30 Video Games From The 90s That Are Worth A Ton Today

Video games are some of the most important things around in this day and age. Today, graphics are amazing and the fantasy of video games is no longer in the same basic form as it once was. The games now look so real they could be like watching a movie or television show. Sometimes, things are right in front of you. With the breakthrough in virtual reality video games, we're seeing amazing games now more than ever.

Yet they all started with something else, and the history of video games is amazing to look over. The first video games, outside of arcades, came in the 1960's. However, it was not until the 80's and 90's that we saw some of the most legendary games in history to truly make their way to the public.

Regardless of what system you played the most growing up, the 90's gave us some absolutely amazing video games. The companies that dominated the era were Nintendo, Sega, and Sony. While Sony and eventually Microsoft would go on to dominate the 2000's with Nintendo getting in there a bit...they and Sega truly destroyed in the 90's era more than most. Nintendo often did better due to having the Super Nintendo system as well as the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy systems. Though Sega's legendary systems and games still sold millions.

The question is, what games from the best and more obscure consoles are worth the most today? We have found 30 video games that are worth a lot of money today despite being less than 30 years old. Some of these will floor you with how much they are worth, we guarantee it. You'll also likely kick yourself for getting rid of some, so we advise you to look into your garage quickly for some of these. That said, we hope you enjoy the list.

30 Sonic The Hedgehog ($1350)

Sonic the Hedgehog is a legendary game that comes from the 1990's. For years it was two systems against each other and two bitter rivals. Sonic vs Mario was the biggest video game rivalry seemingly in history up to that point. Sega's Master System released the original Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991. It alone kept Sega competitive against Nintendo, which was amazing to see. Sonic was a huge console game for Sega's Master System and multiple more would come after this one.

However, it is the original that is worth the most. Ebay's highest total for the game has gone for $1350. Though this was a sealed copy of the game from over 25 years ago. A loose version of the game, or one in good condition, can still net someone around $400. So if you have this game at home in your garage, find it and clean it off then SELL IT NOW!!

29 Ducktales 2 ($1,000)

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Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's, every kid came across Ducktales. It was one of the best shows on TV, with numerous animated specials including the triplets. Due to the love of these Disney ducks, it made sense for a video game to come out starring them. Ducktales was a relatively good success, throwing out the possibility of a second one. This happens to be the most successful in the series. Nintendo put it out on their Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) console and Game Boy at the time.

The game sold well, but it was not beloved as much as the other. Ultimately this resulted in okay sales but truly making this 1993 game stand out. Today, if one were to try and buy the game online or at an auction, the starting price for even a well-conditioned version will start at around $1,000. There are some who have seen them go for higher than this and lower. So if you have one in good condition, you better be looking to sell. It could net some really nice cash.

28 Shining Force III ($2500)


Sega did not let Nintendo win in the 90's and ultimately put up a huge fight. Every time they heard Nintendo had a new console, they put one together themselves. The same could be said in reverse order. Though in 1998, Sega Saturn was the console the franchise went with and ultimately disappointed with on many occasions. This in spite of selling many of them. This may be why some of the games for it often go higher. One such example is Shining Force III.

It hit the market in 1998, with many excited to play a potentially beautiful game going off the graphic of the day. The game would sort of be like Final Fantasy, a game that had become quite popular in the day. Shining Force III was a fun fantasy RPG game that and could not help but love. The characters were fun and the story was not too much for people to handle. If one still has a sealed copy, it can bring in $2500. Meanwhile, if it is used it can still bring in around $250.

27 Clayfighter-Upper $500's

Clayfighter hit the Super Nintendo system in 1993 and Sega Genesis in 1994 and ultimately did nothing of note. Okay, we're being a little mean about this but let's be honest. Most people have no idea what this game is about or even if you would know it if you saw it, right? Everyone knows the game Street Fighter, and for some time it changed the game regarding fighting video games.

Street Fighter was obviously a massive success and would become legendary in video game culture. Clayfighter was basically the Deadpool to its Deathstroke, the Tony Stark to its Bruce Wayne. It was a copy, but unlike the others mentioned...a bad one. Though it did sell 200,000 copies by the end of 1994. Today this wannabe Street Fighter can net someone the upper-$500's if they have it for Super Nintendo. Sometimes these obscure games can do quite well.

26 M.U.S.H.A. ($500)


In the late 80's and early 90's, first-person shooting games were not quite what they would become today. The arcade shooters were the more common type we'd see, and M.U.S.H.A. was a video game that focused on the arcade type of action. It would scroll up or down, depending on how you like seeing things, and ultimately give you the chance to shoot whatever was in front of you. Classically, it is known as a "shoot em'up game." Made for the Sega Genesis, the title was known to be fun.

However, ratings for it were not great with critics upon its release in 1990. M.U.S.H.A. did not seem remarkable. However, the game has managed to stand out due to in part to lower ratings. Not as many copies sold and the game became a bit rare. As a result, the price it tends to go for in good condition is around $500. If you lucked up and had it still in the packaging, you could see over $800 in a proper auction.

25 Trip World ($1400)

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Nintendo's major consoles did very well, but the revolutionary Game Boy ultimately gave them a huge opportunity to capture a massive market. They'd work just as hard on games for this as the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. Likely one of the most well-known from the games on the Game Boy would be 1993 game Trip World. It completely fit the action the Game Boy needed to have on it, keeping people busy the entire time. While the overall game was considered to not be as major as those on major consoles...it was incredibly fun.

As a result of the fun nature, critics seemed to score Trip World pretty high. Ultimately, the game has now become one of the most well-liked games for the Game Boy. The value of the game is pretty high. It currently sits at $1400 for a sealed version of the game but has gone as high as $200 opened and played. The value for the game went down a bit when it was re-released on the Nintendo DS in 2011. The Game Boy version of the game will ultimately be the one people sell, as the DS version is worth less than $50 new. The fact that the Game Boy one still sells so high is incredible for a Game Boy video game.

24 Super Copa-$7000

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In 1993, soccer started to become a bit more popular in the United States but it was by no means a major sport here. Around the world, however, soccer has been a massive sport for decades. While video games like FIFA have done very well for soccer fans, they're not the first. A game by the name of Super Copa, taking its name from the competition of the same name without the space between, would be the first. It was released by Super Nintendo to some love by fans of soccer.

However, it isn't as amazing as many would want it to be. The game has gone down in folklore, so many collectors want to grab copies. The game has managed to reach pretty high sale rates on eBay and other auction periods. Sealed copies have gone to about $3,000 numerous times. Meanwhile, the highest it seems to go is about $7000. This will only increase as time goes on and fewer copies are being put up for sale by old-school gamers. Every month this year alone, it has sold for at least $1,000. So this is good for gamers. It even tends to sell well already opened.

23 The Flintstones: The Surprise At Dinosaur Peak ($2,200)

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Video games made from television shows or movies are typically never a good idea. The biggest example of this is the video game E.T. which is based on the movie of the same name. It is considered the worst game ever made. That said, for the Super Nintendo to go for The Flintstones soon after the issue with E.T. did take some guts. Thus, we'd see the 1994 release of The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak. There's a bit of folklore surrounding the game, which often makes it appealing.

Blockbuster Video had it out to rent, but it was believed this was the only way one could play it. It could not be bought. Yet at the same time, the claim has not been completely backed up and it was said to have been released in stores too. However, if you have one from Blockbuster, it ranks among the biggest ways to collect it and thus it is worth more money. Right now, you could get as high as $2,200 for it due to what it sells for in good condition. Even if it has been opened, it has sold for $1500. This is due to the Blockbuster situation, so if you have it, hit eBay and make some money!

22 Kizuna Encounter ($13,000)


Likely one of the most unknown games on this list, Kizuna Encounter was not played as many as others here for good reason. It came out on the Neo Geo console. It is a fighting game that was the Neo Geo counter to things like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The real issue with this game is that due to being on such an unknown Japanese arcade home gaming system, you won't find many with a copy. Released in 1996, it is the single most sought-after fighting game in the world today.

Kizuna Encounter can fetch around $13,000 if you have the original Neo Geo version. The reason is that the original '96 game only had 5 copies released. It was re-released on other systems like PlayStation 2 in Japan only in 2011, and worldwide through the PlayStation Store in 2016. People now know it well enough to know what it is, but the Neo Geo game is wanted by collectors badly. So much so, people have valued it at over $3,000 in any condition. Meanwhile, re-released PlayStation 2 versions can fetch a few grand as well. As long as they are in good condition.

21 Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally And Speed Racer Combo Cart ($4800)

Released for Super Nintendo in 1994 was the game no one saw coming, an exercise game for the video game world. The game was called Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally and Speed Racer Combo Cart. The game was sort of interesting in its concept, compared to others that came out in '94 and beyond. Video game systems have been known for making special attachments for games such as car wheels and gas peddles. However, Exertainment gave us a lot more. This came in a combo pack, giving us two titles. While Speed Racer is well-known now, this title did not give much to it.

The mountain bike rally part used a special "LifeFitness" bike that would need to be used in order to even play this part of the game. Meanwhile, the Speed Racer part was alright at best. Thought to never sell well in stores, most thought it may not move off shelves. Yet it somehow did enough, but it has remained rare for the Super Nintendo. So much so, sealed copies of the game can bring in $4500 for people trying to sell. But a loose or opened version can still bring in up to $1400!

20 Darius Alpha ($3000)


The game known as Darius Alpha was an exclusive game for people to grab. In the 90's, there was some weird obsession with mailing in random stuff from boxes to get a prize in the mail later. The same happened for Darius Alpha, as people who collected coupons from Darius Plus and Super Darius could send them in to get the Alpha copy. It was known as a "boss rush" version of Darius Plus. So you get the bosses right off instead of playing an entire game. These games came off of a now extinct console of sorts...well, sort of.

The game was sort of PC, as it came from the Turbografx-16 console. It used a Japanese PC engine to make it work, but the system ultimately failed to ever make it to the level of Nintendo or Sega. It used HuCards for the games, or CD-ROMS well before Sony did this. Darius Alpha, due to being mail-ordered only with the coupon, makes it one of the rarest games known. Only 800 are known to have been sent out. That has allowed the game to get over $3000 when sold online, even in okay condition at best.

19 Street Fighter Zero 3 ($350)


Street Fighter Zero 3 comes from one of the best fighting game franchises ever made. Street Fighter puts out games to this day, and are consistently among the best arcade-style fight games ever made. The Zero 3 title is right up there with the most popular versions. Also known as Alpha 3, this version of Street Fighter contained many of the favorites we see today with some exceptions. It did very well in initial sales in 1998, having out over one million copies sold.

It would eventually release for Sega's Dreamcast and Saturn consoles, which is where the valued games are now located. Apparently, the Saturn version of the game is pretty special and has not sold as much. This means we have fewer copies of it, making it rare by comparison. Outside of this, due to the fact it sold so many, most Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 games don't go for much. But if you have it on Sega Saturn, you could see around $350 for it in a proper auction online.

18 Secret Of Evermore ($350)

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Secret of Evermore was a Super Nintendo game that was released in North America in the Fall of 1995 and overseas inside Japan and Europe February of 1996. The game is considered an action role-playing game, or action RPG. The story follows a boy and his dog as they get transported to a fantasy land known as Evermore, and we end up learning the dog can shape-shift among other things. The really cool part was that it had realms in it that existed within real periods of human history. The reception was pretty strong for it, which allowed it to sell relatively well.

Right now, the game is not going to be among the most expensive but it is worth far more than what you may have paid for it. Right now, a North American copy of the game in good condition could see around $200-250 in a proper auction online. However, a PAL version of the game could see over $350. The PAL versions were released in Europe and Japan, of course. Due to the lack of sales in these areas, there are fewer versions bought and sold. Therefore, rarity makes it the better version to have. PAL versions could even bring in $100 in almost any condition outside sealed.

17 Outback Joey ($7,000)

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In 1993, Sega Genesis had an interesting game come out for it called Outback Joey. To some, this game seemed pretty easy to know what it was about right off. Could it be about a young Kangaroo in Australia possibly? Not quite. This was Sega's way of sort of answering the Exertainment nightmare. The game followed a Joey and his heartbeat as he moved throughout the game. It was bundled with a Heartbeat Personal Trainer game that had early versions of motion sensors. This means that the Outback Joey game never sold separately.

What you may not know if you had the game back in 1993 was that it would be worth a lot of money someday. There were only 1,000 copies sold of the game. Ultimately, this allowed for the game to become quite rare and thus more valuable. Opened versions of the game in any condition can sell for $2,000 or more. But copies in amazing condition, possibly even connected to the Personal Trainer part can net people up to $7,000. Likely more in the right auction both online and on location.

16 Castlevania: Bloodlines ($750)

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Castlevania: Bloodlines was a nicely popular title that came out for the Sega Genesis. The original titles for the series came out in the late 1980's, and are likely worth a good bit themselves. However, the Bloodlines title has been pretty well-liked by fans of the series and ranks among the better games of the mid-90's as it came out in 1994. While the original Castlevania game was on all available systems, Bloodlines is a Sega exclusive. This was a huge asset for them. Due to ranking so high among gaming critics and due to being a franchise game, Bloodlines sold pretty well.

It was a hit upon arrival to the market, which sort of both helps and hurts the long-lasting value of the game. Yet despite this, the game in sealed condition sold for $750 at one point. If we were to connect this to a possible future for the sale of the game, which is only truly valued by experts at $340 right now...it could sell much higher in the future. Previous Castlevania titles can reach the $1,000 mark. Imagine how much this version could go for in a decade.

15 Mortal Kombat III ($350)

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Mortal Kombat is a massive franchise that has been around since the 80's arcade days. However, once it hit home consoles it became THE premier fighting game in history alongside Street Fighter. Legendary characters were present, and the success of the movies ultimately helped the sale of the video games. There are a number of impressive games in the series, but the one that likely stands out as one of the most valuable would be Mortal Kombat III. The reason for this might very well be to its introduction of the "annihilation" finish, kombat codes, and the now infamous combo attacks.

Issues upon the release of the game would go on to affect the sales, however. Though it was able to get over 250,000 buys, becoming a commercial success, it introduced other characters people did not care for, but some would go on to become favorites. Stryker, Syndel, Nightwolf, Kabal, and Cyrax would all debut here. The issues yet the history of the game make it a useful collector's item. Ultimately, a sealed copy gets $350 or more. Even an opened game could get $100. The best console to sell it on seems to be PlayStation, as it sold less here compared to Nintendo and Sega.

14 Final Fantasy III ($1000)


Final Fantasy has become quite a popular franchise. While fighting games seemed to sell the most, the late 90's and 2000's saw a rise in RPG games. Final Fantasy truly introduced a different kind of environment that allows for gamers to play as a number of people in what comes off like an Arcade-style format. The first games saw some nice success, then Final Fantasy III hit stores. The game was very successful, ultimately allowing it to see some huge revenue. It would also see a lot of 1990 Game of the Year Awards due to the impressive game they made. It was beautiful and thought to be far ahead of its time.

The good and bad part about Final Fantasy III being so beloved is that collectors will want it, and the value will go up. However, there have been several remakes of the game as the developer Square Enix seem to love doing that with these games. As a result, while a 90's Super Nintendo version could net $1,000 sealed in an online auction...it might have been higher without any remake or updated copy for new systems.

13 Ultimate 11 ($10,000)


Ultimate 11 comes yet again from that pesky Neo Geo console. It ranks as one of the top two most known games from the console's history. Interestingly, it was yet another soccer game. Those games tend to sell terribly but historically are worth more it seems. In America, it was known as Super Sidekicks 4: Ultimate 11. We wanted to make sure we added the human title to the game. The weird part about this game, which ultimately makes it valuable, is that it only sold 10 copies that we know of. Seriously, just 10 copies.

Due to the love of Retro-games and systems of the day, the Neo Geo games have become sort of a cult collector's item to grab. Ultimate 11 copies in most any condition will go for $10,000. One man actually bought the Ultimate 11 and Kizuna Encounter (the other Neo Geo game we mentioned) for $55,000 back in 2011. We're confident in saying that he had too much money on his hands. Though, he now holds a $10,000 copy of a game that only has 9 others like it in the world. So perhaps he's an evil genius.

12 Megaman: The Wily Wars ($560)

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Megaman has been clearly one of the most beloved video game franchises and ranks among the top franchises in video game history even today. All of the games seemed to sell well, but not all are as valuable. This game is known as Megaman: The Wily Wars would have likely been an interesting buy back in 1994 & 1995 for fans. It came out originally for the Sega Genesis and was sort of allowing Sega gamers to catch up on the series that had been on Nintendo consoles. It involved all 3 former games and acted as a sequel to them, in part.

It was only released in Japan, making it a tougher buy for fans in North America. They would release it in 94's Sega Channel online, which unlike today would be quite the process to deal with for gamers. Downloads back then took forever, and that meant there would not be a box or cartridge. That allowed the Japanese version to become pretty popular for collectors of all kinds. The game can sell for up to $560 today. However, each year it has risen in what it has sold for. So it very well could go for more later on.

11 Nintendo World Championships (Over $100,000)

Likely one of the most complicated things to truly explain might very well be Nintendo and their tournaments that they would hold. In 1990, they held one that was known as the Nintendo World Championships, because they're creative like that. The game was not really a game if we're being honest. It included several games on timers, and it ran across 29 different cities. What makes this so valuable would indeed be the insane rarity of it. Only 26 were handed out, as they came from "gold cards."

Nintendo Magazine was giving 26 away, and if you were one of the lucky ones to get a card and eventually the World Championships from 1990, you'd be pretty rich today. The average one of these usually sold for a little over $20,000 in most any condition. However, one from 1990 sold for just over $100,000 back in early 2014. If that were to continue, the value of others could be extremely high as they are considered rarer than this one.

10 Phantom 2040 Box Set ($1000)

The Phantom was a pretty well-known superhero from the 1990's that would mostly get his start in newspaper comic strips and television. He'd even get his own movie, which was moderately successful. However, Sega Genesis would manage to secure the rights to get a game for the Phantom character. Though not as popular in North America as they had hoped, they saw some success in Australia with him. Since there was a bigger following, Sega released a box set only available to the Aussies.

This allowed for Phantom 2040 itself to not rank high, but the box set to rank pretty highly among collectors. The best the actual game has sold for is a little over $150. However, the box set's rarity makes it worth $1,000 as of this writing. Obviously, due to being a box set, it has to be in perfect condition to get this kind of cash. However, it could sell for higher than this sum in the right auction or on eBay.

9 Mortal Kombat II ($360)


Mortal Kombat II will likely rank pretty high among gamers, as all the issues with MKIII were not present and the original controls were still part of the second installment. It is likely that the introduction of specific new characters will ultimately make this game mean more to fighting game fans. This game introduced Jax, Meelina, Kung Lao, Kitana, Baraka, and the legendary Sub-Zero. Naturally, when you realize the impact these characters have had on the series, their debut makes the game mean a lot.

MKII expanded the stories of the characters from the original game, and the new ones were given a proper background too. To top it off, the overall MK mythos was expanded greatly here. It was a massive success, making over $100 million in sales from the release in 1993. Game critics praised the game, and for many, it is still the best MK game ever released. While a few systems had Mortal Kombat II, likely the one with the most value is the Super Nintendo. Versions from this console go for about $350 today in good condition, whereas Sega at most has seen $200. Overall, if you can find it...the game is worth every penny.

8 Pokemon Red For Game Boy ($2,200)

By now we all know what Pokemon is even if we don't play it. The animated movies and television show became massively popular in the United States, and obviously, the franchise was huge in Japan. The game hit the Nintendo Game Boy in 1996 and the first generation of the games would go on for another 3 years. A number of them were released under colored named such as Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Due to the low price of the Game Boy games and the numerous Pokemon games, they were relatively inexpensive and sold well. So one would assume their value would be low.

They're actually quite high, as certain colors like Yellow have sold well. However, if you happen to have a PAL Pokemon Red in great condition or unopened...you may want to look at selling it. PAL (Japanese) versions of Red are hard to find, and as a result, bring rarity out again. You could see over $2,000 in the regular for these if they are sealed or seemingly unplayed. Though this version in most any condition will go over $1,000. The exclusivity of these colored types has made them all worth hundreds of dollars.

7 Cheetahmen II ($1200)


Cheetahmen II has an interesting story that surrounds it and allows it to become such a huge collector's item for gamers. The original copy of the game was never actually released, seriously. While the game was mostly formed and okay for gamers to play through, it was by no means a game that was ready to be sent out to the public. Thus, the game was illegally taken and sold by a number of people. The original Cheetahmen II is incredibly hard to find and sells very high most of the time. You won't find any of them under $1,000 and they continuously sell higher than this.

The game had a lot of issues, so it's very tough to play as a result. Only 6 out of the 10 levels for it managed to be completed in the original, stolen versions. Exactly 1,500 of these games exist and were sold with what looks to be a bargain bin sticker that lets you know what it is. Due to the rarity of the game, it will likely be something that we see a rise in value over time.

6 Earthbound ($2,200)


Earthbound was a Super Nintendo game that hit stores in 1994 and 1995. Though not known as one of the most amazing or highest selling games of all time, it does rank as a valuable game to have. A funny backstory is that it was called Earthbound everywhere, except for one place, Japan. They happened to call it Mother 2....we're totally serious. Nintendo spent over $2 million on marketing for the game inside North America, but the sales for it were pretty bad there. Though it did much better in Japan, despite the people here also not buying it like crazy.

At the time of its release, Earthbound was thought to be a pretty good game but not worth spending a lot of money on. As a result, people just didn't. Retrospective reviews allowed people to see it in a better light and allowed for the value to ramp up. Earthbound today ranks as a must-buy for retro gamers. A sealed copy can go for over $2,000. Meanwhile, opened copies can still sell pretty well at over $200. Either way, if you have it and want to sell it...you're going to make a nice profit.

5 The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening ($1400)


This version of the Legend of Zelda games would make its way onto the Game Boy Color in 1998  after originally releasing on the normal Game Boy in 1993. It would go on to become one of the most beloved versions of the game in history. Though the Zelda games will always rank among the best in video game history, it seems Link's Awakening has a special place in every gamer's heart. The Game Boy Color that sees the game in the best possible way for obvious reasons. The color was revolutionary for its time and allowed us to see something impressive, plus Nintendo could update a lot from the '93 version.

Both versions of the game seem to sell well. For the normal Game Boy, prices range from the $800-1400 level in okay to mint condition. Meanwhile, the Game Boy Color can see something similar. Most of this version tend to start at $850. Though none of this version has gone over $1,000. However, most will claim it is the best looking version of the two. The likely reason the normal Game Boy one is valued higher might be due to the lack of sales for this version compared to the millions more sold for the Color.

4 Street Fighter II Turbo ($680)


Street Fighter, once again, has become one of the most ideal game franchises to own a game from. However, it might depend on where you bought the game that will ultimately help in trying to sell it on eBay or at an auction of some kind. Street Fighter II Turbo was able to deliver one of the best fighting games in history. To this day, it remains in the Top 5 best arcade-style fighting games of all-time. The reasoning for why Turbo is so beloved might very well be what came with it.

The 1992 game was the first time we were able to see Akuma, a now well-known Street Fighter character who made his way into other Capcom fighting games, and even Tekken 7 recently. Overall, this version of Street Fighter is legendary. Right now, Amazon has a new copy at $500. That is the lowest a new will go for. If you happened to have a PAL Super Nintendo copy from years ago, it could bring in huge money. The best it seems to go for is $650 and up with one going for $680. It's likely you'll be able to sell a sealed PAL copy for $1,000 or more.

3 Magical Chase ($14,000)

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Likely a game very few have heard of, Magical Chase was a 1993 game that did nothing to change the world of video games. However, it was known enough to make some waves in the world of gaming later on. It was played via the now extinct Turbografx-16 console. While somewhat ahead of its time, the console did not last long and thus all the games for it are now the stuff of retro legend. A copy of Magical Chase could be a huge source of revenue if someone randomly has it.

Right now, a used copy of Magical Chase can sell for $7,000 and up. However, if you have a sealed copy, meaning in great condition within packaging...you could see $14,000. While that might seem like it is the highest it could go, there are some who believe it could go for over $20,000 depending on the auction. Overall, if you have any Turbografx-16 game it could bring in money. But Magical Chase seems to rank highest among most of them.

2 Super Mario Bros. 3 ($1,000)


Mario games might very well be the most famous video games in history, so it is by no means shocking that Super Mario Bros. games will do well. However, it is likely Super Mario Bros. 3 that will go down as one of if not THE best Mario game of the 90's. The hardest part for collectors might be trying to find the game in great condition and specially sealed in the pack it came in.

That means if you happen to have one in great condition or especially sealed, you could see some nice money for it. The standard seen for this is near $1,000 or above. While most copies go for about half that amount, this mostly happened due to the number of people who had the game. Now collectors want great conditioned copies and that ultimately will be harder, so the Super Mario Bros. 3 game is starting to see some higher money and may only rise as time goes on.

1 Batman Forever Woolworths Box Set ($10,000)

In the mid-1990's there was a huge push to try going toward superhero movies. While Superman movies were not seemingly the best plan, there was some nice success with Batman. Animated shows were doing well, so live action films made a lot of sense. Warner Bros. decided to put out some very campy and relatively bad Batman movies in the mid-90's with one being called Batman Forever. The movie was accompanied by a game that was "okay" at best.

The Super Nintendo version of things did okay in sales but nothing remarkable. However, the least of these happened overseas in Japan. That meant the PAL Super Nintendo sales were not great and the game would become incredibly hard to find. Interestingly, if someone has this game for the PAL Super Nintendo, you could get over $4,000 for it. It has even gone over $1,600 used. However, if you happened to have it in the special edition Woolworth's Box Set it could land some serious cash. It is speculated that due to the value of the game for the PAL version, it could net over $10,000 at the right auction due to the rarity.

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