25 Of The Most Amazing Lego Statues Around The World

It is very possible that LEGO has been a part of your life from a very young age. That is a sentiment that I'm sure is shared by many of the talented individuals who worked thousands of hours to help create some of the designs that you're about to see. Several of the pieces that were created went on to set world records, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Even if you've never managed to put anything significant together with LEGO, that doesn't mean you won't appreciate the photos that you're about to see. Heck, you might even hate LEGO. And if you're the kind of person who has spent their life stepping on it accidentally, that's a feeling I'd at least understand. But they'll be no pain here!

I've looked around the world to bring you nothing but the very best when it comes to the world of LEGO. And considering LEGO isn't going anywhere anytime soon, you can imagine that some of these impressive records will one day be beaten with an even more impressive structure. There are also many talented LEGO creators out there but it's only Nathan Sawaya who manages to show up multiple times on the list. Each time I'm sure with a design that will blow you away.

These are 25 Of The Most Amazing LEGO Statues from Around The World.

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25 LEGOLAND Japan Made a Cherry Blossom Tree


There are many different things that you may love to do once the weather starts getting a little bit nicer and it officially becomes Springtime. This year the people at LEGOLAND Japan worked hard to accomplish their goal of constructing an astonishing cherry blossom tree - which went on to set a record for the largest cherry blossom tree.

It was stated that over 800,000 bricks were used in the construction of this tree and ended up taking about 6,700 hours to put together.

(Source: GWR)

24 2.5 Million Bricks Used For The Largest Ship


One of the other amazing entries on our list features a rendition of the iconic ship, the Titanic. But it isn't the ship that set a world record. The ship that does hold the record was created by Dream Cruises and was done to help promote the fact that they were launching their World Dream ship. You can consider that promotional effort a success!

Different guests on the cruise line, as well as some members of the public, were able to help contribute to the accomplishment and over 2.5 million blocks were used.

(Source: GWR)

23 A Fun Game of Pinball!


There are many amazing games that you can play to help pass some time. And if you have had access to a pinball machine, you may agree that they are a really enjoyable way to spend some time. Even if it can end up eating through your quarters in a far quicker manner than you may be aware of.

But can you imagine how much time it must have taken for this artist to put together their LEGO version of a pinball machine?

22 The Millennium Falcon Makes an Appearance


In the Star Wars universe, there is no shortage of amazing ships that different characters have been known to pilot. But no ship is more iconic than the Millennium Falcon which has primarily been piloted by Han Solo.

It was back on May 4th that these Star Wars fans proved they were up to the task of creating a huge Millennium Falcon. An accomplishment that I'm sure was appreciated by the millions of fans out there who also have a huge love of the franchise.

21 Ride The Transit At The LEGO Store In London


There are many annoying things that you may have to experience on a regular basis. Such as the fact that you may have to deal with a lot of traffic when you are driving to work. But if you are not driving to work, perhaps you are getting into work via public transit.

Which I'm sure you know also brings with it, its own headaches. But this amazing transit car recreation which was found in the London LEGO Store is sure to only bring smiles to the people who get to see it.

20 Get Ready To Enter The Dinosaur Age


One of the biggest movies of the entire year is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. But when you consider the first one made hundreds of millions of dollars it was perhaps only inevitable that the sequel was going to go on and be successful. And ready for a spoiler? They're going to make another one too!

While I can't say for sure, I'm hoping that the LEGO fan who put in this amount of time and attention to creating this dinosaur is a huge fan of Chris Pratt's take on the franchise.

19 Nathan Sawaya's Design Literally Bleeds Bricks

There are many amazing people when it comes to creating designs out of LEGO. But one of the most recognized is Nathan Sawaya who shows up again on this list with his rendition of Han Solo and also for his Batmobile. But his creation of "Yellow Man" is every bit as eye-catching as it is impressive.

I'm sure the pouring out of bricks from the stomach was far easier to accomplish than most of the other parts of the design. But the attention to detail throughout including on the hands is well worth your attention.

18 A Lifesize Trailer Used Over 200,000 Pieces

You can imagine that it must have taken a lot of bricks to create a life-sized trailer that was put on display back in 2015. If you're wondering just how many, it was reported that 215,158 pieces were used. Not only that but 12 different "professional LEGO builders" stepped in to help out in the construction.

It ended up setting a Guinness World Record for Largest caravan that was built using interlocking plastic bricks. One of the most impressive features of the design is the fact that the trailer had running water.

(Source: GWR)

17 The World's Largest Batmobile


Batman is one of the best characters of all-time. But one of the reasons as to why people think he is so awesome is because of his different gadgets. Which, of course, also needs to include the various vehicles that he uses for transportation. This next artist, Nathan Sawaya, drew inspiration from the Dark Knight's Batmobile with his creation. It ended up setting a world record for largest LEGO brick Batmobile. Another entry on this list will also show the Dark Knight himself.

(Source: GWR)

16 This Ship Took Over 1 Million Pieces


If you work for the shipping and transport company DFDS A/S, people may think you have a job that could be a bit boring. But there is nothing boring about the fact that if you worked there, that you had the very unique opportunity to participate in a Guinness World Record for Largest Ship (Supported) and that's at the very least a cool fun fact!

The companies employees (along with some professional LEGO building professionals) ended up constructing this ship in roughly 900 hours and used over 1 million pieces.

(Source: GWR)

15 The World's Largest Flag 


There are many different things that you can do to try and show off your pride for your country. But the country of Oman can say proudly that they are the country that has constructed the largest flag made out of LEGO. It was reported that 168,000 bricks were utilized to help create the flag.

The creation was done to help raise attention to the fact that it was Oman's 47th National Day and was later displayed in at the Oman Avenue Mall.

(Source: GWR)

14 An Actual House!


If you ever had a dream to live in a LEGO house, this is the closest you may have ever gotten. Sadly, the structure is no longer there. But when it was, it was amazing to see and featured 3.3 million bricks. The structure was 2 floors and even had a bathroom that worked. Which may have come in handy when you learn that 1,000 different people came together to help construct it.

The most influential of all, however, may have been James May who in the past has also worked on the show as a host on Top Gear.

(Source: Gemr)

13 The World's Tallest Structure


You would definitely end up hurting your neck if you stared at our next entry for too long in person. Because the structure that is leaving you shocked is actually the tallest structure in the entire world that has been created with LEGO. The accomplishment was done in Italy back in June 2015. The tower ended up getting up to 114 feet (and 11 inches) and utilized 550,000 bricks. This could have caused some serious destruction if it took a tumble!

(Source: GWR)

12 1.3 Million Bricks Recreating a Stadium

If you think this stadium looks impressive at first glance, just wait until you hear more about it. The stadium is a recreation of the Allianz Arena which is located in Germany. It was constructed with 30,000 LEGO figures to help make up the crowd and players, as well as an additional 1.3 million bricks.

Making the feature even more eye-catching was the implementation of 5,000 LED lights. Don't try and move it though, as it is definitely heavy and weighs 1.5 tons!

(Source: Gemr)

11 An Amazing X-Wing Starfighter


There are many amazing things that you can see when you are going to Times Square in New York City. But if you were fortunate enough to be there back on May 23rd, 2013, then you would have been able to see something that you surely would not have soon forgotten.

Because LEGO definitely stepped their game up with a massive display of a Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter! No wonder there was such a large crowd around it who were surely taking their own photos.

10 World Record For Biggest Wind Turbine


It was a roughly 600-hour journey and took close to 150,000 bricks for the people that helped create the next entry on our list. But to be fair, it did set the world record for Largest LEGO brick wind turbine and was surely something that was worth their time.

This was located in Liverpool, UK. The design was also done for a good cause as it was to raise awareness to the fact that LEGO balances their energy use with energy that they can obtain from renewable sources.

(Source: GWR)

9 Luigi Gets The Spotlight, Not Mario!


It's hard to make an argument that Luigi is more popular than Mario. But that doesn't mean that Luigi hasn't been an amazing character. Plus, Luigi's Mansion is still a pretty amazing game. And unlike Mario, it's Luigi who has the good fortune of being featured on our list today.

While it's not clear how many bricks were used in the creation of this Luigi, it was surely an endeavor that took a significant amount of time. Thankfully for the people involved with the creation, they came away with a result that I'm sure they had to be happy with!

8 A Recreation Of Detroit


It is definitely ambitious to say that you wanted to do a design of an entire city out of LEGO. But that's a challenge that was clearly accomplished by whoever was able to step in and work on this remarkable piece that is a replica of the city of Detroit.

And while it may seem tacky to have things like the Pepsi logo on the piece, it definitely helps add to the authenticity of the piece. It's reported that the massive grey tower that you are seeing was upwards of 10 feet tall.

(Source: Flickr)

7 This Titanic Ship Hopefully Won't Sink


The Titanic is one of the most iconic ships of all-time. Not to mention being the focus of one of the most influential movies of all-time, Titanic, that has grossed over 2 billion dollars. So it's perhaps a fantastic example of something that someone would want to try and re-create.

And as you can tell from this example, they were definitely successful in their goal. You just need to hope that the ship won't face a similar fate to the real one and end up crashed and in pieces on the floor!

(Source: Wiki)

6 This Orange Helicopter Wasn't Around For Long


Ryan McNaught spent 6 weeks and over 100,000 bricks constructing this LEGO helicopter that was also valued as being worth $23,000. But it probably only took some kids a matter of seconds for them to smash it to pieces.

Which is, sadly, exactly what happened to it when McNaught put the helicopter on display at a mall in North Queensland. You can imagine McNaught was devastated when it got destroyed but at least there are photos from before the destruction.

(Source: sickchirpse.com)

5 Carl From The Movie Up


If you had to think about a Disney movie that would cause you to shed some serious tears, there may not be a better example than Up. The movie had most audience members sobbing within the first 15 minutes of the film!

I'm sure that Angus McLane, who was the brilliant creator behind this design, is also a huge fan of the film. And while this design may be even better if Angus had also gone ahead and also included Russell (or Ellie), Carl still looks pretty fantastic by himself.

4 A Recreation of a 2004 Volvo XC90


There was definitely a group of people that was needed to help put together this amazing display of a 2004 Volvo XC90. While the Volvo isn't exactly the coolest car in the entire world, this design may be very well what you think is the coolest on the entire list.

The design was created by a team at the LEGOLAND in California. But to be fair, getting hired at a place called LEGOLAND probably means that you would have to be pretty handy at putting big pieces together like this.

3 A Lifesize Version of The Dark Knight

royal talks

When The Lego Movie first made it's way to theaters it didn't take long before it became abundantly clear that you were going to be looking at a new franchise. Especially because the first one made close to $500 million. There was even a spin-off about Batman.

And judging from this creation of The Dark Knight, the movie had at least one passionate fan who was in attendance! Let's just hope nobody tried to pick a fight with Batman and ended up sending this impressive structure to the ground.

(Source: Wiki)

2 6 Feet Tall Version Of Han Solo in Carbonite


Many designs on this list may stand out to you because the artist manages to use a large variety of colors that really helps it pop. But when Nathan Sawaya started in on his 6-foot tall replica of Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite, he had to know that it was primarily going to be different shades of grey that made up his design!

While the 10,000 pieces used is paltry compared to some of the entries on our list, Nathan did still spend 3 months making it and has every reason to be smiling as he stands beside his design.

(Souce: ESBU)

1 The World's Largest LEGO Display


The company Land Rover definitely wanted to introduce their new car, "Discovery" in a really big way. And what better way to gain attention than by setting a Guinness World Record for Largest LEGO sculpture. Even if your mind may not immediately make the connection between Land Rover's and LEGO!

The record was set by using an astonishing 5,805,846 bricks, so nobody can doubt the level of commitment they had to this idea. The design was also 144x42 and understandably involved over 100 people in the set-up over the course of 7 months.

(Source: GWR)

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