10 Celebs You Can Actually Meet On Tinder

Online dating has increased in popularity over the years. After all, people lead busy lives and want to be able to make the dating process as efficient as possible. Of course, there are some weirdos out there in the online world, but when you’re dating the conventional way, you’re likely to encounter a few strange characters before you find "The One".

Celebrities need love, too, and many of your favorite singers, actors and entertainers have taken to the dating app Tinder, to find that special someone. Sure, some celebs are also using this app to form casual relationships with others as well. Recently, Tinder added a verification feature to their app, which lets users know whether the profile they’re viewing is from a real celebrity. While the names of the celebrities who received these verifications is not public information, Fusion.net states that there was a waiting list for the verification. That’s a pretty good indication that more celebrities are using Tinder than you may think.

If you’ve always wanted to go on at least one date with a famous person, joining Tinder may get you one step closer to your goal. Here are 12 celebrities who have real Tinder accounts.

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12 Preston


Singer Preston is the lead vocalist for The Ordinary Boys. He also got a little more fame when he appeared as a cast member on Celebrity Big Brother, in 2006. While Preston was on the show, he started a romance fellow contestant Chantelle Houghton. However, the two have since ended their relationship, and Preston has a profile on Tinder. While some celebrities (and “regular” people) are a little secretive about using the dating app to potentially find a relationship, Preston doesn’t seem to mind letting people know that he’s looking for a new lady online. He even compared using the Tinder app to a game, stating that the app is “the new Angry Birds.” He kind of has a point.

11 Ronda Rousey

Talented athlete and martial artist, Ronda Rousey has endured lots of hardships in her life. She started practicing judo as a kid to boost her confidence (she had a speech impediment), and to cope with her father’s suicide. She became a judo championship and won two back-to-back gold medals at the Pan American Championships. She also won a bronze medal at the Olympics in 2008. Two years later, she got involved in mixed martial arts and became a UFC Bantamweight Champion. Recently, Rousey has taken to Tinder to try and find a great guy. However, she says that she hasn’t had much luck using the dating app because of her fame. She even tried to join Tinder with a fake name, but she was found out. Perhaps traditional dating would be best for her.

10 Lily Allen

British singer Lily Allen is known for her spunk, catchy but thought-provoking lyrics and outlandish fashion choices. The songstress has also decided to become part of the Tinder community. This wouldn’t be such a big deal—except that Lily is married and has two children. She recently stated on Twitter that she’d “just discovered Tinder,” and joked that she was “waving goodbye to life” because she was enthralled with the app and would be spending a lot of time on it. Of course, her fans wanted to know why she’d decided to join Tinder. Allen stated that she thought the idea was hilarious, and that being on Tinder involved instant judgment when it came to deciding which people were best to date. Interesting.

9 Chelsea Handler

Comedienne and former late night talk show host has never been shy about discussing her sex life. Handler has even written a few memoirs about her “adventures.” She’s been romantically linked to rapper 50 Cent, and dated the producer of her former E! talk show for a few years as well. These days, Chelsea is pretty clear about the fact that she’d prefer to have one-night stands and casual hookups with men. She states that when she starts “liking” people on Tinder, she’ll allow the guys to verify that it’s actually her. Handler also makes it clear that if a guy likes her profile, he can text her, and she’ll respond with “I’m famous, let’s f**k.” Wow. That’s pretty straightforward.

8 Eric Stonestreet

Many of Eric Stonestreet’s fans thought he was pretty similar to his character Cam, on Modern Family. Stonestreet is actually straight in real life, and has admitted that he used Tinder to “meet” women all across the country. During an interview with Howard Stern, Eric stated that he was talking with a woman he met on Tinder the night before the interview. Stern asked Stonestreet if he actually met up with the woman, and the actor had to say no. He told Howard that he’d been texting the woman for about an hour before she “gave him the green light” but he couldn’t go meet her because he had to get up early for the Stern interview.

7 Jenelle Evans


After Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested (for the fifteenth time, by the way), she decided to join Tinder the following day. Evans got her latest mugshot for a domestic violence situation that occurred between her and Nathan Griffith, her ex-fiance. She turned herself in after learning there was a warrant out for her arrest, and was released shortly after, without having to pay any fines. The day after her run-in with the law, Jenelle decided to join Tinder, which is clearly a sign that she’s ready to date again. Evans and Griffith were seen shortly after Jenelle’s Tinder account became active, partying together in NYC. If she started using the dating app to get him jealous, her plan may have worked.

6 Lindsay Lohan

5 Nana Meriwether

The stunning Nana Meriwether won the Miss USA title in 2012. So, it’s surprising that she has a difficult time finding a date. However, she did state that she doesn’t see why celebrities wouldn’t use Tinder just like “civilians” do. Meriwether also stated that “even pageant-title-holders get lonely". In 2013, a male friend of Nana’s introduced her to Tinder, and she’s been having a great time using it. The pageant winner stated that when you’re single, it’s important to try different ways to find dates. She also admitted that Tinder is pretty fun, so she may very well find the man of her dreams online.

4 Ben Flajnik

3 Britney Spears

Most people never expected the pop princess to join a dating website. However, when Britney Spears became a Tinder user, a number of her fans likely felt more comfortable engaging in online dating themselves. Spears allowed talk show host Jimmy Fallon to sign her up for Tinder on his show, when she appeared as a guest. Spears was featured in a sketch about the pros and cons of dating Britney Spears. She was open to the idea after she split from her boyfriend David Lucado, for cheating on her. Obviously, she’s getting lots of likes, which could turn into a love connection.

2 Hilary Duff

1 Katy Perry

Fans everywhere are rejoicing that Katy Perry is on Tinder. The reason for their elation has a lot to do with the fact that Perry is no longer with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, singer John Mayer. During a recent radio interview, the singer who is famous for empowering songs like Wide Awake and Roar, confirmed that she is single. Katy admitted that she uses Tinder pretty often, so hopefully she’ll have some luck soon. Tinder users are likely attracted to her bold sense of style and stunning good looks. After her sordid relationship with Mayer and her disastrous divorce from actor and comedian Russell Brand, we’re rooting for her.

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