20 Toys From The 2010s People Are Already Nostalgic About

Alright, alright, you may be thinking that we are still in the thick of the 2010s so being nostalgic for toys from this decade seems like it makes little to no sense. There may be some logic to that, but if that came to mind for you then there is something you are forgetting, this decade is more than 8 ½ years old at this point. As such, kids that were 4 ½ years old when this decade began are now teenagers who likely no longer play with toys but look back on them with nostalgia in their heart. With that in mind, there is no time like the present to look at 20 toys from the 2010s people are already nostalgic about.

In order for a toy to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to have been popular at some point within the 2010s. As such, there are some people out there that already feel nostalgic for them. It should be noted that there will be toys on this list that are still sold around the world and some could even still be popular. All that matters is that there is a decent amount of people out there that will have stopped playing with them long enough ago that they look back on them with a smile on their face. It should be noted that video games and things of that nature were not in the running but board games were absolutely free game. Finally, the toys could have been released before the year 2010 as long as they were popular in this decade.

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20 Loving Family Dollhouse

Via ardiafm.com

Still readily available in a number of stores, the version of the Loving Family Dollhouse that you are likely to find has a lot in common with the original one but it has changed some over the years. Put out by Fisher Price, obviously, it is a dollhouse, but one of the best parts of it is that it comes with a family of dolls. If what comes with the product isn’t enough for you then you can always purchase many different items that fit the dollhouse, including new family members, furniture, and more. Considered by some to be one of the best dollhouses on the market, it tends to appeal to younger children, many of whom have since grown out of it but still have affection for it.

19 Fireman Sam: Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set

Via YouTube.com

Considered by some observers to be one of the top toys of the 2011 season, the Fireman Sam: Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set has been on the market for several years at this point. The perfect toy for little kids that dream of becoming a firefighter once they grow up, it comes with a house that is on fire, residents to save, and the people who are there to get the job done. Perfectly designed so that children could enjoy it for many hours, when you spend that much time playing with a toy it ends up holding a spot in your heart.

18 Micro Mini Scooter

Via shortiesnewtown.blogspot.com

A wonderful gift for any growing child, giving your child a scooter can give them a feeling of freedom and as long as they wear the proper safety gear they shouldn’t be in any great danger. Considered to be a step above its competitor, the Micro Mini Scooter has a slightly broader design than most, there is a cover for the back wheel, and it has a sturdy design. The means of transportation that many youngsters used in their past, now that several years have gone by, they prefer riding in cars but that doesn’t mean they don’t look back on their scooter days happily.

17 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cheese Touch Game

Via ebay.com

Right off the hop, there are a lot of 2010s kids that will sprout a smile just at the mention of anything Diary of a Wimpy Kid related. A franchise that started out as a series of books that were adapted into several live-action movies, these stories have grown to mean a lot to loads of kids around the world. A board game that was based on something that was played at Westmore Middle School in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, this real-life product was purchased and played by many families. The kind of memories that don’t evaporate just because you’ve moved on to playing more grown-up games, thinking back to them while sitting down to play something else has a lot of appeal.

16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset

Via pinterest.ca

One of those toy brands that stays on top from one decade to another, children from the '80s and beyond have all had their version of TMNT products to play with. Of course, as is the case with many toy lines, this series has become a lot more elaborate over the years, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset is a great example of that. Featuring a street façade and the world the Turtles live in underground, this is a pretty large set that gave kids a lot of space to play with. So big that many kids that grew up with it likely have stored it away somewhere, in all likelihood when they see it at the back of their closet again, they enjoy the moment.

15 Air Hogs Vectron Wave

Via amazon.co.uk

A huge deal in 2010, when you look at photos of the Air Hogs Vectron Wave it may seem like it isn’t that different from other remote controlled aircrafts on the market. Of course, it does stand out a little bit visually since it looks like a flying saucer that is made out of something similar to Styrofoam. However, it is the manner in which you control its movements that really stands out. Created with a built-in sensor that keeps track of the things around it, you guide the craft’s movements by approaching it and doing things like waving your hands. Pretty innovative for its time, kids were likely to have been incredibly excited to give this toy a try years ago and that kind of feeling sticks with you.

14 Loopz

via amazon.com

Another toy that became something of a toy aisle sensation in 2010, Loopz looks pretty awesome but it is the way in which it is operated that really made it stand out. Featuring seven different game modes that all take advantage of the system’s motion sensor interface, that variety allows kids to play one game for days or weeks and then switch things up. For instance, you can create music of sorts with it by putting your hands in between its bars when they light up. On top of that, it also has a memory game feature that can easily be compared to Simon from years back, both of which are games that flex mental muscles and are memorable for the same reasons.

13 Zoobles

Via picssr.com

Keeping the trend of looking at toys from the year 2010 going, with this entry, it is time to look at little figures that didn’t take up too much space, Zoobles. Pretty creative toys that come looking like balls, once you place them on their magnetic “happitats” they change shape and then lovable characters emerge to the delight of most kids. Highly collectable since there are many of them to get your hands on, the quest to have them all is likely to have made them take on an even more important place in the memories of their former owners.

12 Poppin’ Park Elefun Busy Ball Poppers

Via gumtree.com

A toy aimed at babies and toddlers more than anyone else, the truth of the matter is that the Poppin’ Park Elefun Busy Ball Poppers isn’t all that different than many other toys that have been sold. However, its distinctive design has been a huge hit with a lot of youngsters since it first hit the market. One of several toys that come with colorful balls, in this case, you can feed them into either of the elephant’s ears, one of which will shoot a ball out of its tusk and another leads to its stomach. Pretty aptly named, this toy is so much fun for really young children that they may keep it around years after they’ve outgrown other toys from this age range.

11 Alien Conquest Sets

Via lego.wikia.com

A brand of toy that has shown a simply incredible amount of staying power, LEGO is so adaptable that whenever a new TV show or movie becomes a hit, they can market it to their many devotees. Despite the fact that it seems like latching onto already established stories would be an easy route to take, they also have a long history of coming up with their own characters as well. Once such example of that, the Alien Conquest series is something they came up with and began selling to the masses in May of 2011. Based on the idea of an alien force coming to Earth to attack humanity, it was cool enough to hold a hallowed place in LEGO history.

10 Squinkies

via youtube

Such a popular line of toys that during the 2010 holiday season, they became hard to come by for a lot of people, Squinkies were soft little toys that kids could play with in several ways. For instance, they could be worn as jewelry, kept on the top of pencils, and the most obvious of them all, simply played with. Sometimes packaged in surprise balls so you didn’t know which ones you were going to get, that mystery only serves to make the whole thing a lot more enjoyable in the end. Well-known enough that if you had them there was a great chance your friends did too, playing with them alongside your pals or siblings is the type of thing that really hardwires affection for a toy.

9 Fijit Friends Interactive Toy

Via momwitha.com

Hitting their zenith during the year 2011, the Fijit Friends Interactive Toy was one of those presents that any parent could buy for their kids and rest assured they would be a hit. Essentially tiny little robots with limited abilities and super soft skin, when they were squeezed between your fingers they would jump into action. Able to recognize 30 different words and phrases and react accordingly, there were capable of 100 different actions based on what happened around them. On top of that, if you turned them on while music played they would begin to dance to the beat of the song. Advanced enough that a child would think they were really interacting with it, they were marketed as being your kid’s new best friend for a reason.

8 Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle

Via YouTube.com

A delicate balance that any toy company needs to get right, when you put a new line on the market the important thing is to set the right price for the product you are selling. A great example of when that was done just right, the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle wasn’t so expensive to price it out of a lot of people’s range and it also is elaborate enough to interest kids. The perfect set to buy any child that their toys in the middle of an action scene, it allowed them to imagine they were attempting to siege a mighty castle. Complete with an operating drawbridge and various sounds, when a child has his toys take this castle over and over, those are hours they will look back on with happiness in their heart.

7 Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides

Via amazon.in

A brand that easily could have faded away over the last several decades, while most toy lines were getting larger and more complicated Hot Wheels have mostly remained the same size. However, by no means is that to say that the powers that be at the company have failed to innovate and change things in some pretty great ways. For instance, in 2010, one of the hottest toys on the market was the Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides. Combining the classic Hot Wheels we all know with a remote control, they come in a pocket sized case that you can drive them with. Small enough they could be taken everywhere, when their parents were in some meeting, their kids could be having a ball in the waiting room and that is something you always cherish.

6 Monster High Dolls

via instagram

Of course, it is abundantly obvious that this toy line is still out there going strong to this day and the Monster High series picks up new fans all the time. Despite that fact, it is equally certain that some of the people that first fell in love with this series when it debuted think their version of it was the best and they wish nothing had changed. An inevitable feeling when something you’re attached to changes in ways you don’t appreciate, just because you dislike a series’ new versions doesn’t mean you stop loving what came before. In fact, it is exactly the type of thing that inspires really strong nostalgia.

5 Let's Rock Elmo

Via toledoblade.com

It may be hard to believe for a lot of youngsters, but there was a time when Elmo wasn’t the undisputed most popular Sesame Street character. At the very least, other characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Ernie all had legitimate claims to the crown. However, Elmo has been reigning supreme for a number of years and only Abby Cadabby seems to come close to him. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that an Elmo-themed toy is the best-remembered Sesame Street product from this decade. Able to six sing different songs and play instruments that come with him when they are placed in front of him, kids loved seeing Let’s Rock Elmo perform with his drums, microphone, or tambourine. On top of that, you could also buy a guitar or piano for him separately.

4 Beyblades

Via YouTube.com

The modern answer to a lot of previously popular toys like marbles or Pogs, Beyblades were a lot of fun to collect and could be used in competitions. A pretty simple game which allowed most kids to understand how to play with them easily, those factors allowed them to take over schoolyards before and after school or during recess. First released in Japan back in 1999 and sold internationally for the first time in 2002, despite being on the market for a long time, they were brought into prominence in 2011 and became a sensation. The must-have toy at the time, many youngsters were overjoyed each time they got a new Beyblade or Stadium and being that elated really sticks with you.

3 Paper Jamz

Via apessay.com

A time-old question a lot of parents have grappled with, do you buy your child a musical instrument knowing full well they might give up when they realize how hard they are to master? For parents that were dealing with that issue in the early 2010s, there was an easy answer, Paper Jamz. Instruments that were paper thin and lacked strings, mastering them wasn’t nearly as difficult, they were quite popular, and it was a good test to see how dedicated your child really was. Seemingly off the market since 2011 after the company grappled with a lawsuit from Gibson guitars, they are still so beloved that they sell online for a great deal more than their original price

2 Furbies

Via furbyfrenzy.com

First turned into a sensation in the late-nineties and early 2000s, Furbies were initially sold in the same era as toys like Beanie Babies and Tamagotchis. As such, you may be left wondering what the heck they are doing included on this list. Reinvigorated in 2012, the new Furby was far more advanced than its predecessor since its personality would change based on how it was treated, it had LCD eyes, and was smart-phone compatible. Given an all-new surge in popularity, as a result, it is that version of this classic toy and 2014’s Furblings and Furby Booms that have earned a much-deserved place on this list.

1 Sing-a-ma-jigs

Via column.mamakoe.jp

A brand that has an interesting place in toy history, when Sing-a-ma-jigs became hugely popular in 2010, there were an incredible amount of children that loved them as well as parents that hated them. Little noise makers that were incredibly easy to use, all you had to do was squeeze them and they would sing and hum different tones and words. Quite high-pitched and monotonous, it is not hard at all to imagine many adults wanting to hide them if it weren’t for the fact that their child loved them so much. A symbol of a parent’s love for their child as a result, since kids loved them enough to overcome how much their parents hated them it seems clear they would already feel nostalgia for them.

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