Funko Pop!: 10 Most Valuable Vinyl Figurines

No matter what fandom, franchise, or musician you're into, it's likely that Funko already has one of their Pop! Vinyl figurines based on them.  Funko started their Pop! Vinyl series back in 2011 and since then, they've seriously expanded to sell figurines based on just about everything you could imagine.

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Depending on what store you head to in order to pick one up, they typically retail for right around $12. But, there are a lot of these figurines that were sold in limited quantities or exclusively at certain events and stores, making them pretty rare. Good luck finding those for their original $12 pricetag! To see 10 of the most expensive Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines, keep reading!

10 Dumbo (Clown)

There were several different version of Dumbo that were released as Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures. Of them, Dumbo (Clown), a figurine that was released exclusively at San Diego Comic Con in 2013 is by far the rarest and most expensive. That's probably no surprise to any Disney fan who knows how fanatic other Disney lovers can get over their favorite characters.

Because less than 50 were made, this figurine can go for thousands of dollars, if you're lucky enough to find one for sale. They've sold for between $4,000 and all the way up to $6,000! Unfortunately, most people are probably going to have an easier time finding the Dumbo (Clown) keychain that was sold at Hot Topic that currently goes for around $8 instead.

9 Freddy Funko As Big Boy

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines based on different brand mascots have become some of the most collectible figurines that Funko has released. People are definitely looking to get the mascots of their favorite cereal, candy, and fast food brands in their collection of figurines.

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While a lot of those are rare, Freddy Funko, the brand's own mascot, dressed up as Big Boy is definitely the hardest to find. Only 520 were made and it was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. If you're looking to pick this Pop! up, it's going to set you back between $3,000 and $4,000.

8 Ichiro Suzuki (Silver)

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines aren't just limited to movie and TV show characters. There are figurines based on just about everything these days, so you're likely to find one for anything you're a fan of. But, watch out. Some of them can get majorly pricey!

The Ichiro Suzuki (Silver) Pop! is definitely one example of a non-fictional character figurine that gets really expensive. A few different versions of this baseball player were released, but the cool silver version is the one that fetches the highest price. In order to get one, you're going to be forking over anywhere between $1,800 and $4,000.

7 Holographic Darth Maul

It's no surprise that fans of the Star Wars franchise can get seriously into collecting things based on the films. When it comes to the collectible toy world, Star Wars toys are among some of the most collectible because of the fact that they can get so expensive and hard to track down.

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Holographic Darth Maul is a Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurine that was released in 2012 and exclusively sold at San Diego Comic Con. Only 480 of this Pop! were made, so it's not easy to find. If you manage to find one, it's going to set you back between $2,200 and $2,800 to buy it.

6 Planet Arlia Vegeta

If you've always been a massive fan of Dragon Ball Z, you'll be excited to learn that there have been quite a few Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines based on the characters from this animated series. But, don't get too excited. Some of them are pretty expensive.

Planet Arlia Vegeta, released in 2014 exclusively at New York Comic Con and Toy Tokyo, has become one of the most expensive and sought after Funko Pop!s around. The price for it hovers right around $2,100.

5 Batman (Silver)

Batman is a superhero that was first introduced back in the late 1930s. Because this masked vigilante has been around so long, there are a ton of toys and other collectibles based on him. But, does that make any of them less sought after by toy collectors and fans of DC Comics? Nope!

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Batman (Silver) is a limited edition Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurine that was released in 2015 and wasn't actually sold in stores. It was a Hot Topic Employee Reward, so the only way you can get one is either to have been given one as a Hot Topic employee in 2015 or buy one from someone who was. They sell for between $1,700 and $2,000.

4 Freddy Funko Jack Skellington

Although Freddy Funko is the mascot of the company, he's dressed up as quite a few different iconic characters. Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines featuring Freddy Funko dressed as other characters are super popular!

Jack Skellington is an iconic character for movie fans and made his film debut in The Nightmare Before Christmas. There are several different Jack Skellington Pop!s, most of which are fairly common and not worth all that much. Meanwhile, Freddy Funko as Jack Skellington goes for about $1,400.

3 Ned Stark (Headless)

Game of Thrones is known for its massive cast of characters. Considering the fact that the series had so many characters, it's no surprise that there were Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines based on some of them. And since it was so popular, who's shocked that some of them have gotten really expensive and hard to find?

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Ned Stark (Headless) is a special version of the Ned Stark Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurine that is based on Ned after he was executed. This Pop! is unique because of the fact that the head comes off. This Pop! goes for between $1,000 and $1,300.

2 Skeletor (Black Hood)

Skeletor from Masters of the Universe is a Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure that has multiple different figures made after him. For the most part, Skeletor is a Pop! that really isn't worth that much if you don't have a special edition one. For instance, the glow-in-the-dark version goes for around $500.

And if you have the special Black Hood edition from San Diego Comic Con in 2013? That Pop! sells for anywhere between $950 and $1,100. There were less than 500 made, so it's not easy to find!

1 Tyrion Lannister (Scarred)

If you're a major fan of Game of Thrones, you won't have a problem finding a vinyl figurine of your favorite character. Tyrion Lannister is one character from the series that Funko has made a ton of different figurines based on, including a few different Pop! Vinyl Figures.

Tyrion Lannister (Scarred) is a special version of this character that was for sale exclusively through Popcultcha back in 2012. Beacuse this Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure was only sold at a single retailer and is from such a popular show, it's no surprise that it has become pretty pricey. In order to get one, you'll have to fork over between $300 and $350.

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