25Iron Man #55 (1973) - $3,750

The hottest property in all of the world right now film wise, is, of course, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Steadily building since Iron Man in 2008, the films all led up to Infinity War this past spring. Fans finally got to see the full-on big-screen debut of the Mad Titan,

Thanos in all of his glory, collecting all of the Infinity Stones and with one snap of his fingers, wiping out half of the galaxy.

With the same snap, the character’s first appearance also jumped up in popularity and collectability. In Iron Man # 55 from 1973, the character made his less than auspicious debut. But in recent years, since his revival during the Infinity Saga, collectors have been searching out this book, which is now white-hot. In fact, a near mint copy graded by CGC can go for as much as $3,750 if you find someone willing to pay.

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