10 Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Breast Reduction Surgery

In Hollywood, the pressure to look great is constant and intense. This is especially true for women. Female stars are expected to look young and sexy for as long as possible. Once they get older, it’s not always easy to find roles. Luckily, Hollywood is making strides to change this, and there have been a number of discussions on social media lately, encouraging all women to love their bodies.

Breast implants are one of the main procedures that women often have done to make themselves more visually appealing in movies, television shows or music videos. However, all breast augmentations don’t exactly go as planned. Some women are not satisfied with the results and opt to have the implants taken out. There are also some women in Hollywood who have quite an ample bosom. As a result, they have elected to have their breasts reduced. A breast reduction can improve a woman’s overall physique, and even help to eliminate some serious health problems. These are some of the main reasons some celebrities decide to go down a couple of bra cup sizes. Here are 10 celebrities who have had a breast reduction.

10 Jennifer Connelly

The dark-haired beauty is perhaps most well known for her superb performance in the film A Beautiful Mind. She made her film debut in the movie Once Upon a Time in America, in 1984. There is speculation that the actress, who is now in her 40s, got breast implants when she was younger. Some people also believe that Connelly’s breasts were natural, and that she was just well-endowed. These days, Jennifer Connelly’s breasts are much smaller, which is a clear indication that she got a breast reduction. Whether the reduction involved the removal of breast implants is unclear, but she’s beautiful either way.

9 Drew Barrymore

8 Soleil Moon Frye

Even though Soleil Moon Frye has appeared on television numerous times since the 1980s, she is still best known for her main role in the sitcom Punky Brewster, in which she played the titular character. She was just seven years old when she got the role, and has been acting since she was two. Soleil Moon Frye had a breast reduction when she was just 16, because she suffered from a condition called gigantomastia, which made her breasts grow much too large for her frame. She was previously wearing a 38DD, but after the surgery, she’s now a 34C, which is much more flattering (and certainly much more comfortable).

7 Sharon Osbourne

The brassy, outspoken matriarch of the Osbourne family used to have a much bigger rack. As a result of getting a boob job, she was sporting DDs for quite some time. In 2001, she got a breast reduction because her “new” breasts were getting to be a bit of a burden. Sharon Osbourne has lost a considerable amount of weight, which may be another reason why her breast reduction was best for her health or overall figure. Perhaps this is why Osbourne has no problem speaking out about what looks best on celebrities’ bodies. Or, maybe she’s just outspoken and doesn’t mind giving her opinion.

6 Queen Latifah

The rapper, actress, producer and overall successful businesswoman has always had large breasts. She started to experience back pain as a result, and had trouble exercising. When she lost a considerable amount of weight, her breasts appeared much too large to her, so in 2003, she decided to get a breast reduction. She stated that after the procedure she thought they were too small. She went from a size F to DD, and expressed that the doctor “took one D too many” and that her new look took some getting used to. However, she still cleans up pretty nicely and has plenty of cleavage to spare.

5 Roseanne Barr

4 Patricia Heaton

3 Hedi Montag


2 Janeane Garofalo

The heavily tatted actress and comedienne stated that getting a breast reduction was one of the best things she’d ever done. She decided to get a B cup instead of her C (sometimes D) breast size. She’s just over 5 feet and has a small frame, so her breasts were way too noticeable. Janeane Garofalo shared that it’s much easier to stand on a stage in front of people when you know everyone’s not staring at your breasts. Point taken. The New Jersey native is best known for her roles in movies like Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, and she also appeared on The Ben Stiller Show.

1 Pamela Anderson

Pam Anderson is best known for her breasts. After all, she is the original Baywatch Babe. Most guys still crack a smile when they think about her running along the beach in slow motion, wearing a one-piece red bathing suit. Of course, her breasts were the main focus of the “outfit.” Anderson’s first job was actually as a Blue Zone Girl for Labatt’s Beer in Canada. She got the job by wearing a T-shirt with the company logo on it at a game, and immediately attracted a following. In 1999, Anderson got a breast reduction, which likely disappointed some of her fans. She heard their cries and later enlarged her breasts again, this time achieving DD status.

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