20 Things We All Owned In The 90s That Are More Valuable Today

It's hard to process the fact that the 1990s were more than two decades ago, and many of the objects that were popular at that time have only gained value in the years that have followed. The 1990s were full of fun gadgets and tech, including MP3 players, PS1s and even Photoshop.

It's been almost 30 years since 1990 and in that time some of the inventions that many thought would easily be forgotten or upgraded in the years that have followed are actually considered to be the most valuable items from that decade. Even though technology has only improved in recent years, many of these inventions are now considered to be rare and are worth much more than their original retail price.

The following list looks at just 20 things, whether they are toys or computer games, that everyone owned back in the 1990s and that probably should have saved because they are now more valuable to this generation than they were to the one that came before them.

20 Furby

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It's hard to explain what a Furby is to anyone who wasn't fortunate enough to receive one of these as a present. It was an electronic toy that resembled a cross between a hamster and an owl and was one of the most popular toys following its launch back in 1998.

It was one of the stranger toys that were released during that time period, but anyone who saved their original Furby could easily sell it online for around $700. Even original Furbys that are out of their box have sold for $130 recently, so now could be the right time to trade up.

19 Tamagotchi

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Anyone who had a Tamagotchi back in the 1990s either forgot to feed their animal and tried to cover it up, or acts as though they never had one. These were the presents parents would buy to find out if you were responsible enough to have a real animal and most of us failed.

If we had kept hold of our Tamagotchis and kept our animal alive over the past few decades, despite the terrible graphics, these digital keyrings have been known to pick up around $200 recently. The much rarer Devilgotchi series is now worth around $400.

18 Troll Dolls

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Trolls have been around for more than a few decades, but it wasn't until the 1990s that these bizarre-looking dolls surfaced with a new look and became popular all over the world. Whilst it's easy to pick up these dolls today, it's hard to find the ones that were made in the 1990s, which is why some have sold for around $40 in the past.

This may not sound like a lot, but to put his into perspective, in 1995 you could pick up six for $12, which shows just how much these small dolls have increased in value over the years.

17 Old Cell Phones

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Nokia 3310s were all the rage in the 1990s as the changeable covers and the game "Snake" became two of the biggest reasons for purchasing what was a state of the art phone at that time. These phones decreased in value as technology continued to take over in the years that followed its release but it's now reported that some vintage cell phones from the 1990s are now worth around $500 dollars, which is actually more than they originally cost.

Many variations of the Nokia and even Siemens phones have been sold for much more than their original value in recent years.

16 Super Soakers

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Water fights were one of the most fun things for children and their friends to do during the summer. They were a fantastic way to cool down in the heat, but the game was completely changed when Super Soakers were released. The Super Soaker CPS was known as the most powerful water gun ever and would always guarantee a win in any water fight.

The Super Soaker CPS has recently been sold online for $300, whilst the Super Soaker XL, which is considered to be one of the largest water guns ever sold publicly, was sold back in 2016 for an incredible $500.

15 Polly Pocket

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Polly Pocket was the name given to the micro-sized figure and her compact play set that many girls received for Christmas back in the 1990s. Polly Pocket was actually brought out by Mattel in 1998 and since then the play set that once boasted that it could fit in your pocket has increased in size but it hasn't been a popular gift for a very long time.

This means that the original micro play set has increased in value and different variations of the original design, including Polly's dream house and her sealed jewel case, are now being sold for upwards of $600 online.

14 Power Rangers Action Figures

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Power Rangers were very popular in the 1990s, and many kids had arguments about which ranger they actually were and even dressed up as them for parties. Of course, there were action figures that went along with the TV series and now these are considered to be much more expensive to buy than they were when they were first released in the early 1990s.

It is reported that the original figures of any of the Power Rangers can be sold online for anything from $200, whilst the 1993 carrier machine that came with the action figures has been valued at around $270.

13 Beanie Babies

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So many little girls had Beanie Babies in the 1990s and were told that they would be worth a fortune in years to come. Sadly, many of these plush toys haven't made it into this decade, which is why these have become so valuable.

The issue is that the only Beanie Babies that are worth money are the ones that are rare and still have their original tags. One of the rarest Beanies called A Wingless Quacker was only one of about 780 Beanies ever made, which is why it is the most expensive since it recently sold for $1800.

12 Magic: The Gathering Cards

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Magic: The Gathering debuted 25 years ago back in 1993 and some of the original cards from that collection have collected thousands of dollars in recent years. The sealed sets of these cards in mint condition have been known to sell for upwards of $8000 to collectors.

A single Black Lotus alpha-deck card is one of the rarest ever printed in this collection since only 1100 were ever released. This card is considered to be one of the most sought-after magic cards in the world and is one of the most expensive items on this list, as it is valued at $27,000.

11 Stamps

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Stamps have been a well-known collectors item throughout the past few generations, and the limited release stamps have always been the most popular with the collecting community.

A select number of these rare stamps have been known to be traded for large amounts of money between collectors. These stamps are usually released for special occasions and whilst they can no longer be used to send mail, they are still relatively valuable. One set of Junior Duck stamps from 1992 actually recently sold for an incredible $995 whilst other stamps from the early 1990s have been known to sell for around $100.

10 Hot Wheels

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Hot Wheels toy cars were so popular with boys in the 1990s after they were first released in 1995. Interestingly, these cars are actually still popular with collectors but they are much rarer than they were in the 90s.

A full box of these miniature cars would usually include around 12 models in a suitcase format and a sealed box of them has been known to sell for between $1100 and $1500. Some original cars in the set have a lot of value on their own as well since the 1967 Camaro is believed to be worth more than $500.

9 Happy Meal Toys

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It wouldn't be hard to make money from Happy Meal toys since they came free with McDonald's toys throughout the 1990s. Many of these toys were discarded, but there are some collectors who have managed to keep some of these toys over the years and even though they aren't worth as much as many of the toys on this list, they have still been known to pick up between $40 and $50.

The only exception was the full set of Super Mario Bros 3 toys, which consisted of four figures and earned the collector $400 since Super Mario has a huge collectors fanbase.

8 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

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Alongside Pokemon cards, one of the most popular trading card games on playgrounds in the 1990s was Yu-Gi-Oh. Interestingly, Yu-Gi-Oh actually began back in 1998, the year before Pokemon, which could be why some of these cards are now considered to be collectors items.

A first edition box of Yu-Gi-oh can fetch up to a thousand dollars, whilst First-edition Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon boxes have been known to sell for almost $1500. Given how much value these cards have gained over the past two decades, it's definitely something worth cashing in on if you have these cards lying around.

7 G.I. Joe Action Figures

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Whilst little girls had Barbie and Ken, there was always room for G.I. Joe for the boys. However, he was a character that had a number of different action figures and sets throughout the 1990s.

Interestingly, G.I. Joe figures that have sold recently didn't even have to be in fantastic condition for them to pick up some big money. A used G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center has been known to sell for $3,000, whilst the American Hero's space shuttle complex can sell for $600 even though the set was actually incomplete, so any complete sets are even more valuable.

6 Vintage Wrestling Videos

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Wrestling was arguably at its most popular in the 1990s and even though WWE has released a number of shows on DVD and blu-ray in recent years, it's the vintage matches on VHS that are still considered to be the most valuable.

Even though the world has moved on from VHS and has since upgraded to DVD or blu-ray, there are still videos from the early 1990s that include the likes of Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage that have sold in recent years for around $200. 1997's Great American Bash on VHS is reportedly worth the same amount.

5 Pokemon Cards

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Pokemon was huge in the 1990s, but along with the TV show came collectible cards that kids would trade at school so that they could have showdowns. The invention of phones and upgrades in technology has meant that Pokemon cards have been all but forgotten, but anyone who decided to save their card collection could earn themselves a small fortune.

A mint condition Charizard Holo card alone is so rare that it's worth around $5000, whilst a full set of the first edition of cards is valued at anything between $4600 and $8700, so it's worth looking in the attic for these.

4 1990s Disney Videos

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VHS became obsolete a long time ago. There are very few VHS players in circulation anymore and many second-hand stores are having issues selling VHS tapes for very little, but it appears that Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin are two VHS tapes that collectors should be looking at.

The Black Diamond Edition of Beauty and the Beast from 1991 sold back in 2016 for $1000 but there are listings online that show that the video can be worth up to $9000. Aladdin's 1993 Black Diamond copy has an asking price of around $1000 but many sellers have opted to sell for $80.

3 Lego Sets

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Lego was another popular toy for children in the 1990s since it was something that would keep kids occupied for hours and only bothered adults if they accidentally stood on a brick. Some families would have a number of boxes of Lego bricks, but even these have gained value over the years.

Lego sets are still expensive to buy nowadays, but some of the older sets, including King's Mountain Fortress, could set you back around $500. Other sets that haven't aged as well or don't include instructions or their original box have been known to sell for just over $100, which isn't as impressive.

2 Harry Potter Books

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Harry Potter is one of the biggest things to come out of the 1990s and has become a worldwide phenomenon that has spanned eight films, and two spin-off movies so far. The original Harry Potter books were released back in 1998 and the first editions of these books listed Joanne Rowling as the author.

There were just 500 copies of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone that contained this additional feature and experts estimate that these copies are worth more than $56,000 given how rare they have become. First edition Philosopher's Stone books that are in good condition are also worth around $6000.

1 Super Mario Bros For NES

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Despite the recent upgrades in games consoles from the likes of PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo, there are many game enthusiasts who still like to play with vintage game systems, which include the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Super Mario may be available on a number of platforms right now, but the original game for the NES, Super Mario Bros 3, released in 199o has recently been known to sell for around $960. NES games and consoles are considerably rarer nowadays but can still be found at many vintage game stores.

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