30 Most Valuable Sneakers We Should Keep In The Box (And Their Worth)

There is a new trend among men that keeps rising in popularity and has not died down, and it’s sneakers — the sneaker fever is madness among men. We thought women were crazy about shoes, and now we assume men are giving women a run for their money. Shoes are important when it comes to men; a woman recognizes a man's pair of shoes before anything else FYI. And lately, the sneaker hype is getting higher and higher, which means brands from around the world are following the trend. Sneakers are no longer limited to athletic wear brands like Nike and Adidas — luxurious fashion houses are now making their fair share of incredible sneakers.

Men around the world are breaking the bank and dropping Benjamins on sneakers to add them to their collection; men are spending thousands of dollars to dress up their feet or store them away. Is it just for looks? To show off? To impress? Whatever the reason may be, men are buying into this market no matter the cost. However, many people are buying sneakers to store them away in their boxes, never making them touch the ground. Why? Because there are many exclusive pairs that customers have not got their hands on, and the resell prices are incredibly high. The sneakers are not initially too expensive, but they are valuable, and so, here is a list of the sneakers you should keep in hiding, for now.

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30 Jordan 1 Retro High Off-white White

via StockX

Sneakers are now available in all shapes, materials, and colours, but all different brands seem to resemble each other in one way or another. This Air Jordan sneaker, that was released only a few months ago, already has a resell value of $1,771; we are talking about the Air Jordan 1 by Virgil Abloh. This sneaker was only to be bought by Europeans, so imagine how insane all North American sneaker collectors went to buy a pair. The white high-top sneaker definitely made waves, and if you got a pair, don't wear them.

29 Nike Air Force 1 x Virgil Abloh

via www.shelflife.co.za

This sneaker was featured in the Museum of Modern Art, so imagine how exclusive the are. A brilliant idea put together by Nike, Virgil Ablohm and the museum, they created the  black sneaker that is so slick and modern. The collaboration was a genius idea, and whoever bought a pair is also a genius because the shoe is now reselling for $1,155. The public who initially got their hands on the Nike Air Force 1 x Virgil Abloh paid just a tad under $175.

28 Balenciaga Triple S Blue and Orange

via Balenciaga Shoes

Go to any fast fashion retailer right now and you are bound to find pairs that look exactly like the Balenciaga ones. Any man who knows his sneakers will also be able to point out that they are a copy of the chunky Balenciaga sneakers. The retail price for the funky blue, orange, and white sneaker is $850. It is Balenciaga, right? Already with that hight price, we would feel like we were playing with fire by putting them on our feet and getting them dirty. Try and keep them clean and you could probably sell them for $1,177.

27 Gold Air Jordan

via sole collector

A shoe that looks like it was dipped in a pot of gold will definitely be worth the big bucks and let us inform you that there is actually a gold pair — Austin Powers in Goldmember would have certainly got his hands on these. The Gold Air Jordan sneakers were literally dipped in gold by artist Kenneth Courtney. It's totally brilliant (pun intended). Courtney got his hands on five pairs and did not hesitate to dunk all five in gold. However, do not expect anyone to dunk in these $6,000 sneakers.

26 Adidas Futurecraft 4D White and Ash Green

Men who own this sneaker need to have a great sole — sorry, soul. The Adidas Futurecraft 4D White/Ash Green is one of those rubber soles you want to store away in a box because of its exclusivity; the sole is made from light and oxygen, which is a process the collaborators referred to as digital light synthesis. When a sneaker like the Black Futurecraft 4D is released and there is hot hype surrounding it, it might be best to keep the model in its packaging; the resell value is currently $1,222.

25 Air Jordan 11 Blackout

via DailySole

To all the sneaker heads out there, this industry just keeps on growing and getting more creative because of your dedication to the craft. And because these sneakers that get released are limited, getting your hands on a fresh pair is sometimes impossible. Hold on to what you love tightly, and if you love your 2012 Air Jordan Blackout 11 sneakers, keep on holding on because they are now selling them for $11,267. The all-black sneaker was never mass produced, and only samples were released to the public, hence the hefty resell price and exclusivity.

24 Pharrell x Chanel x Adidas Originals NMD Hu

via Sneaker News

Buying an expensive pair of sneakers will one day pay off, we promise you; buying them will not send you into a dark abyss. The sneaker designs are impeccable and when a high-end designer like Chanel gets together with an artist like Pharrell Williams to collaborate with a sportswear brand like Adidas, and you have a pair, this should be your cue to store them away. We want to make the bells in your head go off when we tell you that this sneaker sold for $25,000.

23 Pharrell x NERD x Adidas NMD Hu

via Sneaker Files

Some people are totally obsessed with growing their sneaker collection, so it's no surprise that when there is only a number of pairs available during sneaker fever, some may resort to terrible ways, like violence. The Pharrell x NERD x Adidas NMD Hu, a black shoe that looks very similar to the Chanel and Pharrell Williams one, made people work to get their hands on the unique shoe. Sadly, the release of the shoe caused havoc on the streets of New York, and those who own a pair could think of selling theirs for $4,070.

22 Nike Kyrie 3 

via sneakerreporter

Forget the monochromatic look, this bright sneaker will definitely make people look at your feet twice — but wait, the colour blocking sneaker, Nike Kyrie 3 "Ray Gun," is a collectible. If you know that people worldwide are searching for a pair of sneakers that you own, then try not to wear the unique shoes. It is kind of odd to stress the idea of buying a pair of sneakers everyone wants and leave them in their box, but the "Ray Gun" Kyrie 3 has been sought after since the beginning of the year, so hide them.

21 Jordan 1 Retro High Off-white White GS

via Solestage

Children in grade school are now wearing sneakers that are the same price as adult ones? Apparently so, and here is a pair of sneakers that the kids are supposed to not wear. Already mentioned on our list, the Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White White, the version for the younger trendy boys is the Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White White GS; GS stands for grade school. We hope the parents of these children are aware that a clean and unworn pair could be sold for roughly $1,256.

20 Hender Scheme x Adidas Originals NMD

via Kith

Fashion magazines, celebs, and social-media influencers have made sneakers quite versatile and influenced men to wear them for all sorts of occasions. Sneakers are no longer meant for just the gym or the court, they're fashionable accessories that could make or break an outfit. This has helped turn it into a billion-dollar industry. Now that designers embarked on the sneaker train, many are teaming up with Adidas, but so are the likes of other artists. Hender Scheme, who is a Japanese artisan footwear and a luxury leather goods brand collaborated with Adidas to release a shoe that is now reselling for $1,269 — that's what premium leather gives you.

19 Nike Air Jordan 3 “Seoul”

via Sneaker News

There is nothing wrong with leaving your shoes in a box in your closet; actually, shelf life is the way to go for sneakers at the moment, like the Nike Air Jordan 3 “Seoul.” A limited-edition sneaker, the shoe comes with a little bit of history; it was created for the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan winning the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest in Seoul. Boasting the colours of the South Korean flag, these sneakers are aesthetically pleasing, and if they're still in a box, they could sell for a whooping $1,297.

18 Air Jordans 10 and 12

via Sneaker News

"I only love my sneakers and my mamma, I'm sorry!" Drake made a mistake in the lyrics of his song, we know he loves his Air Jordans way more than his bed. When Drake was spotted at a home game in his hometown watching the Toronto Raptors, he was spotted sporting Air Jordan 10s on his feet. At the end of the night, he handed them over to a fan and they sold for $20,000! However, if you happen to have a pair of Air Jordan 12s like he also does, wrap and seal them up.

17 Balenciaga Triple S (MR PORTER Exclusive)

via Grailed

Balenciaga is killing the sneaker game; men are flocking in shoe stores each time the release of a Balenciaga sneaker is announced. Those who get their hands on a pair, though, often do not realize they have a gold mine on their feet. Since it is a Balenciaga designer sneaker, the shoe is not given, and its retail price is $850; this is yet the most expensive Balenciaga rubber sole. The sneaker, with a lush colour scheme was released only to Mr. Porter, making the coveted Triple S sole an iconic sneaker going for $1,432.

16 Y-3 Runner 4D

via Sole Collector

Whoever said money can't buy happiness was wrong; they either never bought an exclusive pair of sneakers or were not around during the sneaker fever. Want to know a secret to stress sneaker heads? Make only 200 pairs available of an exclusive and costly Adidas shoe. Right now, this sneaker is the priciest Adidas one can buy; retailed for $535 and reselling for an average of $1, 744. The green sole makes the sneaker even more impressive, and so do the complex and intriguing laces.

15 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 "Pirate Black"

via Sole Collector

The sneaker-resell industry is booming, and it is no surprise; imagine what the price will be on the valuable sneakers years from now. All the craze the last few years has been about the Kanye West collaboration with Adidas to create some of the most desirable shoes. These sneakers became the talk of the town and people could have crafted a story of the rumble to get a pair. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 "Pirate Black" in 2016 supposedly had more pairs made than the first time it came out. We call that a lie, so keep them safe and sound.

14 Bathing Ape x Adidas NMD

via Sneaker Freaker

Whoever said the camo and army print was passé was totally off. The moment the A Bathing Ape x Adidas NMD got released, all sneaker collectors knew they had to snatch a pair. However, there's one little problem — most people claim they did not manage to get a pair, so what happened to those on the market? The secondary market for this sneaker is crucially high; the resale value right now is at a steep $1, 309.

13 Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 "Glow in the Dark"

via Yeezy Sneaks

In the sneaker world, chances are, if a brand produces only a limited number of shoes, the A-listers like Hollywood heavyweights and rappers, will be the lucky ones to own them. Do not forget, there is probably all those Instagram influencers who get to show them off on their feet as well, and so is the case for the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 "Glow in the Dark." Celebrities could obviously afford the $350 price tag, but with a hefty resell price of $1,565, commoners can continue dreaming.

12 Adidas 3D Runner

via Sneaker News

What is it with Adidas and Nike deciding to produce only a certain amount of their exclusive sneakers? We know they are "exclusive,” but they would cash in a lot more money if they let more sneaker heads obtain a pair. Unfortunately, what is often the case is that the limited pairs sell instantly, like did the 333 pairs of the Adidas 3D Runner. And then, die-hard sneaker fans have no choice but to fetch every dollar in their piggy bank to try and buy the first 3D-printed sneaker.

11 Air Jordan 1 “Satin”

via Complex

A posh sneaker like this, off hand, should be kept in its box; no one wants to dirty a pair of red and black satin Air Jordan 1s. And for $175, might as well buy more than one pair, right? Wrong. You'd be lucky if you were one of the 501 people to buy a pair at retail value. This sneaker is totally worth its alone time in a box, they're way too fancy to sway on the streets.

10 Adidas NMD "Red Apple"

via Sneaker News

Honestly, who in their right mind would pay over $2,000 for an Adidas or Nike sneaker when they can get designer shoes for the same price? Sneaker heads. Then again, do you blame them when the value is so high? Influenced by the Big Apple, Adidas dedicated a sneaker model to the city that never sleeps, the Adidas NMD "Red Apple." Dauntingly, only 200 New Yorkers managed to get their hands on the 200 pairs made available. Does the red appeal to you? If so, you can now get them at $2,327.

9 Adidas NMD “Pitch Black”

via Sole Collector

Any fashion accessory in black relatively easy, so imagine the hype that surrounded the Adidas NMD "Pitch Black," when put on the market. A sneaker as versatile as this one, is one any sneaker head would beg to add to their collection. The "Pitch Black" NMD was also the first pair of Boost sneakers to include a black midsole. With only 500 pairs made by the brand and 100 given away for free through SnapChat, we hope those people were bright enough to store them away, or make almost $3000 selling them.

8 Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

via Nike

At this point, it is safe to assume that through many periods of sneaker fever, men who love their sneakers will pay just about anything retail or resell price. And if you're buying a sneaker at an original price of $720 like the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, is it really worth hiding them away? Maybe so if you can resell them at double the price. Nike's first auto-lacing sneaker now has proud owners giving them up for $3,528.

7 Adidas Pharrel Human Race NMD "Friends and Family"

via Weird Canada

In a world of constant "want" and "need," the brightest investment right now would be not wearing your collectible Nike and Adidas kicks. The Adidas Pharrell Human Race NMD "Friends and Family" apparently never went on sale to the public; Adidas and Pharrell probably selected the people lucky enough to wear them on their feet. With that in the open, sneaker lovers would pay just about anything, even $7,535 to call the red wine babies theirs.

6 Nike Mag

via Nike, Inc.

If you're a proud owner of the Nike Mag sneaker, please, with all your willpower, keep them covered in a box for years; no specks of dust allowed on them either. With these sneakers, you could probably go Back to the Future if you ever wore them by mistake. After 27 years, Nike brilliantly came up with a pair of auto-lacing shoes like the ones Marty McFly wore. However, they were not generous and only produced 100 of the bad boys. Willing to give up your savings for the sneakers? They could sell for roughly $28,638.

5 Air Jordan 2 1986

via NiceKicks

The OG, the godfather of all the sneaker frenzy, the Air Jordan 2 1986, was once upon a time worth a couple of bucks and is now worth thousands of dollars. Because the sneaker first came out 30 years ago, it is extremely difficult to find a pair, even a used and worn pair. And what happens when that is the case? The price hike moves quickly. Having a sneaker as historical as this one in their collection means dishing out the cost of a car worth $31,000.

4 Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 V2

via adidas sl loop

Not everyone loves or could stand Kanye West, but his Yeezy sneakers with Adidas caused peril havoc all over the world. Whether people like him or not, they were phased by his shoes and the limited availability of them. The Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in the following colours; gray/blood orange, blue tint, and semi-frozen yellow are the top 3 of the top 10 sneakers by market share. Hint: people are selling their Yeezys like hotcakes for delirious prices.

3  Nike Dunk High LE (WU-TANG)

via Nike

With sneakers that look as badass as these, who would want to keep them away in the closet? Apparently, these Wu-Tang Dunk sneakers truly are badass kicks as they are a stranger to avid sneaker collectors. Rumour has it (obviously it is true) only 36 pairs of this black and yellow sneaker were released to the public, but no one ever saw them in the stores. Now, if you're a sneaker head and want to spoil yourself, be prepared to spend $15,000.

2 Nike Air Yeezy 1s

via Sole Collector

How valuable can a sneaker be? Extremely, especially if it was worn by rapper Kanye West. Though his Yeezys are right now the most keep-in-the-box-worthy shoes, the Nike Air Yeezy 1s kick them back in the charts. This is the pair of sneakers Mr. West wore at the Grammys and the ones he sported when he announced his partnership with Nike. Evidently, the value of these went way higher and are now the most valuable shoes "walking" the Earth at $50,000.

1 Nike x Off White “Zoom Fly Football, Mon Amour” Mercurial Flyknit

via sneakerize.gr

To end the list with a bang, we want to introduce you to the sneaker that has caused the most buzz in 2018 so far, the Nike x Off White “Zoom Fly Football, Mon Amour” Mercurial Flyknit in orange and black. In regard to resale prices, as of now, this hyped-up collaboration is defeating the Yeezy shoe and it is about time. With people scrambling trying to get a pair, those who snatched a pair of Nike soccer sneakers should keep them safe somewhere.

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