The 10 Richest Streamers In The World, Ranked

This is the kind of list you are not going to show to your grandparents. First and foremost, because there is a very, very, big chance that your grandparents are going to have no idea what you are talking about if you tell them you are going to show them 10 of the wealthiest streamers in the world. Yeah, there are countless people who would give you a little look and not really believe that these people are making millions of dollars playing video games and streaming it for the rest of the world to see.

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Nevertheless, we live in the age of the Internet, and streamers are rising to the status of new celebrities. Here are 10 of the richest ones you will find.


The first name on our list, MOONMOON_OW has a net worth of somewhere around $1.7 million. Yeah, this guy made $1.7 million playing video games on Twitch. But, if you are reading this list, there is a good chance this is not surprising at all for you. In a way, the amount of money MOONMOON_OW makes is nothing but a prelude for what’s to come.

Still, this guy was very popular when Overwatch was launched and was picking up all of the Twitch views. Although he was mainly an Overwatch streamer back then, MOONMOON_OW has gone on to diversify and play more games for his almost 800,000 followers to watch.

9 DrDisrespect

Hold onto your seats because this is a big jump from number 10 to number nine. At least when it comes to followers, the almost 800,000 MOONMOON_OW can brag about to other people would not hold a candle to the almost 3.5 million who follow DrDisrespect. Although the climb in followers is quite steep, the climb in net worth is not as big of a jump, as DrDisrespect has more than three times the amount of followers the guy before him on this list, but a little less than twice his net worth. But hey, who would be complaining if they had a net worth of $3 million? Certainly not this industry veteran, who sports arguably the most unconventional looks of this most unconventional list.

8 PhantomL0rd

Next on our list, we have a little bit of controversy. If you are new to the streaming game, you might not remember this guy as he was active before 2016. Nevertheless, when he was active, he was one of the most popular streamers on the Internet. PhantomL0rd had more than a million followers that he gathered by showing his proficiency and charisma playing games like CS:GO and League Of Legends.

However, after a controversy involving him allegedly promoting a gambling site, he was banned from Twitch and remained banned from the platform for at least 600 days. Before he got kicked out, his net worth was supposed to be around $4 million.

7 Shroud

Another guy who is worth around $4 million but is still active on Twitch is Shroud. Perhaps one of the most popular gamers in the platform today, he has more than 6.5 million followers. Although some of the richest streamers in the world are there mostly for their charisma and how they deal with their fans, this guy is there mostly because of his skill.

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You will have a hard time finding people who don’t admit he is one of the best first-person shooter players out there. As of June 26, Shroud was also the second most followed person on Twitch, losing only to a guy we are going to see way up on our list.

6 Tfue

Since we were talking about the list of most followed on Twitch, we might as well mention the guy who ranks third on that list, Tfue. With a net worth supposedly around $10 million, Tfue is not only a successful streamer, but he is also good enough at the games he plays that he is a professional E-Sports athlete.

A Fortnite legend by now, this guy just keeps growing and growing in the platform as well as on YouTube. In the YouTube platform, he has almost 11 million subscribers. Yes, streaming is a tough game to crack, but it seems like Tfue knows just how to do it.

5 NightBlue3

One of the things Twitch viewers reward the most is dedication. Most of the people who go on Twitch to watch a stream are people who really enjoy the games that are being played. And there are not many things more rewarding to see than watching someone who actually plays the game because they like it, and someone who puts in the work to become the best at what they do. That is exactly the case when it comes to NightBlue3.

None of his almost 2.5 million followers on Twitch can complain about this guy’s dedication, as he is one of the most famous and dedicated League of Legends players out there, well worth his $6 million net worth.

4 Summit1G

You don’t get to have almost 3.9 million followers anywhere without some sort of skill. As we have mentioned before, when it comes to gaming and streaming, the skill might either be the charisma some streamers have, or the skill they have playing a game. When it comes to Summit1G, his skill is the skill in the game.

The man is worth more than $6 million, but he worked hard for that, as he became known as one of the best CS:GO players on the platform. As of recently, he has diversified to other games, but his natural skill with the videogames has not wavered, and his followers thank him for that.

3 TimTheTatman

When you are streaming and trying to appeal to an audience of gamers, your nickname is arguably one of the most important things about your entire persona. At the end of the day, that is the face of your brand, more than your actual face. Seriously, a person’s nickname on Twitch or even YouTube could be a make or break move for their streaming career. That is not a problem for TimTheTatman, as he nailed his.

With a net worth north of $6.5 million and more than 3.8 million followers on Twitch, this is a guy who selected the right nickname, knows how to play his games, a.k.a. is really good at Fortnite, and is charismatic.

2 Ninja

Now, it is finally time to talk about the unmatched king of Twitch. If TimTheTatman had a great nickname, Ninja has by far the greatest. The fact that he actually got the nickname Ninja as his username tells you about how long this guy has been in the game of streaming. Here is another hint of how long he has been in this industry, he started getting famous by producing content with the game Halo. Yeah, this guy has been around for a long time and it is not surprising that he has a net worth of more than $10 million, and is the most followed personal Twitch by a large margin with more than 14.5 million followers.

1 PewDiePie

While Twitch is not exactly his game, it is impossible to make a list of streamers without talking about the richest, possibly most famous, and definitely most controversial streamer out there: PewDiePie. The Swedish streamer and Internet personality has a net worth of more than $20 million.

PewDiePie has almost 97 million followers on YouTube, but he's also been at the center of multiple controversies for the kind of content he creates. It clearly doesn't stop him earning, but perhaps he should stick to video game content, or just rest on his millions.

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