10 Erogenous Zones All Men Want to Be Touched

If you’re like a lot of people, you like getting touched. Though there is no doubt that getting touched some places feels better than getting touched in others. If you’ve done a bit of exploring with your partner(s) you’ve probably honed in on some spots that feel extra good for you. There are sensitive spots across all human bodies, both male and female, that can take sexual experiences to a new level.

These super-sensitive spots are called erogenous zones. In a lot of cases, the same zones will feel good no matter whose zones you’re stimulating. Even from guy to girl, there are some zone similarities. Though no matter what you read, everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to where they like to be touched. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment a little! Check out this list we’ve put together for you. It highlights ten very sexy erogenous zones that men want you to touch, especially during sex.

Pick some of your favorites and give them a test run the next time you two are rolling around in the sack (won’t be the last time you hear about sacks! Stay tuned). It’s about time we took a look at this powerhouse compilation of sexy male erogenous zones.

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10 Cheers to Ears

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Let’s take it from the top! Ears are an easy, accessible spot to stimulate on a man. You can pinch and lightly tug them when you’re kissing. You can also bite and nip at them gently when you’re kissing around his face. The firm outer rim is the best spot to focus on. Send a hot, breathy exhale his way and you’ll definitely have him getting excited.

Some guys like a nice, wet tongue licking into their ear. Others don’t, so you’ll have to feel that out one way or another. If you’re receiving ear attention, let your partner know if you like it. Especially if she hasn’t experimented with it before!

9 Necking

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Another accessible locale where kisses definitely do the trick. Light kisses that gently brush his neck could have him tingling. Light touches at the base of the skull, where the head meets the neck, could also give him chills. You could also try using wet, sucking kisses. Beware the hickey though, those angry “abrasions” are never a good look. You could also, if he’s into it, try some light biting. You might want to move down more towards the shoulders for this. Play around!

Similar to the neck, you could try lightly tracing your fingers on his limbs. Specifically target the inside of his elbows and the underside of his knees and see how he reacts.

8 Thumbs Up

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Focusing on something other than his penis can bring his mind “into” his body. This kind of mindfulness will heighten his physical experiences, as his brain and body experience them with a more deliberate connection. To do this, try massaging his hand. Then take it and start kissing it. Slide over to his thumb and suck on it. If you make eye contact, and do this really sensually, he’ll focus on the sensation of his thumb being sucked. That connection will have him thinking about what else you might suck. This could heighten his whole experience, and by the time you actually make your way to his area, he should be rearing to go.

7 Soleful

Foot massages aren’t necessarily for everyone. But they’re probably for most people… Anyway, there is a pressure point on the foot that is supposed to get the blood really flowing in the body. It’s under the third toe, near where the arch of the foot starts. If you hit this “bubbling spring” point, the man will have blood coursing through him and every sensation will be heightened.

There’s also merit to the relaxing charm of a foot massage. Get some warmth on his feet and help him relax by wiping his feet with a hot, wet cloth. Now that they’re clean, you could suck on a toe or two. Some guys might get ticklish just thinking about it, so be careful down there!

6 Sacrum Door Action

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Another point worth massaging and stimulating is located in the lower back. It is a large, triangular bone that rests at the base of the spine. There are a lot of sacral nerves located there. In fact, according to one study, electrical stimulation can trigger orgasms in men.

For you and your man, massaging the sacrum is a great way to help him relax and stimulate some of those nerves. Using light karate chops probably works best. Some of the nerves located there are also linked to the genitals (hence the electrical stimulus orgasm). At the very least he’ll be relaxed, at most he’ll feel aroused.

5 Buns and Gluteal Folds

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Butts, butts, butts! Everyone has one, and it turns out a lot of people like to have theirs touched. There are two ways to go about this. Way number one: you focus on the cheeks. Starting with light touches always gets men and women excited. Lightly tickle the man’s cheeks and see how he reacts. Or have him lie on his stomach, relax his glutes, and massage his butt. That’s some heavenly attention in a location that doesn’t often get much attention at all.

Way number two: you can also target his gluteal folds, which exist right where the top of the thigh meets the cheek. Here you can trace your fingers, tickle, squeeze, or even slap your man (not too hard, to start!).

4 Scrotal Raphe

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What’s an erogenous zone list if it doesn’t feature the sack? Everyone loves the sack. As long as you apply the right pressure (and not a single bit more!), paying attention to a man’s balls will feel really great for him. Everyone will have a different sensitivity threshold, so start really gently with cupping and light massaging.

It’s even better if you use your tongue, or suck lightly on a nut. Or, you can target the scrotal raphe. It’s the vertical line along the bottom of the sack, almost like a seam. Give that some flicks with your tongue, especially while stroking his penis, and he won’t be able to remember the last time he’s felt that good.

3 Frenulum

Frenulum of prepuce of penis. It almost sounds like some noble man from the annals of history. Let’s be normal people and call it the frenulum, for short. The frenulum is a fleshy stretch of skin that connects the glans penis (the tip, the cap, the helmet) to the foreskin.

Focusing on the frenulum on the underside of the penis can be a real power play. It responds best to light touches. Whether that’s very gentle tracing with your finger or some licks with your tongue is up to you. Either way, it’s bound to make the man burst. Or, at the very least, stand at attention.

2 Perineum

Ah, the perineum. It sounds like a dignified celebration. Or a flower that lives a couple years. Funny then, that it’s nicknames should include things like “taint,” and “gooch,” and “grundle.” Yes, we’re talking about the fleshy patch between the back o’ the sack and the anus. Applying pressure and stimulation to this zone has been known to feel very good for not just men, but women, too. That’s right ladies, everybody has a “taint.”

The next time you and the boy are getting into it, try applying some steady, vibrating pressure to the area. See if he cries out in pleasure.

1 Prostate

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If the perineum stimulation doesn’t quite do the trick, there’s a way to take it a step further. See, what feels good about perineum stimulation is actually the indirect stimulation of the prostate. To get to the prostate directly, and really get your guy feeling good, you have to go through the anus. You need to lube up a finger and go an inch or two up, in the direction of the penis. There’s a little walnut-sized prostate in there that can feel orgasmic when stimulated. If, of course, everyone is ok with the act. A first time finger-in-the-butt experience can be daunting, so make sure your communication levels are strong.

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