Be A Grill Master With These BBQ Tips

Whenever someone uses a good old-fashioned barbeque (BBQ), they never seem to get that one type of food just right. They might be good chefs off the grill, but on it, they are lacking— don't be that person.

To be a grill master, you're going to want to start off by choosing the right equipment for your needs. According to Men's Health, this really depends on who you are and how often you'll be using your BBQ. It's a fun hobby most of the year, but will it pay itself off? As in, will you be using it enough to really get your money's worth out of it, or will it just sit there?

If you're new to the game, the best option is a smaller BBQ. These grills don't have too much going on and allow you to work on getting the food out just the way that you wanted, however, a large BBQ might also do the trick if you need to serve a lot of people.

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The location needs to also be ready when starting to barbecue. You cannot have a messy place or else your foods will become cold in no time and you'll find yourself in chaos. Having a clean and well-organized grilling space allows you to pop off those burgers and have the buns already prepared, this means all you need to do is shove the nice burger on them and it's ready to go. Another good reason to have a clean space is that it enables you to go ahead and worry about one thing at a time. If everything was disorganized, you would need to divert previous cooking time to locate items.


Now, since you're going to need to learn how you like to cook your food, you'll need to experiment. This should include some decent foods like chicken or burgers. These are not hard to prepare and have a general way to be cooked if they're going to taste good. This is why they're fairly popular among those who BBQ.

Since beef is pretty popular— it's easy to make— there are tons of recipes available and even tons of different ways to prepare a dish. Specifically hamburgers, steak, and even hot dogs. These foods need to be cooked over direct heat while on the grill. Depending on the size, they can cook very quickly, usually around ten minutes.

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Pork needs to be cooked under medium heat and will also cook rather quickly. However, it needs to be grilled directly above a flame. Pork chops will take around four minutes per side. Once again, the thickness of the meat really varies, and with that in mind, it changes how long it's going to take to get cooked.

Chicken is longer and will take anywhere between thirty to forty minutes under indirect heat to cook. Just be careful to not dry the bird out. Whenever someone cooks it too long, it almost kills someone who's eating it simply because it lost all its juice. Since you're on a BBQ, use a thermometer to determine the temperature of when it's ready, this is often the case when looking at some recipes.

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Fish is also something that will almost certainly be cooked on your grill at least once. When cooking it, you've got the choice between indirect or direct heat and the medium temperature range should be good. Fish does tend to stick, so dump a liberal amount of oil on there but not too much, you would not want to hurt yourself down the line.

Some of us are going to want to grill up some vegetables and that's a great choice. Grilled veggies can really bring out the flavor in many meals. They can just get burnt very quickly, so you're going to need to go ahead and keep a close eye on that medium heat level when it's next to other items on your BBQ.

Once everything is done and cooked up, you'll want to want to clean up. Remove the grease, if any, from your grill. Then empty out any other liquids that are lying around.

From there, just make sure the gas is turned off and everything is clean. If you keep everything clean, it just might last a little longer than other items that might not be as clean.


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