This Fitness Expert Specializes In Keeping eSports Players Fit

If you're a fan or eSports and you're wondering how to get an edge and stay in tip-top physical shape, you're in luck. There are ways to be physically active and to maximize your gaming abilities.

While traditionalists might think playing eSports is for out-of-shape pre-pubescent adults who still live in their parent's basement, nothing could be further from the truth for most eSports professionals who take the industry seriously. Because the best in eSports know the difference between winning and losing is often a matter of milliseconds in decision-making, lightning-fast reflexes and concentration skills are critical. Being sharp isn't just a plus, it's an expectation.

According to an article by Men's Health, being physically fit is starting to become a trend for eSports gamers — it's "another way to have an edge." Specifically, longtime-gamer and personal trainer Tim Spencer, along with his wife Nicole Du Cane suggest, "professional gamers are looking for ways to prolong their career and stay mentally sharp." Since a gamer's career can be over by their early 20's, reflexes are important too.


In an effort to offer those gamers the edge they require, the couple launched Heroes of Fitness, a Twitch live stream that combines gaming and workouts, all while motivating viewers toward a more healthy and active lifestyle. Each stream takes the audience through a routine of hip flexor, hand, wrist, shoulder, neck, and hamstring stretches, all in an effort to combat the constant sitting, wrist pronation while playing with a mouse and keyboard all day long or the stiffening that comes with staring at a screen for hours at a time.

Heroes of Fitness is growing in popularity too. With more money and bragging rights on the line with every eSports tournament, the desire of teams to find that little extra something is stronger than ever.

It doesn't hurt that along the way, the stereotype of flabby, inactive, and geeky gamers is starting to disappear.


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