10 Amazing Home Remedies You Need To Know About

Everyone has inherited their own forms of home remedies through their families. Most are useless, however some, some change your life. Home remedies are a natural and effective way of relieving pain or discomfort. In the year 2016, it seems as though there is a drug or product out for everything in the world, but if you are able to cure something with natural products then you always should.

The next ten home remedies are guaranteed to change your life. Some are popular and well known while others are sure to blow your mind.

The best part about home remedies is that you rarely need to leave your house to find the ingredients necessary; they are mainly all common household products that are used for something entirely different. Whether you believe it or not, the following ten are proven methods that work for the stated problems. Next time you want to go to the doctor, make sure it's for something you can't treat yourself, because if it is for of one of the following ten symptoms, you can easily get better with almost the snap of your fingers.

10 Dark Chocolate for a Cough 

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I am finally giving you a valid reason to eat chocolate. Dark chocolate is the healthiest of all chocolates because it is the purest. Theobromine is found in most over the counter cough medicines - it suppresses nerves that are responsible for the cough reflex. Next time you feel like you are about to cough up a lung, try munching on a square or two (or ten) of dark chocolate. As weird as it may sound, this incredible hack actually works and it tastes much better than cough medicine.

9 Olive Oil for Earaches 

Believe it or not, olive oil can actually create fast relief from an earache. Not only does it serve as a lubricant to help get rid of infection but it can also help with the buzzing sensation in your ears. Next time you have an earache put three to four drops of warm olive oil in your ear or dip a cotton ball in the oil and hold it firmly inside your ear. Mustard oil has the same effect as olive oil, so which ever you have lying around should get the job done.

8 Ginger for Menstrual Cramps 

Only women know the struggle of Mother Nature knocking on your door every single month like clockwork. Cramps are just one of the annoying aspects of getting your period. Some women get them worse than others but I promise you when I say all women have experienced them. Not many know that ginger actually improves circulation and blood flow, relieving tired muscles. The easiest and most efficient way of relieving cramps with ginger is by making a ginger tea. Not only does it taste amazing but it will sooth your achy tummy almost instantly.

7 Duct Tape for Warts 

Warts are pretty nasty, and sadly some people are prone to them. Most people think the only way of removing warts is by having them burned off with liquid nitrogen. Although duct tape is used to fix a lot, not many have ever thought of it as a way of removing warts. Cover the wart with a small piece of duct tape for a week (yes, a week). When the week is over, take off the duct tape, clean it up and do it all over again. Repeat this every week until the wart naturally falls off. It is a much more effective and much less painful way of removing warts.

6 Lemons for Morning Sickness 

Pregnancy is a supposed to be a wonderful and joyful time in a woman's life. However, most women say the worst part about being pregnant (besides getting fat) is the morning sickness. The deceiving thing about morning sickness is that it doesn’t only hit you in the morning - morning sickness can last all day. A lot of women don’t want to take anti-nausea medicine during pregnancy (even though you can), which is how this natural method became popular. The fresh citrus scent of the lemons almost instantly relieves nausea. Many women find themselves leaving a bag of cut lemons next to their bed or in the kitchen to be prepared the next time that wave hits.

5 Teabags for Burns 

Did you know that kitchen burns are by far one of the most common home injuries? It has happened to the best of us; not paying attention in the kitchen when suddenly you are overcome with a horrible pain - you got burned. Being burned is awful, even the slightest of burns can be extremely painful and it seems as though everyone thinks they have a trick, but in reality the best way to relieve a burn is with teabags. Applying a cool and wet teabag to the burn will almost immediately reduce pain. This is an easy and effective trick that is sure to one day come in handy.

4 Sugar for the Hiccups 

Hiccups sneak up on you at the worst times and can be rather annoying. There are many tricks that are said to relieve hiccups but most of them don’t work at all, like “being scared” or drinking with your ears blocked. The only one that truly works is sugar. Sugar is not only used for making life a little sweeter, it is actually the best way of getting rid of those dreadful hiccups. Once you discover how effective this trick is, I guarantee you will never suffer from having the hiccups ever again.

3 Apples for Heartburn 

An apple a day may not actually keep the doctor away, but it will keep heartburn away. There are countless people who suffer from heartburn and it can be both uncomfortable and painful. Apples contain malic and tartaric acids, which neutralize stomach acid. Also the pectin that apples contain is an excellent source of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs acid and helps with digestion all while aiding in keeping bowel movements regular. Apples are extremely good for you and there are a lot of reasons why, but when it comes to heartburn, it is the only thing to try.

2 Baking Soda for Teeth Whitening 

Almost everyone has baking soda in their house. This common product is used for a variety of purposes like cleaning carpets and eliminating odors. You will notice how baking soda can be found in many teeth-whitening and cleaning products. Baking soda actually does an incredible job of removing surface stains on teeth. Just mix a bit of baking soda with some lemon juice until it becomes a paste, then leave it on your teeth for a minute or two and remove it. Just be careful to not damage your enamel. This is a great and cost effective way of making your smile a little brighter.

1 Vodka for Smelly Feet 

Most people think the only purpose for vodka is to get drunk, however vodka is actually a multi-purpose product. Many would be surprised to hear that vodka can actually help when dealing with foot odor. There are so many products that remove foot odors, but many people are allergic to the different ingredients in these sprays and powders. The reason why vodka helps is because there is a high alcohol content, killing odor-causing bacteria right away. Vodka also helps remove the moisture on the feet because it possesses a drying effect. All you need to do is scrub the bottom of your feet and toes with a vodka-soaked towel and you should be good to go.

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