20 VHS Tapes Worth A Fortune Today

Most of us don’t even think about our VHS players anymore — DVDs and Blu-rays seem to be the most popular devices. But people are even moving beyond buying those because they rely on Netflix or Android boxes. So, to think of taking your VHS player out of the attic seems archaic now. The new generations haven’t even had to use the devices which definitely makes some of us feel old. If you happened to have kept any of your old VHS tapes, however, you might be sitting on a goldmine. You might be surprised that some of your old movies are actually worth a lot of money. You may have been keeping them for nostalgic reasons, but it’s time to go through your box of VHS tapes and see if you have some of these movies.

These movies are valuable because there aren’t that many of the tapes still around, so if you happen to have one, you might be in luck. Some of the movies are worth thousands of dollars and that’s reason enough to go crawling up into your creepy attic again. Check out these 20 VHS Tapes that are worth a fortune today.

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20 E.T. Circa 1982

Via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Steven Spielberg brought us this classic and we got to see cute, little Drew Barrymore as a young girl. If you happen to have this VHS tape in good condition, it could be sold for roughly $230. Why is E.T. such a cult classic?

“The gap in the family's existence where a father used to be is an open wound, and one effect of E.T.

— his unwitting mission — is to heal it, before he heads back to the stars.”

19 The Little Mermaid Circa 1989

via Disney Wiki - Fandom

How could we ever forget this Disney classic? It is one of the most popular Disney movies out there and if you happen to have it on VHS, then it is selling for upwards of $300. If you can believe it, originally, they wanted the Little Mermaid to be a blonde.

“She looked like Barbie. She actually had blond hair and she was perfect.

She was very mature looking. I remember seeing the sketches and thinking, ‘Oh, she doesn't look 16.'"

18 The Legend of Hillbilly John Circa 1972

Via Amazon

You may or may not have heard of this movie, but the cover is certainly intriguing. You may wish that you had heard of the movie because these days, the VHS tape is worth over $1,000. “Defying the devil, standing up to evil, looking it right square in the eye, and facing it down is a perilous calling and in the hills and hollows of Appalachia, it’s a downright insane undertaking. But when young Hillbilly John (Hedges Capers) saw his kin struck down during a defying ritual, he looked up the vocation, vowing to seek out the devil wherever he might hide, no matter what the danger.”

17 Splatter Farm Circa 1987

Via youtube.com

Seriously, the titles of these old horror movies are pretty epic and judging by the film itself, we know it was straight to video. But it doesn’t matter because horror fans love them. Movies like these that were clearly B-rated movies are things that drive cult fans wild.

“Donna Michelle Productions released 7 horror flicks between 1986 and 1990 that really strain the term 'B movie' and drive VHS collectors wild.”

If you happen to have the VHS tape that will drive fans crazy, then you can get quite a lot for them, at least 3 figures. That’s not too bad at all.

16 The Jungle Book Circa 1967

via indebuurt.nl

Disney had a ton of hits over the years— movies that helped raise generation after generation of children, and The Jungle Book was no different. These days, the VHS tapes are going for around $800. That’s quite the chunk of change for an old Disney movie, but we’re not surprised because The Jungle Book is one of the oldest cartoon movies Disney made. There have been plenty of remakes of the movie cover over the years, so make sure you keep your copies.

15 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Circa 1996

Via youtube.com

If you have a love for this movie, then you are going to love it even more now. The VHS version of this Disney film can fetch you an asking price of $1,525. Wow, that’s a big number for a VHS tape, but like we said before, these are instant classics. “Set in Paris during the late Middle Ages, the novel tells the story of a hunchbacked man named Quasimodo who lives inside the bell tower of Notre-Dame de Paris and serves the villainous Claude Frollo.” It’s one of the better Disney films and it was amazing how they turned a tragic story into a valuable lesson for kids.

14 Madhouse Circa 1981

via IMDb

Some people have a complete fascination will horror flicks, and it seems like the weirder they are, the more valuable they are, too. These films didn’t make a lot of money when they were released, but collectors are snatching them up like crazy. This film in VHS would be worth over $250 right now.

“Some distributors produced tape boxes and sleeves that were absolute gems, while others absolutely did not, and both the highs and lows of small-time re-releases make a big splash among collectors.”

If you have this movie, we suggest you cash it in right now and score some Christmas cash.

13 Dumbo Circa 1941

You are definitely in luck if you happen to have this Disney movie. It’s another instant classic that is always going to be a favorite for fans. You won’t believe what this VHS tape is worth these days. If you happen to have this VHS tape up in your attic, then you are in luck because it is now worth $2,800. That’s a lot for an old VHS tape that you probably haven’t watched in years. They are releasing a brand new Dumbo movie in 2019 and it’s sure to be just as big of a hit.

12 555 Circa 1988

via thebloodypitofhorror

Horror movies are definitely something you want to keep your hands on. If you happen to have a copy of Scream, that’s a movie that is sure to be valuable in the future. The horror flick 555 is another VHS that you may have lying around. We don’t think a lot about obscure movies until we find out they are worth a small fortune. This movie can be sold on eBay for roughly $200 to $300 which could definitely pay for a nice dinner out to a fancy restaurant. This article proves that it certainly pays to keep your old movies.

11 Cinderella Circa 1950

via instyle.com

Cinderella is one of the most epic movies that was made by Disney. This one is a huge money maker and considering it boosted Disney's fame in the '50s, it is worth a ton of money. If you are lucky enough to have this movie on VHS, you might want to dig it out of the closet because it is now worth $5,600. You could easily take a very nice vacation with the money that you can make off of one VHS tape. Talk about hitting the jackpot with an old movie release.

10 Don't Open the Window Circa 1974

Via independent UK

Horror movies are worth a lot of money so keep that in mind for the future. Cult-classic fans are all over it. This classic horror movie is now worth $900, but good luck getting a copy because this one is a rare find.

“I just loved the fact that there isn’t a big window scene in the film

— [the trailer’s] all based around the spin and the voiceover not really telling you what the heck is going on in the film.” You might be surprised to find out that this movie is a zombie movie.

9 The Fox and the Hound Circa 1981

Via Disney Wiki - Fandom

Who didn’t love this movie when it came out? It was such a sweet story and let’s be honest, we all cried during the movie. If you happen to have this classic Disney gem in your closet, then you are going to have a really good day. This amazing movie is now worth a solid $10,000! Wow, it’s really in your best interest to grab a copy of this movie if you can. We know that it might be hard to let go of such a sweet movie, but we are sure you will wipe away those tears with all the dollar bills.

8 Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks Circa 1974

via Via independent UK

Who doesn’t love a good monster movie, especially one that has Frankenstein in it? This is a super old movie and it is now worth a lot of money. It’s another cult-classic that fans just can’t help but love. It was reviewed by Rotten Tomatoes and only received 7%. “This was one of those movies with Elvira doing commentary before the commercial breaks. From the looks of it, I think it may have been from the '70s or early '80s.” It sounds like a movie that no one watched and yet it is now worth $1,500.

7 Aladdin Circa 1993

via Mashable

Aladdin isn’t even that old of a movie, but it is worth a lot of money now. It's definitely a fan-favorite, not only because of the iconic songs, but because Robin Williams made it that much more special. The movie is now worth $10,000 which is a lot for a VHS tape. Now they have a musical. “Disney wanted to do another show and we thought of doing Aladdin. We've all grown up reading Arabian Nights stories, watching the bromance of Aladdin and Genie on Doordarshan and the connection is much higher than any other cartoon series.”

6 Beauty and the Beast Circa 1991

via Nerdist

This movie was an instant hit and there have been multiple remakes over the years. You better hope you kept those VHS tapes that you had of the Disney classics because this one is worth a lot of money. If you have the movie, you can probably make roughly $17,000. Imagine how many vacations you can take with that amount of money? “Graceful yet spirited, Beauty and the Beast follows a grand and noble story line, but this path is ever respective of the silly side trails and the quirky tributaries that are the special stuff of everyday life.”

5 Lemora, Lady Dracula Circa 1973

Via Fandor

Who wouldn’t love a movie that has a female Dracula in it? It’s a cool movie from the '70s that of course did poorly, but somehow, became a collector’s item. If you happen to have the VHS tape of the movie, it is now worth over $1,000. That’s a pretty good amount of money for a movie that is not only old, but has a female Dracula in it too. If anything, it makes us want to watch it. Cash in on this old film and do some well-deserved shopping.

4 World Class Championship Wrestling Vol. 1-5 Circa 1983

via youtube

A great investment is clearly to get some classic wrestling VHS tapes and then sell them later on in life. This is another professional wrestling item that is bringing in a lot of dollars these days. Wrestling fans out there love the classics and this is a set that you can really cash in on right now. If you have it in good condition, you are likely to get an offer of around $599 for the set. When it comes to wrestling, you can score a lot of money if you have the right VHS tapes.

3 Thomas the Train circa 1990s

via imdb

Thomas the Train is a classic show that many generations of kids have enjoyed throughout the years. If you have had any children of your own, you can attest to how much your kids love that talking train. It has been one show that has stayed on the air for many years and the new generation gets the reruns. If you have any of the shows on VHS, you can fetch anywhere between $100 to $175 per tape. That’s reason enough to keep old VHS tapes of any kids show around. You never know what it's going to worth in the future.

2 Journey Into the Beyond Circa 1981

via Twitter

Apparently, the weirder or gorier a movie is, the more value it will hold. It’s the movies that we just don’t see anymore that seem to pull in the bigger dollars. People like rare movies like this one because they are hard to come by. If you happen to have a copy of this classic movie, then you can score yourself $1,000. This slasher flick is beyond weird, so you might be looking to get rid of it.

1 WCW Halloween Havoc Circa 1994

Via Cageside Seats

We bet you never thought your old VHS copies of professional wrestling would bring you in some money later on in life. If you happen to own Halloween Havoc, you can get yourself a few hundred dollars on eBay right now. Even better, right? If you have the VHS in shrink wrap, then you can pull in close to $500 for just one tape. Professional wrestling has its own cult following and you can cash in on the fans' obsession with it.

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