30 Superhero Memorabilia Items That Fans Can Buy (But Will Cost Them Thousands)

Between 1978 and 1985, the Kenner toy company produced 100 unique Star Wars action figures to coincide with the releases of the original Star Wars trilogy. As the exclusive toy company for the Star Wars franchise, Kenner ended up selling over 300 million toys in a seven-year span. Those toys have become legendary in the world of toy collecting because of the various errors or mistakes combined with Kenner not being able to meet the demand.

The success of the Star Wars action figures in the early 80's completely changed how we looked at toys. No longer were we kids rushing to the toy store to buy the next coolest action figure to play with. Now, we were standing in lines at Comic Conventions (Comic-Con) just to be able to grab an exclusive, and incredibly rare, one of a kind, collectible.

Whether you call them toys or collectibles, this is not the place to begin making fun of anyone. Just because a grown man buys an $8,000 life-size statue of Iron Man, does not make him a kid. It makes them a collector.

If we were to take a look at the most expensive superhero items fans can buy, and we eliminate all superhero comic books or insanely priced movie or television items like the 1966 Batmobile which sold for $4.2 million, then this is the 30 items we are left with.

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30 Robin "Boy Wonder" Action Figure - $7,357 (1973)

via MearsOnlineAuctions.com

One of the coolest features of the original Robin action figure toy by Mego was the removable mask. It was one of the last models to ever have one that was removable. They started painting them onto the face of the toy to save money.

There were also several versions of this particular character that was created throughout the 70's and 80's but the one that sold at auction for $7,357 was the one that was on a Kresge card, which is among the rarest action figure toys you can find today.

29 Jor-El Rod of Justice - $7,800 (1978)

via FamousFanBoy.com

Unless you are a Superman junkie, you probably forgot about the original cast from the 1978 film starring Christopher Reeve as Superman. The first film in the series opened up with a scene featuring the legendary actor Marlon Brando as Superman's father, Jor-El. He was in the process of sentencing General Zod and his group of co-conspirators using the "Rod of Justice" to do so.

When it went to auction, it had signs of wear and tear from being used during the filming of that scene. It actually sold for less than it was originally being valued at, which was somewhere around $10,000.

28 Superman's Cape - $10,880 (1983)

via CapedWonder.com

For the filming of Superman III, Christopher Reeve had a second set of Superman costumes that were a darker red, to give him a much more sinister look when filming scenes as the "Evil Superman" version of himself. This part of Superman came out of him following his exposure to synthesized kryptonite.

As far as superhero capes go, this one remains one of the most coveted among diehard comic book fans. Aside from being the only "Evil Superman" cape worn by Christopher Reeve during the film that ever went to auction, it's unique because of it's darker tone.

27 Spider-Man Hero Mask - $11,000 (2004)

via LiveAuctionGroup.net

If you ever wondered what the market price is for a superhero mask used during the filming of a movie, then you can start with this burnt Spider-Man mask. It has become a legendary piece of superhero cinema history because of its unique burnt appearance.

This is the same mask Tobey Maguire wore in Spider-Man 2 during the train scene where, in an effort to save the lives of everyone on board, Spider-Man used his body to block the train from going off the track and in the process, got badly ripped up and nearly burnt off. It was the first time that Spider-Man ever revealed his true identity to the public in a film.

26 Elastic Batman Action Figure - $15,000 (1979)

via TNLtoys.com

The Elastic Batman action figure from 1979 became one of the most valuable action figures due to the scarcity of it. There are only two in existence, that has been confirmed, so that alone makes it among the toughest superhero toys to find.

The reason they only made two was because it was very similar to another toy company's top-selling toy, "Stretch Armstrong" and Kenner sued Mego successfully to have the toy from being produced immediately.

25 Ideal Batman Utility Toy Belt - $16,000 (1966)

via Serioustoyz.com

Imagine the difference between toys from 1966 and toys in 2018. There are so many things that have changed over time, from packaging to how the toys were made, that many of the toys from the late 60's are impossible to find in mint condition.

The Ideal Batman Utility Toy Belt featured multiple moving parts including Bat-Cuffs, Bat-Rope and Grapple Claw, Bat-A-Rang, and Bat-Signal Flashlight. The box was open and most of the toys found today are missing pieces from it. The only time one of these hit the open market, complete and in mint condition, was on eBay several years ago, when it sold for $16,000.

24 The Joker's Fedora - $21,151 (1989)

via PropStoreAuctions.com

There is nothing wrong with loving more than one version of Batman. The same goes for the villains, especially The Joker, who has been portrayed by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. Both men created a different version of the same character that remains two of the greatest superhero movie performances of all time.

This means that anything either of these men touched during the filming of the movies is going to be worth something one day. Jack Nicholson's version of The Joker saw his costume pieces go up for auction including his infamous fedora, which sold for $21,151.

23 Catwoman's Costume - $23,795 (1992)

via YouTube.com

Tim Burton does not do sequels. He was supposed to do one Batman film and walk away but could not pass up the chance to continue telling his story, especially when he could work with Michelle Pfeiffer, who played the best version of Catwoman we might ever see in film.

The costume eventually got put up for auction and was expected to take in about half of what it actually did. There is one lucky fan out there that gets to look at that thing every single day.

22 Hand Drawn & Signed Spider-Man Sketch - $27,276

via HollywoodMemorabilia.com

Comic book fans worship Stan Lee as much as religious fanatics worship God. They are forever in debt to Stan Lee for creating the most amazing characters that people still love to read about today. He is the originator of such classic superheroes like The Hulk, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Wolverine, the X-Men, among many many others.

However, he was never an artist. He created all of these characters but was a terrible artist. So when he decided to create some special edition hand-drawn pictures of Spider-Man, which he also autographed, fans went nuts for them and the price flew through the roof.

21 Green Goblin Mask - $27,500 (2002)

via iCollector.com

One of the coolest masks ever won at a movie prop auction was in 2013 during the Profiles in History auction held in Calabasas Hills, California. The mask we are talking about is Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin mask that he wore for Spider-Man and the same one that was on display for the big reveal in Spider-Man 2.

The mask itself is amazing. It has fully functional dimmable LEDs for both the eyes and the mouth. It is built using fiberglass, translucent plastic, and other components to create a truly authentic feeling mask.

20 Spider-Man 3 "Black Spider-Man" Costume - $28,800 (2007)

via BlackGoldSilver.com

Spider-Man 3 remains one of those movies that had so much potential but fell flat with the audience because of the various issues throughout the film's plot. But regardless of how much you enjoyed the film, the coolest part is the moment Spider-Man begins to transform into "Black Spider-Man" which was similar to Superman III when he slowly started to transform into "Evil Superman".

The costume worn by Tobey Maguire during the "Black Spider-Man" scenes went up for auction and surpassed expectations when it sold for $28,800.

19  Superman Returns Screen Used Costume - $30,000 (2006)

via Collider.com

Although he would turn into one of the worst Superman's ever used in film, Brandon Routh was still the actor that took on a role for one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. It was the first Superman film since the original franchise from the late 70's and early 80's. This was going to be the new revival of the Man of Steel.

The biggest failure of the film was Brandon Routh's portrayal of Superman because he simply did not have the charisma to carry the role and it was the last time he would ever play Superman. The original prototype costume they created for Brandon still sold for a whopping $30,000.

18 Superman's Underwater Tunic - $33,100 (1978)

via PropStoreAuction.com

One of the most iconic scenes from the original Superman film was when Lex Luther used a Kryptonite necklace to sink Superman to the bottom of his pool. The necklace weighed Superman down and sunk him underwater.

This piece of superhero memorabilia sold for $33,100 because of its incredible condition. It was the tunic Christopher Reeve wore while getting soaking wet back in 1978 yet it remains one of the most pristine condition costume items on this list.

17 Iron Man Mark III Helmet - $33,600 (2008)

via icollector.com

Since this helmet was never worn by Robert Downey Jr during the filming of Iron Man, it seems kind of odd that it would be worth so much money. But upon further inspection, it makes perfect sense why this piece of superhero memorabilia would sell for such a large price tag.

It was used by the various stuntmen throughout the original Iron Man film in 2008 and was used in background shots as an extra Iron Man costume hanging up in Robert Downey Jr's office. It is also in very good condition making it very rare as it comes from the first Iron Man film.

16 Wolverine's Screen Used Claws - $40,250 (2003)

via PropStoreAuctions.com

Wolverine is one of the greatest superheroes ever and there aren't many superhero fans out there that will disagree either. From the comic book version to the Hugh Jackman on-screen version, Wolverine is the coolest superhero the world has ever seen.

So when the Wolverine claws were put up for auction in 2015, they were going to sell for a pretty penny. These are the ones worn by Hugh Jackman during the filming of X2: United and the ones you want to put on display right by the front door of your house so it is the first thing people see when they come over.

15 The Joker's Costume from Batman - $43,000 (1989)

via FilmBuffOnline.com

For fans of Batman, there are very few pieces of memorabilia that are more valuable than the costumes worn by the characters during the filming of the Tim Burton version of the film series.

Besides the infamous Batman costume, with cowl and cape, the second greatest piece of memorabilia anyone could purchase is The Joker's costume, a complete three-piece suit with gloves, shoes, and a necktie. It remains one of the most complete costumes used in the franchise and also became one of the most expensive when it sold at auction.

14 The Penguin's Top Hat and Gloves - $44,000 (1992)

via Pinterest.com

The original Batman TV series has produced some of the most valuable superhero memorabilia in entertainment history because of its star-studded cast including Burgess Meredith who played the Penguin from 1966 to 1968.

The Penguin's most iconic feature is his purple top hat and white fur gloves, which he wore for multiple episodes throughout the series. But this auction did not just give you the Top Hat and Gloves, it also featured a bonus item, an autographed 8x10 photo of Burgess Meredith. That alone is worth a nice chunk of change.

13 Captain America's Distressed Shield - $46,269 (2011)

via icollector.com

As iconic as Iron Man's mask or Superman's cape can be, the one single item that is legendary to superhero fans is the shield of Captain America. And not just any heavy duty, authentic shield. We are talking about the one Chris Evans used during the filming of the first ever Captain America movie, way back in 2011.

This shield was so real that it had been beaten up during the filming and looked as if Captain America was real and had really used it during a battle several years ago.

12 Spider-Man 3 Costume with Muscle Undersuit - $51,000 (2007)

via gq.com

A lot of fans believe that the costumes used during the filming of superhero films look much cooler when they finish adding CGI and computer animations because there is simply no way some of these characters can act while trying to breath through their masks.

Spider-Man is one of the superheroes who wears a costume that covers his entire body, head to toe. That means that it has to be hard to breathe, right? Well, this is the costume worn by Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3 and it has so much breathability that you could wear it for Halloween, if you were willing to pay $51,000 for it.

11 Magneto's Helmet and Tunic - $52,879 (2000)

via PropStore.com

As you are noticing, the most expensive superhero memorabilia items are screen used props and costumes. Every now and again, the mask, or helmet, used by one of our favorite characters is better than the costume itself.

When Magneto's helmet went up for auction last year, it could have brought in a good amount of paper alone but they added the tunic Ian McKellan also wore during the filming of the first X-Men movie in 2000.

10 Spider-Man 3 Costume - $57,000 (2007)

via KBPS.com

As cheesy as Spider-Man 3's ending was, the movie itself has earned enough respect throughout the superhero fanboy community that all of the costumes and props that have gone up for auction recently, have hit some very high marks.

Unlike the previous Spider-Man 3 costume we discussed above, this one was the main one he wore for the majority of the film. This is one of those items that will one day be impossible to find because whoever owns it will probably lock it up, safely and securely.

9 Mr. Freeze's Costume - $72,000 (1997)

via Who2.com

The worst Batman film of all time will forever be Batman & Robin. It was just one of those films that failed on all fronts. It had a chance to be spectacular but ended up being disappointing after a lack of a solid storyline emerged. It had one too many characters too. It was not like the Marvel movies today, where they know how to use multiple characters in one film. It felt like a cluster of madness.

One of the only things that we would consider memorable from the film was Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as Mr. Freeze. His costume was bright and shiny but it was also very cool and had more features than a Swiss Army Knife.

8 Wolverine's Final Battle Suit - $75,000 (2000)

Once you purchase Wolverine's screen used claws, the ones we showcased earlier on our list, you have to buy the battle suit he wore during the final battle scene from the first X-Men. It is a collection that needs to go together if you plan on showing it off to all your friends.

It would be like owning the Batman cowl but no cape, or Captain America's mask but no suit or shield. It deserves to be together so whoever owns these two pieces should reach out and work out a deal to get them back together.

7 Thor's Mjolnir Hammer - $79,318 (2011)

via tested.com

Thor's Hammer is as iconic as Captain America's shield. The difference is that you can do more with Thor's Hammer than anything else. For example, imagine you won this item, and installed a tiny magnet on one of the sides, the strongest one you could find, and play a game with your buddies by having them try to pick it up, just like in the movie.

This is the one Chris Hemsworth used during the original Thor so try not to beat it up too bad. It is pretty sturdy and wrapped in leather just to make sure it does not break apart.

6 Batman Begins Batsuit - $105,782 (2005)

via bit-tech.net

Some of the richest people in the world are comic book fans, as evident by some of these prices. We understand that $105,000 is hardly anything to a billionaire but it is also being used on something that is going to be put on display like a trophy. In other words, it is like buying a toy.

In our experience, the ones that waste six figures on a screen used Batman costume are the ones that have plenty of cash lying around that they simply do not know what to do with so they buy things they love.

5 Bane's Costume - $106,000 (2012)

via thefilmcricket.com

The Dark Knight Returns was not the best film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy but it did have one of the greatest comic book Batman villains in Bane. Tom Hardy did a wonderful job portraying the masked freak and even gave us an epic battle with Batman where he breaks his back.

The costume he wore during the final battle sequence, where he fights Batman within a mob of escaped prisoners, thugs, and his men fighting with law enforcement. It also featured the infamous mask of Bane, a true collector's item if there ever was one.

4 Professor-X's Wheelchair - $110,000

via cbr.com

It is tough to understand paying $110,000 for a wheelchair but when you find out where it is from, many fans would have paid much more if they had the funds available to them. This particular wheelchair is the exact one you see being used by Professor-X throughout all of the X-Men films in the original trilogy.

The Patrick Stewart custom-built wheelchair functions as a normal wheelchair so if the winner decided they wanted to take it out for a spin one day, they could but they would definitely be stopped by fans from all over the place.

3 Iron Man MK II Suit - $135,000 (2010)

via Collider.com

The Iron Man MK II suit that was worn by Robert Downey Jr for the Iron Man 2 film sold for an insane $135,000. But we can totally see why it would sell for six figures. It is truly an amazing piece of superhero memorabilia that we would love to own just so we can one day put it on, take a walk down the street, and make some people wonder if Iron Man is real.

Unfortunately, this suit does not come with your own personal Jarvis computer system, or rockets, or blasters. But it does look cool.

2 Peter "Star-Lord" Quill's Helmet - $145,416 (2014)

via mymbuzz.com

Thanks to James Gunn, the director, and writer of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, the franchise has become among the most popular Marvel films in the entire MCU. Star-Lord himself has become an icon and one of the most popular characters of all the Marvel superheroes today.

So during a live auction, the helmet he wore during the filming of the first film in the Guardians franchise, which was valued at about half of what it sold for, flew to a ridiculous $145,416 final price tag. It was originally presented in a 2015 contest held by Fandango and Marvel.

1 Captain America Suit with Shield - $233,700 (2011)

via wikipedia.com

During the first Captain America film (Captain America: The First Avenger), there is a final battle scene between Captain America and Red Skull. The suit Chris Evans wears during that battle sequence ended up selling for a quarter of a million dollars back in 2011.

Originally, the costume and shield were being valued at around $30,000 but when the auction closed, it had sold for six times that amount to one lucky Captain America fan.

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