10 Animals With More Inheritance Than Family Members

There is no doubt that we all love our pets, but these animal owners take it to a whole new level. From large trust funds to even owning their own estates, these pets are all living the high life. Most humans only dream about living the way these elite pets live. Below is a top 10 list of animals who are living the most extravagant lifestyles.

10 Tina and Kate

Tina and Kate are two dogs who have a full time caretaker and run their very own estate. An employee of their owner was left a nominal amount of inheritance but with the dogs, no expense was spared. Nora Hardwell was a rich recluse and when she passed, she left behind $1 million dollars, the estate house and 5 acres of land to her Collie Crossies. Her other stipulation was her employee stay, and be a full time caretaker for her dogs. She also required that the house always be left clean.

9 Gigoo the Hen

Gigoo may not be a golden goose, but he sure is a golden hen. Gigoo was left $10 million by publishing mogul, Miles Blackwell. He made Gigoo the main beneficiary of his will, after his wife passed away. I am not so sure that his relatives were thrilled about this decision. Let’s just say, it is doubtful Gigoo lives in a hen house and that his bed is made of straw. Maybe his nest is a TempurPedic mattress.

8 Silverstone the Tortoise

Bookshop business tycoon, Christina Foyle had many odd pets over the years, including tortoises. She had a beloved tortoise named Silverstone. A plan was specifically laid out in Miss Foyle’s will for Silverstone’s care. In order to help maintain their long term care, Christina left her tortoises a trust of $200,000 when she died. Miss Foyle specified that her old housekeeper, Maureen Harding would care for Silverstone full time. Maureen upgraded to a bigger home in Essex to care for Silverstone and some of the cats, since they all had a certain lifestyle to maintain. Silverstone enjoys some sun and walking the grounds.

7 Trouble the Maltese

Trouble, the Maltese, had an extravagant life and chic resting place in a mausoleum at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, in Westchester County, N.Y.. She would rest there with her rich owner, the late Leona Helmsley. Leona dis-annulled her family and left her beloved Maltese an estate of $12 million. However, Trouble soon got “trouble” from the courts; a probate judge later downgraded Trouble’s inheritance to a 'mere' $2 million. Trouble had a full time caretaker who spent $100,000 a year on her care, including $8,000 for grooming and $1,200 for dog food. Trouble had a full time security guard after facing constant security threats. Helmsley reportedly hated dirt, so she also directed in her will that the mausoleum is washed at least once a year.

6 Choupette Lagerfeld

Choupette is the kitty offspring of fashion guru, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel. Choupette is a cuddly, white ball of feline fur and she is the apple of Mr. Lagerfield's eye. She is so precious to him that he reportedly has his maids record her when he is away, so he does not miss anything cute she does. Choupette has access to an iPad and even eats at the dinner table with her fashionable Daddy.

5  5. Gunther the German Shepherd

Gunther the IV is a handsome German Shepherd. A man about town, perhaps he even has a gold Amex for his nights out with the ladies? When she died in 1992, German Countess, Karlotta Liebenstain left Gunther’s Dad, Gunther III a trust of $124 million. Gunther IV inherited his father’s money, that has over time with investment, grown to $372 million. Gunther purchased Madonna’s eight-bedroom Miami Villa. He also once bid 3 million lira at an auction in Italy for a truffle. Apparently, some dogs prefer truffles over steak? I cannot imagine what Gunther pays for his caviar.

4 Oprah's Dogs

Oprah loves her dogs. She has had many different dogs over the years. One of her beloved dogs was a Cocker Spaniel named Sadie. She established a $30 million living trust named after Sadie for her current dogs (two Cocker Spaniels, and two Golden Retrievers) should anything happen to her while they are still alive. Her dogs live a life of luxury between a beautiful California home, and a lovely Chicago luxury apartment. They also have a holistic vet, home cooked meals, wonderful caretakers and an excellent Mommy.

3  3. Bubbles the Chimpanzee

Bubbles' story is quite perplexing. He was rescued and purchased by singer, Michael Jackson from a place that uses chimpanzees for animal testing. His early life was quite spoiled. Bubbles lived with Jackson since he was just a baby. He slept in a crib and ate at the kitchen table with him. They were inseparable, and Jackson often referred to him as his first child. When Jackson had his own children, he noticed Bubbles becoming more aggressive, so he sadly had to have Bubbles moved to an animal sanctuary in California. Michael Jackson supposedly left Bubbles an estate of $1 million in his will, so he would be taken care of for the rest of his life. Eventually, Bubbles was relocated to a wonderful chimpanzee sanctuary in Florida; he enjoys climbing, listening to music and painting, but even though he lives the good life, so far, he has not seen a dime of his promised inheritance!

2 Tinkerbell Hilton

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Paris Hilton’s dog Tinkerbell has always been a tabloid sensation. Paris is rarely seen without carrying Tinkerbell around in her designer purse. Tinkerbell travels the world on yachting trips, vacations and dines at five star restaurants. Paris has over 17 pets, and she even built a pet mansion specifically for her dogs. She has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase, "you're in the doghouse!" This little house is better than most human homes. The doghouse is a replica of Paris’s Beverly Hills mansion and reportedly cost around $325,000 to build. The mansion even includes designer furniture, Vuitton beds and a spiral staircase along with closets for all the dog couture a dog could want.

1 Giggy Vanderpump

Giggy Vanderpump is the real star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Giggy (short for Gigolo) is a bald Pomeranian with a chronic condition of alopecia. Millionaires and Reality TV Stars, Ken and Lisa Vanderpump adopted Giggy back in 2009. He rarely has to walk anywhere on his own. His owners and handlers carry him around almost full time. Giggy lives the true Beverly Hills lifestyle with his own luxury yard; couture outfits and parties. His food is served on a silver tray, and he even drinks out of wineglass. He often dines on chicken and biscuits and he prefers to be hand fed.

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