10 Cases of Animals Saving Humans

A dog may be a man's best friend, but this list contains animals of various genders and species that may not have all crossed your mind as life savours. However, that is exactly what they did, and you have to read it to believe it, and more than that, appreciate these heroes for their remarkable feats of courage and selflessness. Here is 10 reasons you should appreciate all animals.

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10 Cat saves couple from gas leak


In October 2007, around 2:00 am, Trudy and Greg Guy were sleeping in their bedroom, when their then-kitten Schnautzie woke them up by tapping on Trudy's nose with her paw. At first, Trudy dismissed the tapping as a sign that the kitten wanted to play, but when the tapping continued, she realized something was not right. Schnautzie's little nose sniffing the air caused Trudy to wake her husband Greg who realized that a gas pipe had broken and was flooding their basement with dangerous fumes. The family evacuated the house and called for help, and good thing they did! The firefighters later revealed that if Schnautzie had not woken them up, the furnace heater would have kicked on and the house would have exploded. The brave little kitten was awarded the Purple Paw award from the Montana Great Falls Animal Foundation. Trudy and Grey Guy are definitely lucky to have such a smart and courageous cat looking out for them at all hours of the night.

9 Golden Retriever saves boy from cougar

This dog has the right name for his brave act. In British Columbia, Canada, an 11-year-old boy was out in the woods collecting firewood for the family's furnace. He always walked with his loyal and trusted Golden Retriever, Angel, but on this night, he noticed that Angel was acting differently, not the usual happy-go-lucky. Before he knew what happened, a cougar pounced from approximately 10 feet away, but Angel jumped in front of her owner and took the brunt of the attack. Luckily, the police constable was nearby and shot the cougar before any fatal damages were done to Angel, who did later have to have surgery on her head from the injuries. Thankfully, both Angel and Austin were fine. "She was my best friend, but now, she's even greater to me," said Austin after treating Angel to a nice, big steak. A dog truly is a man's best friend, and Angel and Austin stand as living testaments to that.

8 Lions save girl from kidnappers

A 12-year-old girl from Kenya was kidnapped from her village and taken by hostages in 2005 so that she could be forced into marriage. She was held captive for a week, but when the police found her, there were no signs of the captors anywhere. Instead, 3 large lions stood by her, guarding her like she was their cub. It seems that the lions were in the area searching for food when they saw the little girl with the kidnappers. Facing 3 giant cats, not to mention hungry cats, the captors fled, but the little girl stayed behind, crying. Officials believe that the lions mistook her cries for that of a baby cub and guarded the girl like one of their own. Needless to say, this is one unbelievable rescue.

7 Gorilla saves 3-year-old boy

When a 3-year-old boy fell over the railing at the Broofield Zoo in Illinois, he became the prime focus and attention for a very large gorilla named Binti Jua. The 18-foot drop left the  young child unconscious as he lay in the middle of the enclosure, suffering some pretty bad head trauma. However, Binti Jua approached the boy midst loud cries and shouts from the boy's parents and other spectators. Instead, the massive gorilla treated the boy like he was one of his own, gently holding him and even examining his head wound as much as a gorilla can do such a thing. The zoo officials were soon able to enter the enclosure without angering Binti Jua and retrieve the boy without a problem. A happy ending to what seemed like a horrible beginning.

6 Pig saves owner from heart attack

Not too many owners these days have large pigs as pets, but Jo Ann is one lucky pig owner. Her 150-pound pig named Lulu was there to run for help when Jo Ann had a sudden heart attack. Having never left the fenced yard before, let alone knowing how to operate the fence latch, Lulu managed to escape and reach a highway, where she waited for cars to stop  and proceeded to lay in the middle of the road, hoping someone would notice and come out. For over 45 minutes, Lulu would do this and run back to Jo Ann to make sure she was still alright, until one car did fully stop and the man followed Lulu back to Jo Ann. The driver called the paramedics and Jo Ann was safely transported to the hospital. For her outstanding sacrifice and courage, Lulu was given her favorite treat: a jelly doughnut.

5 Rabbit saves man from diabetic coma

Simon Steggall fell into a pretty serious diabetic coma in his home in Cambridgeshire, England. When he passed out on the couch, his wife Victoria didn't think too much of it, assuming he had fallen asleep after a hard day's work. Simon hadn't made any noises and looked like he was peacefully sleeping. However, the family's pet rabbit named Dory immediately sensed that something was wrong. She quickly jumped onto Simon's chest and began thumping with her feet, as well as licking his ear to try and get him to wake up. Upon seeing Dory's erratic behavior, Victoria realized it was not a regular nap and called the paramedics. Dory was later awarded membership into the Rabbit Welfare Association, which promotes safety and health for all domestic rabbits throughout the UK. The award is generally given to humans, but seeing Dory's heroic act, it is only fair to extend the award to her.

4 Dolphins save man from Great White Shark

In 2007, a man named Todd Endris was surfing when a Great White came up and attacked him on his board. The shark inflicted some pretty serious bites on Todd, who was now in the water and bleeding severely. He needed a hospital immediately! That is when a group of dolphins warded the shark away, who was at this point fairly full and ready to move on, surrounded Todd, and swam with him to the shore to make sure he got there safe. Todd was immediately transported to the hospital for his injuries, but he will never forget the pod of dolphins who found themselves in the right place at exactly the right time.

3 Horse saves woman from raging cow

An avid Scotland farmer, Fiona Boyd was tending to the cries of a baby calf when the calf's thousand-pound mother and one of Fiona's cows charged and rammed Fiona several times, body-slamming her and even rolling over her to show her anger and territorial behavior towards Fiona and how she handled her calf. As Fiona began screaming and crying out for help, her horse Kerry heard the cries and galloped over just in time. As Fiona was battling to get away from the cow, Kerry began kicking the cow with his hind legs, enough so that Fiona could drag herself 20 feet away and slide under an electric fence. Thankfully, Fiona suffered only scrapes and bruises, but she will be forever grateful to her horse, Kerry.

2 Dog saves owner from choking by giving the Heimlich

1 Parrot saves 2-year-old girl

You might think of pet birds as loud and annoying, but when a parrot started screeching in the Kuusk household, it did more than annoy. It saved a life. Willie the Quaker parrot noticed that the 2-year-old Hannah Kuusk was chocking on her food. He immediately began flapping his wings and crying out, "mama baby" over and over again. The bird owner and babysitter, Megan Howard, heard the cries from the bathroom and rushed over to Hannah to perform the Heimlich technique. Hannah was safe, and at the end of the day, Willie was a local hero, earning the Red Cross chapter's Animal Lifesaver Award.

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