10 Celebs Who Have More Difficult Lives Than You Think

Stars: They’re just like us, right? Money, fame and power have their benefits. Most celebrities will readily admit they have incredible lives. Getting paid millions of dollars to act, attend movie premiers and live in gorgeous houses sounds amazing, but there is a price to pay for everything. Being rich and famous gives you nice things, but it cannot protect you from experiencing life’s harsh realities.

Here are ten celebrities who have more difficult lives than you may think. Some of the names on this list have to live with tragedies they've experienced in their past, particularly their childhoods. From the worst kind of childhood trauma, such as experiencing the murder of a parent, to surviving molestation, sometimes that level of tragedy can fuel success, as it has for two women on this list. Sometimes, you can put the past away, but you cannot always forget what happened. One celeb on this list has to deal with a child who is currently in prison and has been for years. For one formerly beautiful woman on this list, a car accident scarred her for life, leaving the press and the public to wonder why her face just never looked the same.

And there’s always loss. Whether it’s the loss of a child, a parent or even a spouse, it shows us that celebrities are just like us, especially when it comes to the worst losses a person can experience in life.

10 Keanu Reeves

9 Charlize Theron

8 Oprah 

7 Rose McGowan

Actress Rose McGowan had a difficult childhood, raised in a cult in Italy, called The Children of God. Living on a commune that cut off contact from the outside world, the family left when the cult leaders began to encourage children to have sex with adults. McGowan told MailOnline, “I was not molested because my dad was strong enough to realize that this hippie love had gone south.”

In 2007, McGowan suffered another tragedy when she as in a terrible car accident which disfigured her face. While she underwent plastic surgery to try and restore her looks but, her face never looked quite the same ever again.

6 Shania Twain

5 Katie Holmes

Like many woman (at least who are over the age of 30), Katie Holmes had a crush on Tom Cruise. Her dream became her reality when she married him; but wedded bliss soon turned into cult hell for her. Vulture recently reported she was trapped by the Church of Scientology and had to escape through an elaborate plan which involved three divorce attorneys in different states, filing for sole custody of their daughter Suri, renting an apartment in New York on the down low and a burner phone. It sounds more like a movie, than a movie star’s life. Holmes still hasn't publicly revealed what exactly happened with the Church of Scientology, but it's fair to say, it was probably terrifying.

4 Bruce Jenner

On April 24th, 2015, in an interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner came out as transgender. At 65 years old, the person who was once considered the epitome of American masculinity, as an Olympic champion, said he saw himself as having the “soul of a woman.” Jenner has suffered his whole life and through three marriages trying to hide his secret from the world. While there have always been speculations about his gender, it wasn't until the paparazzi found out he was having a tracheal shave to reduce the size of his Adam’s apple, that he was truly outed. This caused Jenner to consider suicide. But, he stayed alive to tell his story and hopefully become an advocate for the transgender community.

3 Michael Douglas

2 Liam Neeson

1 Lea Michele 

Lea Michele appeared to have it all. She had starred on Broadway and was one of the main characters on the hit show, Glee. Her career and love life to her co-star Corey Monteith, were in full bloom. They were planning to move in together, but Monteith had a huge problem, he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. In June 2013, he was found dead in a downtown Vancouver hotel room of an overdose. This was devastating to Michele. While it must have been incredibly hard for her, Michele has moved on and found a new beau in actor Matthew Paetz, but Monteith will always remain a part of her.

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