10 Most Expensive Breeds of Snake You Can Buy

Snakes come in all shapes, patterns, and sizes which gives buyers a lot to choose from, but some are more expensive than others. There are numerous genetically altered snake breeds and many of these are so rare, that people pay outrageous amounts of money so they can own them. There is a snake for everyone's taste, but some are reliant on those who live in the lap of luxury.

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We have laid out some expensive snake breeds people have the option to buy. These snakes are beautifully crafted, but their price tags are out of many people's budgets. Keep reading to learn about ten expensive snake breeds you can buy!

10 Albino Ball Python - $500


This pattern is rare among the Ball Python partially due to their long breeding habits. These snakes hold their eggs for a year and if conditions are not perfect, it is common for them to lose fertility. These are generally sold for $500, and females will generally fetch a higher price. This is another great snake for any beginner and the only thing disappointed by this purchase will be your wallet. You will be the rage of your friend group as they look upon your beautifully rare Albino Ball Python.

9 Green Anaconda - $1,000

The Green Anaconda is the largest snake in the world and it helps explain its $1,000 price tag. It is originally from South America and they can weigh up to 550-pounds. These beasts are carnivores, and not feeding them might lead to your own demise. The more expensive breeds are hybrids, but it is important you are buying from a reputable dealer. These snakes are not for everyone, but they are there for anyone with a true passion for snakes.

8 Leucistic Ball Python - $1,000


The Leucistic Ball Python can vary in price depending upon the coloration, but it generally costs around $1,000. It is quite a hefty price for this species, but people like what most other people don't have. This genetic trait is rare and breeders strive to create the best of the best with what they are given. The smooth white exterior and the differing eye colors are what make this snake unique and greatly sought after, and its another reason why you are already pulling out your checkbook to buy one for your home.

7 Pure Diamond Python - $1,500


This is a genetic anomaly that people can buy for a mere $1,500, and it is so expensive due to its rarity. This amazing snake enjoys colder weather and is usually found in the southern part of Australia. They are a medium-sized snake and there are rumors they don't live very long, but this also depends upon the breeder. There are some that have bone deficiencies, but if you find someone who is reputable this should not be an issue.

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6 Mexican Redtail Indigo - $2,000


The Mexican Redtail Indigo is a naturally occurring breed that can be found along the coasts of Mexico, hence the name. There are several breeders who have genetically morphed this snake into new colors and patterns for owners to enjoy. The major feature is the lines of white that go up and down and the chin and belly. This snake can reach up to eight feet in length and survives on a diet of fattened rats. They might look mean and scary, but their docile nature will put you at ease and make it the next item on your 'must-have' list.

5 Pied Tiger Reticulated Python - $3,000


The Pied Tiger Reticulated Python is a unique breed that rests at a price of $3,000. These snakes are also known as "retics" and are now a relatively easy snake to care for, despite past assumptions. These snakes live for around twenty-years, so your investment will be well worth the time it will remain in your life. This type of python is considered a "designer morph" so this type does not exist in the wild, but it will look great within the confines of your home.

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4 Palmetto Corn Snake - $4,000

Corn Snakes can come in all sorts of colors, varying between reds and blacks. The rarest of this variance is the Palmetto Corn Snake, which is utterly white with flecks of brown color. There are variances within the Palmetto coloring, and they usually range from $1,000 to $4,000 depending upon the type. They are good beginner snakes, but should not be housed with any other as they have a tendency to eat them. It would be unfortunate to pay that much for a snake only to have his brother eat him by the end of the first week.

3 Striped Ball Python - $5,000

There are several variations of the Striped Ball Python, and the most expensive ones sell for around $5,000. The lesser versions of this genetic trait can be found for around $500. This morph is unique, to say the least, and a reason why it contains such a high price tag. You might look at this and wonder why anyone would pay so much for this type of creature, but these people own the idea of having something different from the rest of the world.

2 Boelen's Python - $7,500


The coloration of this snake is impeccably beautiful and a major reason why people crave to own this wonderful specimen for around $7,500. They are unique as they tend to start out as an orange color, but as they mature they begin to turn black. These snakes can be found in the wilds of New Guinea at the higher elevations of their mountains. They can be hard to breed in captivity, so usually, people end up buying snakes caught in the wild.

1 Sunset Ball Python - $20,000

The Sunset Ball Python is yet another variance that has fetched a high price in recent markets due to breeders wanting a taste of this distinct pattern. This shade of burnt orange is unheard of in this breed's world and has increased its demand by enough for the price to have risen to $20,000. This is truly a rare specimen and one that deserves to be admired by someone with more refined tastes. It might take you a while to save up for this brute, but in the end, it will be well worth the struggle.

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