Summer Bucket List: 25 Things Every Student Should Do Before College

Starting college is an exciting new step in any person’s life. But once you start college, you are in for a whole new world of responsibilities. This is your last summer to truly enjoy being a kid again and there are some things you should do before embarking into the adult world. It’s summertime and that means it’s about pool parties, freedom, going to the beach, and just enjoying being young. These are the days that you can spend all day, every day with your friend doing nothing at all if that’s what you choose. College is a life-changing experience which is a good thing, but you don’t want to regret not having the summer of a lifetime before you start studying hardcore.

Spend time with the people you love and try some new things out, make this summer filled with awesome memories that you can take to college with you. We are here to help. We've created a cool summer bucket list and it doesn’t mean that you have to go broke doing fun stuff. There are tons of fun things you can do that don’t cost anything at all. Check out these 29 things every student should do before starting college.

25 Sleep In As Late As You Can

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Seriously, you might be thinking this isn’t a bucket list item, but just wait until you get to college. You will ask yourself why on Earth you didn’t take advantage of sleeping in every single day. So, this summer, take advantage of sleeping in as often as you want and for as long as you want. Once you get to college and even after you graduate, you won’t have the opportunity just to be lazy anymore.

24 High School Crush

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You have been not so casually stalking your crush all through high school. Now you’re in the big leagues and it’s time to flirt with that crush and let him know what’s up! You may have been afraid to talk to him all through high school, but you can’t go off to college without taking the opportunity to flirt a little. Live a little! This goes for both guys and gals.

23 Book A Harry Potter Cruise

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You have been obsessing about the movies ever since J.K. Rowling made them a reality. If you are a true fan, then you must check out the six-day cruise along the River Thames. It takes you around to see all the locations that were part of the movies and books. Grab your BFFs and have an experience of a lifetime before you head off to school. The cruise costs $4,190 per person, but it’s totally worth it.

22 Catch All the Summer Movies

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There are a ton of summer blockbusters hitting the theatre this year, which is perfect for movie lovers. There are a ton of great movies that are coming out for the summer such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It doesn’t matter what your taste is; you can find a bunch of movies to fill your schedule this summer. A few recommendations would be Ocean’s 8, Adrift, and for the kid at heart, there is Incredibles 2 and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

21 Hit Up Your Favorite Local Restaurants

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This is perfect, especially if going away to college means leaving town. Spending the summer revisiting all your favorite restaurants will give you the perfect amount of nostalgia to send you on your way. You will find yourself walking the halls of your college and suddenly craving that amazing burger from your favorite restaurant. Especially if you are dining on the questionable food in the college cafeteria.

“Not only did it allow us to get in that last salad from our favorite Greek restaurant, but it gave us more time to spend with each other,”

says Hannah Mezan, a junior at Tulane University.

20 Spend A Lot of Time At the Beach

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The beach can be a great place to reflect on your future and how far you've come. Not to mention summer is meant to be all about fun in the sun. There are a ton of things that you and your friends can do at the beach aside from sunning and swimming. Take some sea-dos out on the water or play some beach volleyball. As the day winds down, you can have a bonfire on the beach and end the day in style.

19 Read the News Every Day

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You may not have even thought of reading the news while you were in high school, but it’s something you should do as you prepare to go to college. Not only will your professors bring up current events in class, but your classmates will be impressed that you know so much. It might even get the attention of the pretty girl that sits by you. There are a lot of news blogs you can tune into or subscribe to The New York Times.

18 Read the Books You Want To Read

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There are so many amazing summer reads that you can get your hands on this summer. Take advantage of reading the books that you love this summer because once you start college, you will find that you are reading a lot of things that you would rather not read. Whether it be fiction or textbooks, your professors will have you reading all year long and you may have a hard time finding the time to read that one book that you have been dying to read.

17 Be open to meeting new people 

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That was all part of the fun of watching Grease. That idea that you can have a memorable summer with one person that changes your life. It’s probably not the time to seek out your soulmate, especially if you are moving away. But summertime is also about being carefree and just having some fun. Having a summer fling is a great way to be carefree before things have to get serious in September.

16 Try Something You Have Never Done Before

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Your life is about to change in big ways come September, so spend the summer trying new things. Go skydiving or white-water rafting with your friends. If you are a thrill seeker, than maybe trying something new just means trying the octopus on the menu next time.

Whatever “new” means to you, you can create some pretty amazing memories over the summer by just branching out a little bit.

It might be some of the best times you ever had.

15 Watch the Classics

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While you are watching movies or bingeing on Netflix this summer, watch a few classics. There are a ton of must-see movies that everyone should watch in their lifetime. You can find a few lists online of “movies you need to watch before you die” that will give you endless opportunities. At the very least, you can avoid the “I can’t believe you haven’t watched this” when you hit the college scene.

14 Go On A Road Trip With Your Friends

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You may not be going to college with your friends — you could all be on a different track. Summer is the time to connect with your friends, especially if you won’t be seeing them at college. Plan a road trip together so that goodbyes aren’t as tough as they have to be. “My friends and I decided to take a camping trip a few weeks before we all went to college,” says Lauren Macmullen, a junior at Boston University.

“We still tell the stories of that first camping trip, and it was such an amazing time for our friendships that we have made it a tradition and go every year,

coming back each time with hilarious and exciting stories!”

13 Be Prepared

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For anyone that has watched Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit, you know that not everyone in college might have your best interest at heart. Unfortunately, the number of assaults that happen on college campuses is astronomical. Get your girlfriends together and take the class together. Not only will in be a bonding experience for you, but it will also give you some badass skills that will keep you safe. Having some extra confidence never hurt anyone.

12 Take time to enjoy where you're from 

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You may be dying to get to college to see what life is like living in another city, but you will find out soon enough that you miss being at home. Take a day with your friends and enjoy what makes your home town special.

“Personally, my hometown love has significantly increased since going away to college,”

says Maddy Foley, a senior at Kenyon College. “My friends and I used to complain all the time about being from Cleveland, but now I strut my Cleveland-themed regalia around campus with pride.”

11 Be Inspired This Summer

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College is definitely a time in your life where you could truly find yourself. Summertime is a great time to inspire to be the man or woman that you want to be. Vision or dream boards seem to be the thing to do these days and it’s a great way to create the vision of who you want to be when you make that big step to college. Get inspiration from the role models you have in your life and use the board as a motivation to be true to yourself.

10 Check Out A Music Festival

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One of the best parts of going to a music festival is that it’s filled with people who are all there for the same reasons as you — to party with their friends and listen to good music. If there was ever a time for you to let loose, than the summer before college is the time to do it. Be free long before you have to settle down with a job, bill, and responsibilities. A music festival is a great way of having the summer of a lifetime.

9 Have An All-Nighter

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One thing that adults will often reminisce about is when they used to be able to pull all-nighters with their friends. Summertime is a great opportunity for you to do it because the only all-nighters you will be pulling in college will be for study sessions. Try pulling a fun all-nighter with your friends and the best part will be not worry about how you will function the next day because you can sleep in.

8 Go Swimming For Real

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When you are young, swimming is one of the most fun activities that you can ever experience. You swim in pools, you swim at the beach. But as you get older, we find that we swim less and focus more on drinking beer under a beach umbrella and reading a book. We suggest swimming in a pool as much as you can this summer. Make sure you go off the diving board and use your swim googles for fun.

7 Spend Time With Your Family

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You might be sick of your little brother by now, but one thing you will find once you go away to college is that you will start to miss your family. Your family is very important to your college life because they will become your support system. So, go shopping with your mom before you go and catch a ballgame with your dad. Your grandma will probably love to have a lunch date with you and take your younger siblings out for ice cream. Save some time during your summer vacation for your family members.

6 Visit Your College Town

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You could take a weekend with your friends and travel to your college town. It’s a great way to get to know the city that you are going to be living in. You could check out the transportation systems so you know how to get around. You could also check out some of the local restaurants that will soon become your favorite places to eat. There will be a ton of things to check out in the new city and you can discover these things with your hometown friends.

5 Learn to Rock Climb

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If you want a bonding experience to do with your friends this summer, then you should try rock climbing. Not only is it really fun and good exercise, but it’s about building trust with your teammates. "Climbing is amazing exercise — like yoga, it works all the major muscle groups and makes you stronger and more flexible.

Start while you're young and strong and you will find it much easier to progress and recover.

The benefits will last you too," said Shona Ghosh. Plus, you can take rock climbing in college and impress your fellow classmates with your skills and help them with theirs.

4 Have A Huge BBQ

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Make sure that you have your parent’s permission of course before you organize a party in your backyard. But a great way to spend the summer with your friends is by having a BBQ. Everyone can bring a dish of their own or you can choose to do all the cooking. Either way, getting together for a BBQ and a few drinks is a great bonding experience to do before you head off to college.

3 Visit Another Country

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We’re not talking about just any road trip, but a real trip to another country. If you can afford it, you might as well take the opportunity to travel before college starts. You can get a group of friends together or decided to travel alone.

"Your 20s are the best time to take some time off work to travel because that’s when you’re in the beginning of your career.

Seeing the world opens your mind and helps you choose what you want from your life.”

2 Try Dining Alone

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It can feel weird to dine alone especially when you are young because we are taught that if you do eat alone, it must be because you are a loner or a loser. Being comfortable with yourself is something you will want to be confident in before you go to college. "Friends has somehow taught us that there must be something wrong with people who dine out alone. Sure, it might feel awkward to eat by yourself in silence, but it can also teach you to be comfortable with yourself."

1 Move In To School Early 

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This may sound like crazy talk to you, but just hear us out. Starting college is already going to be a crazy time for you. So why not move in early and spend some time with your friends checking out the area before you get studying. You can have a great time checking out the local eateries and school clubs that will probably be your go-to hangouts. This can help you to relax in a new area before the craziness starts.

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