29The Dock-A-Tot Is What All Babies Need

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The Dock-a-tot is something that every single mother who wishes to co-sleep or have a rejuvenating couple of hours absolutely needs. Although it is on the pricier side of baby equipment on your wish list, the Dock-A-Tot is the perfect item to add to your baby shower gifts.

The Dock-a-tot is

versatile in ways that no other bassinet could do. It’s lightweight and can be carried around from nursery to mama bear’s room, the living room, or even grandma’s house for a much-anticipated sleepover. In addition to its feather weight, the Dock-a-tot is also easily washable, the sides are raised to feel more like a natural womb and give newborns a tighter snuggle feel. Best of all, it also allows for young infants to practice their tummy time in a safe and secure environment.

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