15 Of The Hottest Daughters Of Hockey Players

As any viewer of movies made in the 1980s should know, jocks and cheerleaders are a match made in heaven. Alright, maybe we watch too many flicks, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a nugget of truth to this myth. Professional athletes are known for becoming romantically linked with some of the world’s most attractive female celebrities. Julianne Hough, Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff, Elisha Cuthbert, Candace Cameron Bure, Carol Alt, Rachel Hunter and Barbie Blank (WWE’s Kelly Kelly) have all famously been involved with athletes. Furthermore, all of the hot celebrity women we just listed have actually been linked with hockey players over the years. Therefore, it stands to reason that when pro hockey players tend to date sexy ladies, their daughters have a pretty good chance of being hotties, like the ones on this list.

Our rules here were incredibly simple. We looked at hockey player daughters and daughters-in-laws who are really attractive. It doesn’t matter if the father didn’t play in the NHL, but they need to have played on a notable level, which meant former players on national teams could also find their kids here. The fathers in question also don’t need to be current players. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 Brandi Roenick

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Brandi Roenick is the daughter of a Hall of Fame hockey center who played in the NHL for an amazing eighteen seasons, working for the Blackhawks, Coyotes, Flyers, Kings and Sharks. Only the third American player to ever score over five hundred goals in their careers, her father, Jeremy, was also tapped to play for Team USA several times over the years. Perhaps it was years of her father competing so well he was elected to the all-star team nine times, that inspired Brandi to get into a sport herself. An award-winning equestrian rider, most pictures of this blonde beauty have more to do with her passion of choice than anything else, including the one pictured here. Someone with looks good enough that she could have been a model in another life, her skills and pitch perfect appearance make her someone to be reckoned with.

14 Kendyl Fuhr

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The daughter of a former Goalie who was good enough to be turned into a goaltending coach by the Phoenix Coyotes, Kendyl Fuhr’s father Grant, has to be considered an all-time great. Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2003, even Wayne Gretzky once said that he thought that Fuhr is the greatest goaltender of all time. Considering how amazingly skilled Wayne is at defeating goalies, that is not a small compliment. A father to four children and stepfather to another, it is his youngest who found her way to this list. Eschewing the attention of the other daughters on this list, it is due to an old Twitter account that we even know how hot she is. Pictured with her celebrity father in her profile picture, her jet black hair, gorgeous face and beautiful smile caught our eye immediately.

13 Isabella Yzerman

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The current general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Steve was such an impressive player that even fair weather fans were likely to learn the correct way to pronounce his last name. Dogmatically loyal to the Detroit Red Wings during his playing days, he spent his entire career on the ice playing for them despite being considered one of the best ever, which meant offers must have poured in. Leading his team to three Stanley Cup Championships and five first-place regular season finishes, Steve was deservedly inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. All of those impressive accomplishments aside, we’re guessing that he would say his three daughters mean more to him, one of whom, Isabella, is our thirteenth entry. An athlete in her own right, Isabella was good enough at lacrosse that she found a spot on the University of Michigan’s team but for our purposes, it is her fit figure and natural beauty that matters.

12 Maddison McGrath

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The daughter of a Hockey and Ontario Sports Hall of Famer, Maddison has to be very proud of her father, Doug Gilmour’s career. Playing in the NHL for twenty seasons, he was once named the NHL’s best defensive forward, which won him the Frank J. Selke Trophy. Playing for teams like the Blues, Flames, Devils, Blackhawks, Sabres, Canadiens and Maple Leafs, fans often rejoiced, even late in his career, when he was traded to their team. In Toronto, his team and their fans loved him so much that the decision was made to retire his number, a love we bet his daughter can relate to. Married to another hockey player, Evan McGrath, it is safe to say that she never got tired of the sport and looking at her we’re betting that she had many players bidding for her attentions. An extremely pretty brunette with an ample chest, she looks simply phenomenal.

11 Allison Micheletti

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We’re certainly starting to notice a trend that the daughters of pro athletes may be predisposed to following in their parent’s competitive footsteps. The child of retired NHL player, analyst, and reporter Joe Micheletti, Allison is a pro golfer who married Mike Modano, a Hall of Fame NHL player with whom she has twins. A member of the Oilers who played 158 games during his pro career, Joe also competed for the US during the 1982 Ice Hockey World Championship, but his daughter and son-in-law have garnered more attention as of late. Hot enough that she makes her husband’s Twitter account worth a follow (considering he has been known to post sexy bikini photos of her as seen above), Allison’s body is a work of art that we always love to see more of.

10 Becky Suter

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It seems like marrying into a professional hockey family could get pretty intense, and if there is anyone we could ask about our suspicions it is Becky Suter. The wife of a US team co-captain during the Vancouver Olympics who currently plays for the Nashville Predators. Then, there is her father-in-law, Bob Suter, a now deceased former NHL player who will always be remembered as one of the players on the 1980 US Olympic team that won the “Miracle on Ice” against the Soviets. An awe-inspiring blonde that would stand out in any crowd, her famous family members must be shocked to realize that they now have to fight for attention when Becky is in the room.

9 Reide Housley

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The daughter of the current assistant coach for the Nashville Predators, Reide Housley, has to be proud that her father Phil, has found success in his post-playing days. At one time the American player that held the record for the most games played in the NHL ever, at the time 1257 games, he held that record for seven years. A member of three separate hockey related Hall of Fames, United States Hockey, Hockey, and Buffalo Sabres' versions, Phil’s career has been recognized by pretty much anybody that could. Then, there is his hot as hell daughter, a yoga instructor who serves as a spokesperson for the United Heroes League. According to her social media, she helps “keep military kids healthy and active in all sports”. Her professional accomplishments aside, if you want any further proof that she belongs on this list, look up her name on the website Urban Dictionary, where it defines her as “a hot, sexy girl”

8 Caley Chelios

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A journalist and sports reporter who documents her gig regularly on Instagram, Caley has said that her famous father, Chris, has made her “work a lot harder” which has undoubtedly defined her life. Describing her father as “such an amazing guy”, it is very safe to say that his legions of fans couldn’t agree more. A Hall of Fame defenseman who is the executive advisor to the Red Wings' GM, the NHL clearly can’t get enough of him as he is also one of the longest-tenured players ever. Holding the record for most games played by a defenseman and coming in fifth overall with 1654 games under his belt, he managed to appear in the playoffs in twenty-four separate seasons. His daughter, an exquisite woman who clearly would look amazing in anything, in this photo of her on a unicorn floater in a simple tee and skirt, she looks better than most women could ever look.

7 Lauren Lemieux

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6 Janelle Foligno

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The daughter-in-law of a retired right winger in the NHL for fifteen seasons and wife to current Blue Jacket left winger, Janelle is no stranger to the spotlight and has proven her fortitude in its glare. Speaking about fighting an eating disorder, as well as the health issues that almost took her daughter’s life and required the baby to have her chest opened; she has given people someone to relate to. That is an incredible feat considering she is married to a player for the Sabres whose brother plays for the Blue Jackets and their father is the assistant coach for the devils who played for fifteen years. That’s to say nothing about the fact that she looks like the type of woman that many people fantasize about. Strong willed and alluring, it is a testament to the woman who beat her out on this list, that she didn’t take the top spot.

5 Diana Larionov

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Igor Larionov is a retired hockey player who was given the nickname 'The Professional', and was one of the first Russian players to join the NHL. A centre for the majority of his career, he won the Stanley Cup three times and would go on to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. After his career on the ice came to an end, Igor transitioned to a role as a sports agent, but we’re guessing he enjoyed having a little bit more time to devote to his three children. His daughters, including Diana, have managed to garner attention for their partying ways. If you ask us, though, Diana wouldn’t have had her photo posted on the NY Times website if it wasn’t for the fact that she is so superb to envision.

4 Julia Scorupco

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Mariusz Czerkawski, a hockey player of Polish descent who was the first person born in the country who was able to make his way to the NHL, he would even play in the 2000 All-Star game. Playing for the Bruins, Oilers, Canadiens and Maple Leafs over the years, he would also play as part of the Polish National team during three separate decades. Married to Izabella Scorupco, a former Bond girl who appeared in GoldenEye, during the latter half of the nineties, the pairing would result in their daughter, Julia. Eighteen-years-old at the time of this writing, Julia is the result when you pair two people with genes far superior to the norm (her father looks like he could be in his thirties at the absolute latest). She’s infinitely photogenic and graceful.

3 Alyonka Larionov

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For those of you who were already familiar with the Larionov sisters, we’re guessing that your mind was blown when you saw that they weren’t included as a duo. Nobody should have worried as although they so regularly appear in public as a duo it could have made sense, they are far too hot for us to relegate them to a single entry. Alyonka, the elder one of former Russian centre Igor Larionov’s daughters, barely managed to beat out her sibling here. A slender blonde who often looks like she belongs on a runway instead of the pool parties and bars she sometimes calls home, this blonde has a body that you can’t look away from.

2 Crosby Hull

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Brett Hull is an eight-time all-star player in the NHL, two-time Olympian, including winning a silver medal, two-time Stanley cup winner who scored fifty goals in fifty consecutive games, and father. The youngest daughter of a second generation hockey player, Crosby Hull’s father, and grandfather are the only father-son tandem who both have scored more than 1000 points in the NHL. Also related to two players inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, the aforementioned father and son, she clearly has a lot of reason to be proud of her family. A student at the University of Arizona presently, Crosby’s lineage isn’t the only reason people are aware of her as her body, which is often on display on social media, is reason enough.

1 Paulina Gretzky

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It just makes sense, doesn’t it? That the player that is known as 'The Great One' would have a daughter that is the patron saint of hot hockey daughters. Wayne Gretzky is a man that is always in the conversation of the best players ever. In fact, at the time of his retirement he held sixty-one NHL records. Seriously, sixty-one. A first ballot Hall of Famer who also was inducted immediately after he retired, we’d continue to list some of his most impressive attributes but if you know hockey at all we don’t need to. Then, there’s his daughter, Paulina, who is the only person on this list that you can google and not see her father’s name in a single headline (at least at the time of this writing). A bombshell that oozes sexiness from her every pore, the moment we conceived this list there really wasn’t anyone else who could have replaced her at the top of it.

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