10 Celebs Who Once Sold Drugs For A Living

Celebs Sold Drugs

Before living an easy life in Hollywood, with money continuously flowing into their bank accounts, some of your favorite celebs were hustling to make a buck by selling drugs. In order to pay the bills and feed their families, certain celebs would stand at the corner of a store, waiting for business to begin and praying they wouldn't get caught by the police. Some weren’t so lucky, and ended up facing jail time for up to three years at a time — but it seemed to have been their wake-up call, as it changed their lives for the better, realizing that there was money to be made outside of the drug business. This would go on to launch their careers in the film and music industry.

Below are our top picks of celebrities who are notoriously known for formerly selling drugs to make a living — the list may surprise you. Each and every celeb on this list put the true definition of the American Dream into context; you can start from nothing and become something, if one has the courage to better themselves.

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Celebs Sold Drugs
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10 50 Cent

Celebs Sold Drugs

9 Frank Ocean

Every musician’s favorite singer-songwriter, Frank Ocean touched on his unstable past in a 2013 interview with Oyster magazine. Ocean, who now pens songs for the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z, admitted to having sold drugs during his high school years, stressing that he didn't know any better since he never had a father figure in his life. "As a young person I didn't have, for lack of a better word, I didn't have a Joe Jackson in my family, " he says. "I didn't have that sort of overbearing stage parent... Or, even, I didn't have a parent who encouraged what I did in that way.”

8 Mark Wahlberg

7 T.I

Before he became a rap superstar, T.I was known to be selling drugs in Atlanta, Georgia. The rapper, who was arrested in the 90s for the possession of substances, would go on to explain in a 2007 interview that he sought for independence through his crimes. T.I claims it was his sole income to provide for his family members. “It was me and my mom at that point, and from what I saw of my uncles and what I saw of my pops, they were providers,” he tells MTV, insinuating that he wanted to be looked up to like his father and uncle.

6 Kid Rock

At 15, Kid Rock began selling drugs after running away from home. He joined a gang called ‘Best Friends’ who hustled their way through a decent income that kept them living comfortably enough to provide for themselves. Fortunately enough, all of this would have a positive outcome. A man in the neighborhood was destined to keep the teens out of trouble and approached them about becoming opening acts for his band ‘The Beast Crew.’ Kid Rock agreed to the idea and performed at several gigs where he would go on to meet producer D-Nice. This then led to D-Nice approaching execs over at Jive Records to listen to some of Kid Rock’s music. A record deal was offered that very same day, and the rest is history.

5 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg was smoking weed way back in his early teens, according to Cameron Diaz. The actress who attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School with Snoop told Lopez Tonight how Snoop was known for selling weed at school. She, herself, became a regular customer. "I remember him, he was very tall and skinny. He wore lots of ponytails. I'm pretty sure I bought weed from him. I was green even in high school,” she confessed. The platinum-selling musician actively holds a medical marijuana card, allowing him to purchase weed at any given time. We wonder if he’s still making a business out of it.

4 Fat Joe

3 Tim Allen

2 Jay-Z

Celebs Sold Drugs

Today, Jay-Z is one of the wealthiest men in the music industry thanks to his endorsements and ongoing business deals. But twenty-five years ago, Jay, real name Sean Carter, was just another teenage boy trying to make a living through selling drugs in Brooklyn. Carter was well-known in his borough for selling everything from cocaine to marijuana. During this time, Jay was also heavily involved in the music scene; particularly hip-hop. He started recording his own CDs and sold them out of his car. Eventually, it led to him signing a deal with the Priority record label, which distributed his debut album Reasonable Doubt. The record went on to sell 1.5 million copies in the U.S.

1 Notorious B.I.G


The Notorious B.I.G, also known as Biggie or Christopher Wallace, sold drugs in his early teenage years for an income he so desperately needed to take care of himself. His mother, Voletta Wallace, was a single mother who was working multiple jobs to pay the bills, but living as a low-class wasn't good enough for Biggie. Him and his friends would take up different spots in Brooklyn and approach their customers with all kinds of drugs — most favorably cocaine. Voletta went on to kick Christopher out of her home when she found a stash of cocaine under his bed and soon later, Wallace would serve nine months in jail for his illegal activities.

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