also serves another purpose. Sleep. This hormone been touted as sleep-aid because of its power to release endorphins, the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemicals. On its own, adequate sleep has been shown to make us happier, so if more sex, is leading to better sleep then bring it on!”

Additionally, foreplay has been proven to alleviate tension, headaches and muscle pain. A recent study found that 48% of regular headache sufferers had their pain cured by reoccurring sexual pleasure. Not only that, but it actually worked much faster than painkillers.

2 Sex Toys

The sex toy industry has become a multi billion-dollar industry. A pleasure product is an object or device used for sexual stimulation or to enhance foreplay.

On Thursday, Dec. 26, Beyoncé and Jay Z were photographed at a sex shop in Lower Manhattan, where they spent $6,000 on X-rated goodies

“They didn’t buy anything tacky or too extreme,” a source told Radar Online. “It was all top-of-the-line stuff. Some of it was even gold-plated.”

One of the most popular and favorite items in sex stores is champagne-flavored lube. Cosmo reports: “It tastes just as amazing as it feels, responding to touch and breath with a warming, glowing sensation to transport you to an entirely new realm of pleasure…”

1 Dirty Talk

Dirty talk walks a fine line. Nobody wants to come off as a perv. Nothing weird, strange or gross. However, if the in-the-moment communication is triggered by foreplay, dirty talk can be alluring.

"I love a guy who can communicate during foreplay. Moaning and groaning is cool, but dirty talk is fun for birth parties, and typically you end up getting more of what you actually want in the bedroom when you can be vocal about it in a playful way. It's a great way to get me going." --Kelly, 26

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