Lego Is Building Sets Designed For Adults Only

Lego is building a set designed for adults that is not only going to melt away stress but bring out the child in all of us.

The toy company that kept you busy for hours at a time when you were a kid is looking to give adults another option when it comes to vegging out. The new kits are part of the Lego Forma line, which is specifically designed to help adults relieve stress at the end of the day.


Kari Vinther Nielsen is the senior marketing manager for Lego. He explained to the website that the company believes people overall have a fundamental desire to be creative. Lego also feels that adults need to use their hands. Those qualities are what inspired the toy company to focus on creating items for adults that will also help calm them.

The Lego Forma line will have four different sets in it. Koi, Shark, or Splash Koi models are kits designed by the company that you have to put together. Then, for those that are more creative, there is the customizable Ink Koi Skin, which, as you guessed it, is a kit you can customize to your liking. Now, for those adults that are really obsessed with Legos, there will be a box set that contains all four different kits.

These new adult kits look like so much fun, and they don't look too tricky. However, as we all know when it comes to Lego, looks can be deceiving. Sadly, the fun new toy won't be around in time for the holiday season, but they will be for sale right after the New year. Although no official date has been set, the company has said all kits will be available for purchase in January 2019.

Lego is the latest company designed to help adults relieve stress by taking them back to their childhood. In the past couple of years, adult coloring books have become a way for adults to calm anxiety, relieve stress, and just have some good old-fashioned fun.

What do you think about Lego building new sets or kits for adults? Will you be purchasing one?


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