30 Pairs Of Sneakers So Fly They're Good Enough For Space Jam

I love sneakers. I think that they might actually be the perfect type of shoe. They're comfortable, they look snazzy and they are super versatile in what you can wear them with. I actually only ever wear sneakers with my dresses when I go somewhere that is going to have dancing, because why would I want to put my feet through torture to look good in heels when I can be absolutely comfortable on my feet the entire night and still look really good, just in sneakers instead. Now, sneakers can be classic, or they can be unique, but I am convinced that there is a sneaker out there for everyone.

While creating a definitive list of the top 30 greatest sneakers of all time would not be an easy mission, nor would it be possible for the human brain to compute all of the awesomeness that you would have to look through in order to create said list, this list is still full of all of the hottest sneakers. Sneakers that are so fly that athletes and regular folk alike would kill to have a pair of any one of these in their closet. But I do want to advocate for sneakers to be worn and not just sit on a shelf in a closet. Sneakers are made to be seen and to hug your feet and keep you comfy throughout the day.

30 Adidas Yeezy 500 Desert Rat


These are stunning in Super Moon Yellow. They could easily be paired with a dress and their almost gold-like glimmer would really pop. They look comfortable but also sleek. They have this really cool tongue that the shoelaces lace up through. They would breathe well to keep your feet nice and cool. They have an interesting pattern on the bottom of the sneaker as well, so you would leave a really cool pattern in the ground as you walk around.

29 Air Jordan 6 "Chinese New Year"


When you think of a Chinese New Year you think of celebration and fireworks and beauty. This high top sneaker perfectly captures the feel of this celebration. It has red and white roses that pop on the side and sunflowers and patterns that look like fireworks lighting up the night sky. I love the gold accents on this sneaker as well. These festive sneakers are not for the faint of heart but certainly would make a bold statement for any outfit.

28 Levi’s x Nike Air Jordan IV


For the true denim lovers out there, there is no other sneaker that is better suited for you than this one. A beloved jean company and one of the best sneaker companies out there teamed up to bring you this beauty. Even the laces are denim. The white rubber and iconic thread color that goes so well with denim matches the heel and toe rubber as well and really pops against the darker jean.

27 PUMA's Basket Holographic


If this sneaker is not the coolest and flashiest thing ever, then I do not know what is. I'm not going to lie to you, I have a really big bias towards PUMAs. I just think that they make really sick shoes. I want a pair of these shoes badly. I would look super fabulous in them. Can't you just see yourself tearing up the dance floor in these bad boys? They would glam up any outfit and would certainly make a statement.

26 Nike Foamposite


The Nike Foamposite was an inspired shape. The wave shape of this is slick and sleek and even comfortable. The design of this was inspired by a fighter jet. I am absolutely obsessed with the pattern on these shoes. It reminds me of a phoenix taking flight, which of course is exactly the kind of imagery that inspires confidence and athletic ability. If I were wearing these shoes I would feel like I could taking a three-pointer shot and hear the swish of the net...even thought I wouldn't actually be able to. But I would feel like I could.

25 Converse x Margiela


These might be the coolest sneakers to ever exist. Seriously, let me walk you through this. So these limited edition chucks had while, hand painted exteriors. Hand painted sounds like the kind of shoes that you display and not wear because, of course, any kind of wear and tear would ruin the paint. But that is actually the beauty of these sneaks. As you wore them paint would loosen and peel and crack and underneath colors of blue and red and amber would start to peek through.

24 Reebok Classic Leather TDC


These shoes are actually great for both older and younger crowds together. It's based off of the classic design, but the bright colors and the thick base make it ideal for a younger crowd. I also really love the pattern that lines the sock liner area of the shoe. It's small details like that that really make a shoe. Side note, this shade of blue is my absolute favorite shade of blue. This shoe would make a great statement if paired with the right outfit.

23 Adidas High Matchcourt High RX Nah-Kel Smith


This picture shows the shoes in velvet purple and absolutely nothing in this world has looked as luxurious as these. These are the kind of shoes that basically say, "hey, world, just wanted you to know that you should treat me like royalty because I basically am." Shoes like this exude confidence, even if it's falsified confidence. I love the shape of these, they almost look Converse-esque, but with a more luxurious feel to them.

22 Balenciaga Speed Trainer


Sock runners are a new trend that you're starting to see everywhere. Basically it has a nice supportive sole, with minimal fabric holding you back above the bottom of your feet. It really does look like a sock on a shoe sole. What I love about these is that not only is this picking up on the new trend that people are swearing by, but also it looks sharp. It would look great with a white tee and some distressed jeans.

21 Nike Flyknit Racer


This technology took ten years for Nike to perfect. These shoes are stitched together using this unique micro engineering process. Why would they put so much time and effort into these sneaks? The answer is simple, these are the lightest shoes that Nike has ever created. Everyone knows that lighter shoes make for faster movement and more comfort. It feels almost as if you aren't even wearing shoes. I love the different color stitching coming through here, giving small pops of vibrancy.

20 Nike Stefan Janoski


This classic, simple and clean look combines the style of a boat shoe and the comfort of a sneaker into one stunning piece of footwear. Note the detail around the top of the ankle and on the tongue of the shoe. So classy. This shoe is the kind of style that works with any outfit you can think of. Dress it up with dark jeans, a dress shirt, tie and jacket. Or you could dress it just as easily with sweatpants and a crisp white t-shirt.

19 Nike Air Max 1 Jewel


I love the pop of color and the jewel effect of the swish. I'm in love with the bright blue on these. These shoes are great everyday shoes. They're good to throw on and go around but the performance of them is also amazing. And although I would love to own these, I know that white shoes and I do not mix at all. On the first day wearing them out, I just know that I'll get them stained without meaning to at all.

18 Adidas Originals SL80


These shoes were released to go along with the Moscow Olympics in 1980. I'm loving the striking color differences of this shoe. It's a great homage to the athletes and anyone wearing this shoe would feel the pride and support that the world has for the Olympics shine through. Even though this shoe is so bright and bold, the classic design makes it so that you could easily wear this out in a casual setting.

17 Air Jordan 7 Sweater


Michael Jordan wore a sweater during a McDonald's commercial that has since then become famous because of how...interesting it looked. The sweater was full of bright, loud colors in a very retro pattern. It looked like the kind of sweater that early 90s TV dads used to wear. So to pay homage to the great player, Michael Jordan, and to poke fun with this hilarious pop culture reference, the Air Jordan 7 Sweater was created with the patterns that remind us of the strange sweater in that hilarious commercial.

16 Jordan Melo 1.5

Sneaker Bar Detroit

The 1.5 in the name is aptly chosen. The design mixes both the Air Jordan I and Air Jordan II sleek designs into this signature shoe. This design is simple and minimalist, but still looks fly. I love the curve of the blue on the heel and the matching blue tip. The color really pops against the seamless black, especially since the shoe has very little detail to it and relies on the lack of detail to make the shape and color really pop and be the main focal point of the shoe.

15 Nike Zoom Kobe V


These sneakers are not just gorgeous, they are also the lightest basketball sneakers, weighing just 10.6 ounces. They're also low top basketball sneakers because the low top combined with the light weight makes them a performance machine just waiting to go on your feet. The purple, gold and black is awesome, and I absolutely love the mesh detail on the back and the perforations on the toe of this shoe. The texture around the swish is also stunning. All of these little details add up to one hot sneak.

14 Supra Ellington

This is what happens when a skate shoe meets a fashionable sneaker. The brand might not be as well known, but that does not mean that this shoe should be overlooked. The style is classy and neat. I'm loving the four hole detail above the laces and the perforated sides for breathability. These shoes look like a gentleman's sneaker. If that is not a real thing, then I am making it a thing right now. Any guy would look dapper in these sneaks.

13 Nike Air Huarache

sneaker news

The shape and coloring of these shoes hit your heartstrings with a strong note of nostalgia, but are still just as dope. The sling around the back and elastic around the top is to keep your ankles comfortable and supported. The padded footing is super comfortable too, so not only do these shoes look fly, but they also will keep your toes snug and comfy. I love the shimmer of the colors on these sneakers. It gives it a hint of fabulous.

12 Jimmy Choo Belgravia


Any woman would kill for a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. The brand is renowned throughout the world. So when Jimmy Choo makes a pair of sneakers, you know that they are going to be the most exquisite and luxurious pair of sneaks that you will ever lay your eyes on. The thick base of the shoe draws in your eyes. The sleek angle up to the high top is glamorous. I love the pattern and leather of this as well, which gives a hint to the price tag that someone would have to spend to get their feet into these dreams.

11 Pharrell x Adidas Originals “Jacquard” pack


You know that when Pharrell touches anything, it turns beautiful and these shoes are no different. The shape is a classic sneaker but the design on them is anything but. It's floral in a non-feminine way and the golden glimmer throughout the shoe gives it a subtle pop of glam without screaming "I'm glamorous." These are definitely the kind of sneakers that you can wear to a fancy event and no one would give you a second look because these are the kinds of sneakers that just are fancy.

10 PUMA RS Computer Shoe


This shoe is the height of innovation. Technology and design are combined to give you a sneaker that is totally unique and out of this world. These sneakers really broke through boundaries when it came to market. The shoe has a microchip inside of the shoe and it comes with a program software and a cord to attach the shoe to be analyzed. The chip in the shoe measures your distance and your time traveled to help you track your performance. Unfortunately, these shoes didn't take off since they were only compatible with Apple II computers.

9 Ewing Athletics 33 HI


Patrick Ewing was an athlete with his own shoe line, but the 33 HI were created for his best season and became his most popular shoe. These shoes are all about support and comfort. I love the buckle detail on the back of the shoe. The colors are a wonderful contrast. These sneaks are the height of coolness and I love the detail of Patrick Ewing's signature on the side. The thick base of this sneaker also adds to that comfort and the amazing style of this.

8 Mita Sneakers x Reebok Classic Leather


This classic look and shape will never go out of style. I love that the toes of the sneakers match the back of the heel as well. They also look super comfortable too. The look of these is stylish without being in your face. I love the contrast of the blue and beige. The colors are neutral enough that they could go with so many different outfits and have you looking fly and casual. But at the same time these sneakers could also be dressed up a bit and would totally work in some office settings.

7 OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1


I absolutely love these high tops. The "wing" features on the sides are a great detail. On the inside of the shoe where you would expect the classic "swoosh" there is the OFF-WHITE logo instead, but if you look closely you'll see that there are still tiny holes in the shape of the swoosh, bringing the two brands together into one unified logo. I also love that air is in quotation marks on the side near the bottom of the shoe. I'm simply obsessed with these shoes.

6 Puma Phenom Sneakers

These sneakers look fly and sleek while also giving you extra support around your ankles The mesh breath-ability detail on the side and toe is hot and practical. The material of this sneaker is also all about maximizing your efforts. I love the puma logo front and center on this design. This design is made for performance, but also looks really good and would go with so many different kinds of outfits. This is a sneaker that I would love to have on my shelves.

5 PUMA Lace-Up Cage Fade Sneakers


These are totally glam. The side pieces not only look fabulous, but also reinforce your feet and stability while you're working out. I just can't believe that the same company that makes the classic and classy PUMA suedes is the same company that makes these shoes, which look like they belong on a Disney Princess. PUMA's versatility, along with the fact that pretty much everything they make looks amazing, is the reason why they'll always be a top contender for me.

4 Common Project Achilles Low


Sometimes understated makes the biggest statement. These shoes have an honest and clean look. They're simple and classic. These are the kind of shoes that make a bold statement with the lack of complexity and clean design. The small detail of the golden numbers is all that you need on a shoe like this. The bright white makes the gold numbers pop. Now, since this shoe is basically all white, this is sadly a shoe that I will never be able to have. Even if I just wore it around the house, I know I'd ruin it. I will just long for them from afar.

3 Nike Air Force 1 'Misplaced Checks'


This custom made sneaker is entirely whimsical. The name of the shoe is cheeky. The shape is classic. I love that they're high tops. The gold on the top of the tongue is probably my favorite part of this shoe. If you're thinking that you want to get your hands on one of these, you might want to think again. They're custom made so there are not a lot of them out there. Getting your hands on one of these would be no easy feat, my friends. All we can do is look on with envy.

2 PUMA Muse Echo Satin Sneaker


These sneakers are cute and soft. I love the satin finish on the outside. They're comfortable and they cradle your foot. The shoe has a stunning cross pattern on the side that is tightly woven for support. It also has elastic around the heel to keep your ankles supported as well. I love this soft and shiny millennial pink color. These things are so pretty that they almost make you WANT to go to the gym. Almost.

1 Nike Komyuter


This sneaker is made to last. It's made with durable materials and has big heavy buckles. Its sleek design is made for breathability and performance. The shoe is super flexible and throws your initial ideas of a sneaker right out the window. It's revolutionary in its concept and design and honestly looks super cool as well. This very well might be the sneaker of the future. While this sneaker might not be one that you could pair with a dress shirt and be stylish, it's still a hot look.

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