Top 10 Hottest NHL Ice Dancers

Hockey fans love going to hockey games live. The athleticism they see on the ice by some of the best players in the world is nothing short of spectacular. The way they can skate, check, and fire a 100 mile per hour slap shot, all while on skates, is always a sight to see. But one thing that you can enjoy at a live game that you rarely see on TV are the ice dancers. They are normally in the stands helping fans cheer on the home team, or they take to the ice when play is stopped and the television broadcast is away on commercial. Each team has a different name for their squad, but the NHL “cheerleaders” are some of the hottest in all of sports. Here we will take a look at the Top 10 hottest NHL ice dancers for this season. Strap yourselves in because it’s going to be a hot ride. Maybe even too hot to be on the ice!

10 Amy from the Tampa Bay Lightning Girls 

Via ultimatecheerleaders.com

Amy is 24 years old and is a graduate of the University of South Florida. She lives in Lakeland, Florida and she works as a Program Assistant at USF’s Campus Recreation. She has a Master’s Degree and once on a dare she slept all night in a cave. Her dream job is to be a public health emergency response director at the CDC. You can find her at all of the Tampa Bay Lightning games this season and you don’t want to miss her!

9 Deanna from the Edmonton Oilers Octane Team 

Via oilers.nhl.com

Deanna is in her second season with the Edmonton Oilers Octane Team. She is from Tecumseh, Ontario and she loves to kick-box. She owns a BA in Liberal and Professional studies from the University of Windsor and is currently studying an after Degree Education Program. She is employed as a Student/Promotional Representative and her first job was as a lifeguard/swimming instructor. She looks like she is straight from the beaches of Baywatch. Deanna was a competitive figure skater for 18 years and has now been a cheerleader for eight years. See her in action at all of the Oilers games this season!

8 Nichole from the Dallas Stars Ice Girls

Via stars.nhl.com

Nichole is a member of the Dallas Stars Ice Girls and not only is she a raving beauty, she is smart as well. She is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and is also majoring in Film. This is her first year with the Stars and she hails from Lund, Sweden. Nichole works as a figure skating coach and she has 12 years of experience in competitive figure skating and ice dancing. She has a dog named Boston and her biggest fear is mediocrity. She says that her dream job is to be a painter and her best asset is her imagination. Some might disagree with her on that one!

7 Tiffany from the Anaheim Ducks Power Players

Via ducks.nhl.com

Tiffany is in her second season with the Power Players from the Anaheim Ducks. She works in retail sales and she says that she is a huge hockey fan and loves being part of the intense energy of the crowd. She loves the faced paced environment of a hockey game and she says that she loves meeting the fans the most. She doesn’t like going to the gym but she does yoga, paddle boarding, a cardio mixture, and she likes to go hiking. Her favorite show is Modern Family and Tiffany says that she loves to eat and loves to go to the beach. She didn’t say what beach she likes to go to but if anyone knows let us know!

6 Meghan from the Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew

Via kings.nhl.com

Whenever you attend a Kings home game you never know what celebrity you will see in attendance. But how could you even notice when Meghan is around? Meghan is a member of the L.A. Kings Ice Crew and she is a graduate of Marymount California University where she took Media Studies and majored in TV and Film Production. Her favorite food is filet mignon and she loves to play ice hockey. Sons of Anarchy is one of her favorite television shows and she is usually listening to country music in her ear buds. She is a big fan of David Beckham’s and her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. Who wouldn’t want her to come and save the day? Meghan played ice hockey for ten years and she likes to go to Legends Sports Bar in Long Beach to watch the Kings when they are on the road. Stop by and buy her a drink!

5 Zoe from the Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls

Via avalanche.nhl.com

Zoe is a member of the Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls and anyone that goes to an Avalanche home game can attest to the fact that she is absolutely one of the most beautiful ice dancers in the NHL. She comes from Batavia, Illinois and has been skating for ten years. Currently a student at the University of Denver, she is employed as a lifeguard when not in class or on the ice. This is Zoe’s first year with the team and many are hoping she will be staying around for awhile! She shares the same birthday as her brother but two years apart and she unfortunately spent her 20th birthday in an airport. I’m sure there are plenty of people that could have thought of better ideas to help her celebrate!

4 Denise from the Nashville Predators Energy Team

Via predators.nhl.com

Denise is from Miami, Florida and she loves living in Nashville. She says that fanny packs and cowboy hats are her favorite part of being in Nashville and her favorite part of a Predators game is when Tim McGraw sings “I Like It, I Love It”. Denise says that she just loves hearing that song. To get pumped up for an event she listens to “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus and we are pretty sure that there are plenty of Predator fans that love when Denise is pumped up and dancing out on the ice!

3 Courtney from the Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

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Who says that there isn’t any reason to go to a Flyers game? The stunning Courtney is reason enough to attend a game. Watching her do her thing out on the ice is worth the price of admission alone! She hails from West Chester, Pennsylvania and she loves to go to Hawaii. Courtney is a fan of Ryan White’s and she loves to eat at Lorenzo & Son’s pizza. Odds are pretty good that she wouldn’t mind if you stopped by and bought her a slice!

2 Evan from the Calgary Flames Big Country Ice Crew

Via flames.nhl.com

Evan is a beauty from the Flames Big Country Ice Crew and nobody goes to a Flames home game and misses her! She is from Edmonton, Alberta but nobody holds that against her in Calgary. She is taking Visual Communications and she likes to play lacrosse. She says that Brandon Prust is her all time favorite Flame (the lucky guy!) and her favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings. Evan says that her most memorable moment as a member of the Ice Crew was when her teammate Steph fell down during her first shift with the team. She said that’s not something that you can forget. The same goes for you Evan!

1 Miriam from the Carolina Hurricanes Storm Squad

Via hurricanes.nhl.com


Those who attend a Carolina Hurricanes home game this season are blessed with the sight of Miriam during the game. A member of the Hurricanes Storm Squad, she is absolutely the hottest ice dancer in the NHL. She says that the Hurricanes are her favorite hockey team so she decided to try out for the squad. Lucky for us! Miriam is from Elizabeth City, North Carolina and she says that her favorite part of being on the squad is the Jr. Storm Squad day when the team gets to hang out with their younger fans. If you’re in the area and don’t even like hockey, Miriam is a good reason to buy a ticket to a game anyway!

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