Playing Tetris Can Calm Your Nerves, According To New Study

Game lovers, did you know that playing Tetris can calm your nerves?

All the time you have spent over the years playing Tetris has actually turned out to be beneficial. The game has been around for decades, but it has always been declared by non-gamers as a waste of time. Thanks to new research those who don't love to play video games are going to change their tune.

The journal Emotion recently published a study with research that indicated that not only will playing Tetris calm your nerves, but it can also help you get through periods of anxiety. One of the reasons the game is so helpful is because it was put your brain into a state of flow, which is when the mind is in a completely enthralled in a state of activity.


There is no downtime when a flow is achieved. Katie Sweeny, a psychologist at the University of California, who was involved with the study, revealed to PopSugar when a person's brain is in a flow that means the person has lost all self-awareness and time has merely flown by because of activity. Many have accomplished this when it comes to playing Tetris but as it turns out, it is good for them.

300 college kids participated in the study. First, those in charge worked to get the participants nerves up by claiming they would be judged on their physical appearance by their peers. They were then split into three groups. One group played a slow version of the game, one group played a fast and challenging version, while the third one played the classic version.

The third group of participants left the study more relaxed, with less anxiety because those involved enjoyed the game. Participants in the first group were bored, causing stress and anxiety. Those in the second group were frustrated because the version was too fast and challenging. Despite there not being a significant difference in the results. Sweeny believes over time playing a claiming game like Tetris will be beneficial to players.

It is all about keeping the brain active and entertained. Therefore, if playing video games like Tetris do that for you then as long as you don't avoid your responsibilities keep on playing.


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