29 Baby Shower Gifts Any Soon-To-Be Mom Would Love

Perhaps someone has been recently invited to a baby shower and now they're standing in Target’s baby department wondering what to buy. It becomes overwhelming to see the different brands, high-tech monitors, and baby swings that range from five functions to eighteen modes. What do they buy?

While some gifts may seem like common sense, a gift that is highly expected such as diapers and clothes, they are extremely welcomed by parents, especially first-time parents that don’t have an overwhelming supply of hand-me downs from their same-gendered sibling. There are other gifts that are sometimes overlooked, like stunning framed artwork or even a fluffy carpet. These gifts are things that help parents-to-be prepare themselves for their future arrival that they won’t have to purchase on their own.

If someone's squad is tight-knit, pooling together to purchase a larger gift is a sure way to earn themselves a bottle of wine in return, instead of receiving a standard card. A crib, stroller system or even a rocking chair are ways to help comfort expecting parents into knowing that they won’t have to break the bank that week, and can instead stock up on things that are more of a necessity.

When all else fails, the great old-fashioned gift card and cash is the way to go (or for those on the go and buying a gift card on the way to the shower). Thankfully, we’ve drafted up some total must-haves, some want-but-don’t-need gifts, and gifts that just feed the need to have a perfect baby shower.

29 The Dock-A-Tot Is What All Babies Need

Via: theredclosetdiary.com

The Dock-a-tot is something that every single mother who wishes to co-sleep or have a rejuvenating couple of hours absolutely needs. Although it is on the pricier side of baby equipment on your wish list, the Dock-A-Tot is the perfect item to add to your baby shower gifts.

The Dock-a-tot is versatile in ways that no other bassinet could do. It’s lightweight and can be carried around from nursery to mama bear’s room, the living room, or even grandma’s house for a much-anticipated sleepover. In addition to its feather weight, the Dock-a-tot is also easily washable, the sides are raised to feel more like a natural womb and give newborns a tighter snuggle feel. Best of all, it also allows for young infants to practice their tummy time in a safe and secure environment.

28 Can't Forget About The Dock-A-Tot Deluxe For When They Grow

Via: dockatot.ca

As a product extension of the original Dock-a-tot, the Dock-a-tot Deluxe is perfect for those who have outgrown the original Dock-a-tot. As children get older, their needs also grow. Here is one way to ensure that your tiny little babe safely transitions from the cot to his new toddler bed, or from the comfort of the queen size bed into the new twin bed, and it will make it easier for parents and children.

Thanks to the high raised edges, the Dock-a-tot Deluxe can also be used to prop up toddlers in the perfect reading position, so they can learn in style and comfort.

27 A Camera (to get all that vlogging you won't have time for)

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Parenthood, especially during those months on maternity leave, is a reason in itself to capture special moments and bind them into an everlasting memory by decorating them in scrapbooks or starting an online photo album. However, in order to do so, one must have an excellent camera. It must be a great camera, otherwise you’ll enjoy watching the faces of your blurred children, not knowing which child is Alex and which child is Liam. Unfortunately, a camera isn’t cheap, especially when mama-to-be is about to be off work for a few months, piling on the hospital bills and doctor appointment bills once her little baby arrives.

And, while pregnancy is a glorious experience, it does take a lot out of a woman and a circle of support is much needed. So, when throwing a baby shower, it may be an ideal gift is to pool all your money together, all the Best Buy credit cards and nearly expired gift cards, and get a camera that mama bear will be able to use and possibly even start her own mommy blog.

26 A Pinterest-Perfect Nursery With A Wicker Cot

Via: Instagram.com @christine_simplybloom

The wicker cot is not only a gorgeous piece of furniture, but also a trendsetter amongst babies and moms alike. While it may not be practical for the long run, as it doesn’t grow with the child like a regular crib, it does make surviving with a newborn much easier. The wicker cot is breathable, roomy and it makes bending down to pick up a baby, or even change a baby’s diaper, much easier.

The newest trends amongst wicker baskets are not only designed to look like a safe crib, but expecting parents also have the ability to purchase wicker cots and portable baskets.

25 Can't Have Enough Cute Little Shoes Around

Via: Pinterest.ca

For first time parents, shoes may seem like they are absolutely needed once a baby enters the world. Why else would anyone else walk around without shoes on? But, for a baby, the amount of shoes a baby will go through in its first year is astonishing. In fact, a newborn can outgrow nearly four to five different sizes in its first year of life.

For parents on maternity leave, hoping for their young sons or daughters to look completely and utterly fabulous, buying a new pair of shoe every month will add up. That is why the most perfect baby shower present to ever walk this earth is a pair of shoes, and I don’t mean one or two pairs. Not only will this save the parents-to-be a whole lot of money throughout the year, but it’ll also ensure that their little bundle always looks fly.

24 Headbands with giant bows

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Mothers of girls, or soon-to-be mothers of daughters, definitely know the feeling of wanting everything to be Instagram-perfect. Whether it’s to satisfy the needs of hundreds of thousands followers on social media who need to know what she’s dressing her baby in and for what occasion, or to make sure their pink-filled daughter looks as luxurious as possible (while remaining in budget), a large elastic headband sporting an extra large bow on top will help mothers achieve it. 

But, just as the other items on this list, headbands don’t come cheap. There are headbands that will cost very little, and it’ll make it easy to simply add it to the Amazon cart, but things could get dicey when you see all the cute options.

23 Every baby needs Sophie the Giraffe

via: herviewfromhome.com

Over the last seven years, Sophie the Giraffe has been taking the baby teether industry by storm. With a few hiccups in products and marketing, the makers of the very popular giraffe have since reinvented the beloved teether and even created other products to continue growing the brand’s name.

While anyone who has been around a baby in the last few years will recognize Sophie the Giraffe, they may not understand what all the hype is about. First off, she’s absolutely adorable and babies love her (even though they may never use her because, as the baby world goes, something better will inevitably come around twenty five seconds later). However, the creators of Sophie the Giraffe took time when inventing her, making sure the very well loved giraffe teether will gratify a child’s five sensory facts. She may be pricey, but she is definitely worth it!

22 Bumbo Is The Perfect gift

via: amazon.co.uk

The bumbo chair is an absolute necessity in the baby world and most parents don’t even know about it. Instead, they see a highly inflated price tag for a rubber chair with or without the tray. However, it won’t be long before parents have to juggle the tasks of making dinner, while a floppy baby uneasily tries to sit on his own but fails to do so because they do not have the proper support at that moment.

Although babies are tiny, they do come with a lot of accessories, both big and small. But, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going and this is the thing to help. The bumbo is the ideal chair for babies who cannot yet sit in a high chair but no longer wish to remain laying on blankets or a playpen floor. This rubber baby chair is lightweight and can easily be moved around from room to room, with a white tray that clips underneath safely securing the baby in his spot.

21 Sea foam pacify clip

via: chickadeechewelry.com

When it comes to choosing the right pacifier clip, it may look tricky. They range so widely in pricing that one single clip could cost anywhere from $2 to $24, and I’ve even seen some that have surpassed that amount. How do you know which one to pick?

Some pacifiers only clip the pacifier to garments of clothing and do nothing else in between. Parents need to look for clips that don’t have metal clips at the bottom, but instead has a safe silicon end. They also need to look for those whose main string isn’t just decorated material that gets dirty and rips easily. Babies need the pacifier clips that also act as a teether. Most importantly, the clips must effectively hold the pacifier, otherwise when the baby will drop his pacifier in the middle of the night, it won’t be pleasant having to search all over the floor to find a pacifier that could’ve simply been clipped on.

20 The Lily & Jade diaper bag

via: sengerson.com

One thing that always makes a woman feel like a woman is a handbag. Unfortunately, carrying around a handbag and a diaper bag isn’t only difficult, but it’s also extremely inconvenient. Not to mention, both of them together take up a lot of space in a pram cart.

The Lily & Jade diaper bag is a stunning collection of bags that make women feel their best selves, while empowering them to look more like the “she” that she is, and not just the mother who birthed three children. Thankfully, the wonderful creators also made sure to remember that you can’t take the mother out of the woman, and made sure their luxurious brand was capable of holding anything she might need for the baby, with ample space and insulated pockets for those who need to carry bottles or food around.

19 The photography necessities

via: metro.co.uk

Here is another trendsetter gift idea. Most millennial moms are looking to achieve are perfect images, especially when it comes to newborns and babies. Moms today are constantly on the lookout for ways to make sure they can capture that moment and age before their baby goes to sleep and turns another day older. If you know that the mother you are about to celebrate is going to want to have her camera attached to her hip, one way to make sure she is going to achieve her dreams of becoming a mommy blogger is by giving her the most amount of backdrops, props and monthly anniversary stickers she will need to accomplish her desired look.

18 The Honest Company

Via intl.target.com

The Honest Company is a collection of products that both baby and her mom will fully enjoy and love. Due to its inflated pricing, it may be difficult for parents-to-be to be able to afford to buy their future baby these products, but for those who are willing to splurge, their products make great gifts. 

If you’re hosting or attending a baby shower, an ideal gift would be to purchase a monthly subscription for these organic products. It’ll ease the minds of any mom, when she reaches for the soap only to realize it’s empty and she doesn’t have a back up. Old Spice it is for little Billy!

17 The Nightlight

Via: lisaangel.co.uk

It’s 3am and the baby’s awake for the third time tonight. Whether he needs a new nappy, has a hungry tummy or just needs to be cuddled, you enter the room and find him still with his eyes closed. Nobody in this situation wants to be awoken by a baby who’s been hit with the bright lights of the ceiling fan.

That is why mama bear needs a night lamp, one that is dull enough to keep the baby from waking up and strong enough to know if that’s applesauce or.... Oh no.

16 Onesies galore

Via: instagram.com @rudyjudeco

Listen to your own mama when she says you can never have enough onesies. However, unless you catch a sale price, the cost of the amount of onesies you will need (how much for a thousand?) will astound you. Babies are messy and the messiness comes at a cost. While onesies aren’t that expensive, it does add up. On the flip side, onesies are cheaper than buying actually pyjamas, shirts and pants, and giving the baby a whole wardrobe change because he spit up.

So, while some may think “Oh, another onesie” when she opens your present, she will be thanking you 30 days after the baby’s born. You’re welcome, Fran.

15 The stroller system

Via: instagram.com @latishaspringer

The cost of a car seat and a stroller can be pretty hefty. But, a stroller system can be found that is both stylish and doesn't break the bank. This is not only a very thoughtful gift for expecting parents, but it’s also an item that’s extremely helpful if they don’t have to buy it. Sisters, go wobble together through the stroller aisle and pick one out together. Friends, give her a gift card because she’ll be able to choose between a jogging or walking stroller, the color and patterns, the brand and most importantly, the size.

14 Pool Together For The Car Seat

via: livingandloving.ca.za

Car seats are expensive. But what’s worse is that babies outgrow them, generally, eight months later. If you’re the preferred aunt and you’ve given your niece or nephew the gift of one of their car seats, you can expect a larger Christmas gift than the rest this year.

Thankfully, the inventors of the more modern car seats are probably parents, and they’ve realized parents need to be able to able to adjusts the straps according to their growing baby’s weight, without having to take out the car seat. Now, they make car seats with a knob that adjusts to the baby’s size.

13 Owlet

Via: Instagram.com @owletcare

The Owlet will make your grandma green with envy. If your homegirl has been having a difficult pregnancy, or has had one in the past, or she’s just a little extra anxious, the Owlet is the gift that says you care. It is a sock that monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. And, while you may be wondering why this is necessary, SIDS is a real thing and is common in the United States.

12 The Sterilizer Dryer Of The Future

Via: jamz.net

When a new baby comes into a house, it brings a whole lot of bottles that need to be washed. And pronto. A newborn will most likely drink every 2-3 hours. If you’re blessed with a home that has a dishwasher and dishwasher safe bottles, then move on to the next gift. However, most parents choose not to put bottles into the dishwasher as they don’t want to constantly be turning on the dishwasher.

Behold the sterilizer dryer of the future. It’s a 40-minute long steam sterilizer and dryer system. It can hold up to six bottles and doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.

11 Baby wipe warmer

Via: howtoadult.com

If you’re the expecting mother reading this, it’s more than likely that you would never buy this for yourself but you will look at it and think, “That’s a great idea.” Every time you go to the department store, you won’t remember to even look for it. Or, you’ll think, “That’s not worth the $30” every time you see it, especially if you’re expecting in the summer months.

Six months from now, if she hasn’t purchased this, she’ll wish she did and then she’ll convince herself it’s too late now. This is why this gift is absolutely necessary.

10 The 4Moms MamaRoo

Via: lindseyreganthorne.com

This lifesaving baby is the swing of all swings. Instead of swinging to some elevator music and taking up the entire wall in the living room, the MamaRoo is easy and convenient. This high-tech baby swing has five unique and natural motions, some of which are the motion of a car ride or even a tree swing. However, this swing does not replace a trusted place of sleeping, like the cot, but it does allow babies to self-soothe quickly and effortlessly.

9 The Dress Up Rack

Via: growingabebe.com

If you own the dress up rack, it’s probably because you have a YouTube channel and you use it in a way to show off your baby girl’s Cinderella-style white dress with a pearl beaded bodice.

The dress up rack is a cute gift and one that is rarely given. It’s adorable and small, and it has the right amount of shelf space to hold shoes, masks, hats, swords, purses or jewelry. It’s also a great gift that grows with the child and doesn’t serve a two-month purpose.

8 Video baby monitor

Via: fancy.com

While the expectant mother will be hesitant in purchasing this for herself as it is quite pricey, it is still practical to have, and would make a great gift. Whenever anything happens, the video monitor is right there and the parents can take a quick glance at the screen.

It’s also very practical if you’ve gone to sit on the balcony or visit a room that is far from the ordinary monitor. It gives a parent the freedom to be able to wander around their yard for a morning coffee without having to wear a baby monitor (that won’t be in range in the backyard anyway), weighing down the hips of cotton shorts.

7 All-in-one placemat

Via: Instagram.com @spearmintbaby

This may sound ridiculous, but this is a good “stocking stuffer” gift for a baby shower: the all-in-one placemat. In just a few short months, the parents-to-be will be introducing cereals and purees to their pride and joy and will understand the struggles when the baby reaches over and yanks the plastic placemat right off the table. Mom will bend over to pick it up, place it on the table while she gets the bowl and spoon that’s also gone flying off, only to be hit in the head with the same placemat.

This is a reality; I can’t make this stuff up. Thankfully, someone experienced this pain a great deal and saw a huge need for a placemat that can’t be whipped off the table by fingers no bigger than a couple grains of rice.

6 Diapers and wipes? turn it into a diaper cake

Via: pinterest.com

When I had all three of my children, I bought a box of diapers on every other pay and a box of wipes on my husband’s bi-weekly pays as well, from the moment the doctor confirmed my pregnancy. Every trimester, I went up sizes. 

Diapers are a constant necessity, so diaper cakes are the best. Some of the larger diaper cakes can fit roughly 150 diapers, with bath products, pacifiers, bottles, bibs, stuffies and onesies stuffed in the creases.

5 Gift Cards and cold hard cash

Via: pinterest.com

You can never go wrong with money or gift cards. It may be awkward to ask someone for money, especially as a gift, but it will be worth it when you run out of something and need it right away, or something cute catches your eye at the store.

If you’re giving the gift card, keep in mind that the expectant parents may have a nursery theme that you don’t know about, or will need a suit or dress for a special event. That gift card could do more good than any other item on this list.

4 Nursery decor

Via: projectnursery.com

If mama is a diva, she'll want everything to be perfect, picture-ready and mother-in-law approved. Imagine Vogue for nurseries. Ask if mom and dad have a theme in mind, so you can find a gift that fits in perfectly.

Once you know the theme, Target will be your new best friend (and don’t even get us started on Disney’s online store). Little stuffed animals, clocks, artwork and carpets are things that can make a room feel like a nursery, and make a house a home. Welcome home, little baby!

3 Braided Bumper pad

Via: pinterest.com

A bumper pad must contain the proper materials to ensure a baby’s safety, but these braided bumpers are both safe and adorable. They’re the newest trend in baby accessories and come in a variety of colors. They help keep pacifiers from falling through the cracks of a non-padded crib, will keep all four limbs inside at all times, and when the baby starts to roll, he won’t hit his head on hard wooden bars.

As these are trendy at the moment, everyone is producing them, which makes it easy for anyone who doesn’t know how to properly shop to find them. However, crafty people can also make these and gift these gorgeous pads from the heart. Win for everyone.

2 Clothes in growing sizes

Via: Instagram.com @thewelldressedhouse

Clothes are expected to be a baby shower gift. It’s a no-brainer and it’s usually well-received. It may not feel like it was really a thoughtful gift, but it was. Babies outgrow their clothing very quickly and things get stained with stuff that never truly comes out. If you’re not going to give these parents a generous gift card to shop until they drop on your dime, then remember that clothing is a gift that anyone can give. Not feeling gift inspired? Clothes. Understand the pain of running out of pyjamas because the baby grew two inches overnight? Clothes.

1 The screen door (yes, it’s a real thing)

Via: lynzyandco.com

This is a gift that you will never expect nor ever see in a baby shower gift, but it is the gift of a screen door. Nowadays, parents are opting to replace the solid wood door with a mesh screen door to keep out animals and to keeps the air circulating around the baby’s room. It also gives parents an easier way to check in on their sleeping angels without creaking the door wide open waking up the baby. They’re extremely inexpensive and are easy to install. Best of all, it will keep other baby shower guests wondering just what is in that large wrapped gift.

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