20 New Comic Books Worth Investing In That'll Be Worth A Fortune

Previously seen as child’s play by far too many, these days, more people than ever realize that comic books are an art form. Also, the proving ground of many characters and stories that have since gone on to inspire TV shows and movies, in some ways, comics are more influential today than ever before.

As great as comic books are, the fact remains that it is a business just like any other, and we aren’t just talking about the publishers. After all, if there is a dollar to be made, people will sniff it out which is why many people purchase comic books for their resale value. Of course, there are comics like the first appearances of Batman, Superman, and Wolverine that are already worth a fortune, but the real money is in comics that are still on the rise. Realizing that inspired us to put together this list of 20 new comic books worth investing in.

In order for a comic to be considered for this list, it first and foremost needs to have been released in modern times and be worthy of investing in. For the purpose of this list, we are defining new comics as anything that was released after the year 2010. On top of that, we based our list on things like the current value of a comic, if we think that number will rise, and the popularity of its story and the characters included in it. Of course, it should be noted that the comic book market is highly speculative, to say the least, so if you choose to see it as an investment opportunity, it is quite risky. Also, it should be noted that all comic book valuations were gotten from comicbookrealm.com.

20 Siege Vol.1 #3

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Featuring a massive storyline, in the pages of Siege #3, you will find Marvel comics teams like The New Avengers, Secret Warriors, Young Avengers, Fantastic Four, Dark Avengers, and Hood’s Gang. Released with a cover date of May 2010, if you want to invest in this issue, we suggest tracking down the version that comes with a J. Scott Campbell Variant cover. Currently valued at $900, considering it features Deadpool on the cover and his popularity is ever growing, we expect the price of this comic to be on the rise for a while.

19 Harley Quinn Vol.2 #1

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One of the most popular DC comic characters these days, Harley Quinn, has had a pretty rabid fan base ever since she first debuted on TV and then in the comics. That said, once people saw Margot Robbie’s version of her that was reviewed well by critics and viewers alike, the character has gained many new fans. As such, it should come as no surprise that the February 2014 1st issue in the 2nd volume of her standalone comic series is now in high demand. Especially valuable if you track down the Adam Hughes variant cover version, that version is already worth $350 and with more movies to come, that price is likely to go up.

18 Walking Dead #100

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Easily one of the most noteworthy moments from The Walking Dead’s comic book series, the 100th issue which was released July 2012 introduced a deadly villain and killed off a beloved hero. Featuring the debut of Negan, arguably the most fearsome character in Walking Dead history, this issue also marked the last time we’d see Glenn alive. Even more influential today, given that Negan has taken the TV version of The Walking Dead by storm, this issue is definitely worthy of a read. However, if you find the Comixology version of the issue that comes with a black and white cover, snatch it up. Valued at $350 today, as people continue to discover Negan that number should rise.

17 Spider-Gwen #1

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One of a select few characters that most comic book readers never expected to come back, when a version of Gwen Stacy became Spider-Gwen, it was not a return from the dead. That is because the character that died in spectacular fashion was still long gone and this new superhero was from another reality. Still, it felt fantastic to have a new heroic version of the always-beloved Stacy in the swing of things. As such, when she got her own book in April 2015, Spider-Gwen #1, there were many longtime fans that ate it up. Valued today at $250, at least if you have the Adam Hughes variant cover version, we think that once Spider-Gwen truly hits the mainstream, that will be a steal.

16 Amazing Spider-Man #678

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Containing a story that is related to time travel, Amazing Spider-Man #678, which is dated March 2012, has Peter learning about a catastrophic future and doing everything he can to keep it from happening. Fascinating and totally in line with several other classics of the comic's medium, it does leave us with a question: What does this variant cover have to do with any of that? Featuring a recreation of the classic panel in which Mary Jane first met Peter Parker in person, the story has nothing to do with that or the Venom Symbiote. Despite that, this cover is awesome which is why the Joe Quinones variant version of the issue is valued at $1,000 — a figure we could easily see continuing to ascend.

15 Batman Vol. 2 #1 New 52

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Well known even to most people that have never cracked a comic book, few superheroes have invaded pop culture to the degree that Batman has. As such, for many people, the Batman series of comics has been a must-read since it debuted back in 1940. Continuing to be published for decades, the first volume shockingly came to an end with the 713th issue. Of course, the 2nd volume debuted with a pretty different feeling issue that was dated November 2011 the following month. Since then, hugely important, as a result, if you track down the sketch cover variant, it will cost you $300 to buy. Thankfully, Batman is so popular that many rare things related to him become incredibly valuable over time.

14 Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #17

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Currently one of the most important characters in the comics version of the Marvel Universe, Kamala Khan has been a member of teams like The Avengers, Champions, and Protectors. Despite how heavily-featured and popular she currently is, she only debuted as recently as Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #17, which had the cover date of September 2012. So important that years later, there was a second printing of the issue that featured Kamala on the cover, in this case, it is that version that is more valuable, at $215 so far. A surprising turn of events, as in almost every case, issues that were printed after the first run are worth far less. That speaks to how important this issue currently is and how it only has room to grow.

13 Spawn #185

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Probably the most influential character that was ever introduced by Image Comics, since Spawn first debuted, the titular antihero has gone on to mean the world to many fans. Blessed with a fascinating backstory and visually fascinating, we totally get it too. Released with an October 2012 cover date, issue #185 featured the return of Todd MacFarlane, the creator of the series, to the book. For that reason, if you track down the version with the Whilce Portacio black and white cover, it is currently valued at $500. Set to make his return to the big screen, the character of Spawn is likely to become more relevant than ever pretty soon which will drive up the value of this issue.

12 The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1

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A character that is likely to inspire a guffaw in the uninitiated, we totally understand why a superhero named Squirrel Girl would be seen as a joke at first blush. However, in reality, she is quite lovable and has been taking the comic world by storm in recent years. For that reason, we think that The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1, which is dated March 2015, will be worth a lot someday soon. Set to make her live-action debut in the upcoming TV show Marvel's New Warriors, she could easily become a much bigger deal off of that alone. After all, mainstream fans have embraced characters like Ant-Man and Rocket Raccoon.

11 Wolverine Vol. 4 #1

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You had to know it would happen — in the current comic world where Deadpool seems to be taking over all things Marvel, it should be obvious that something related to him would appear on this list. That said, in this case, the story contained within the issue has nothing to do with the “Merc with a Mouse,” oddly enough. Still, it is the J. Scott Campbell variant cover version of the issue, which has the cover date November 2010, that is already worth $1,000. Seemingly featuring Wolverine dressed up like Deadpool, we don’t see Wade Wilson becoming less popular anytime soon or this issue going anywhere but up in value.

10 Edge of Spider-Verse #2

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A comic book series that is proof positive that if you put the word "spider" in the name of a Marvel comic it might sell well, when you read the title Edge of Spider-Verse, it can be easy to dismiss as a cash in. That said, if you do that, you are missing the boat as the second issue, which was dated November 2014 and introduced an incredibly popular new character. Containing the very first appearance of the aforementioned Spider-Gwen, Edge of Spider-Verse #2 is now worth $700 if you have the Greg Land variant cover. Of course, even though that number is high, we think it is inevitable that Spider-Gwen makes her live-action big screen debut, and once that happens, an issue like this should have a meteoric rise in value.

9 Dark Knight III: Master Race #1

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A series that changed the way a lot of people saw Batman, when the Dark Knight saga began in 1986 with a four-issue series, it became a sensation in the comic book world. Originally written and drawn by Frank Miller, the first series has since had two sequels, the latter of which was known as Dark Knight III: Master Race. A nine-issue series that debuted in November 2011, there was a 1-in-5000 Jim Lee cover variant version of the first one that is currently valued at $800. Considering it is part of a series that helped define the modern version of the Batman mythos and is ultra-rare, that seems like a fantastic investment to us.

8 All-New Wolverine #2

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Often times the case, the first issue of an important comic book series can go down in history, but if you think that the debut issues are always the best investments, you aren’t paying enough attention. A great example of that, the David Lopez variant cover version of All-New Wolverine #2 is valued at $180, a much higher figure than any version of the debut issue in the series. Featuring a reference to an X-Men issue in which the original Wolverine prepares to kick butt after falling into a sewer, seeing X-23 now using the Wolverine name in the same pose is a lot of fun.

7 Veronica #202

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If you haven’t paid attention to the world of Archie Comics, it has become far more modernized than you may remember it being. One such example of that, in Veronica #202 which was dated November 2010, the character Kevin Keller debuted. Able to become quite popular since then, it was a meaningful moment for many fans as he was the first openly gay character to become a regular character. Also introduced to fans as a part of the popular show Riverdale, for those reasons, we are surprised that issues that were a part of the first printing are only worth $15. As the character continues to take on importance, especially in the years to come, that figure will surely go up.

6 Detective Comics #880

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The final Batman-related issue to find its way on our list, this time the value is not dependent on a variant cover in any way. Instead, the original cover art of this issue is so striking, that something like that wasn’t needed for this September 2011 book to become valued at $160. A steep price to be sure, the fact that this issue was released so close to the dawn of the New 52 era meant that they printed fewer of them than usual. On top of that, cover depictions of The Joker that pass the test of time tend to drive the issue in question into the hearts of fans around the world.

5 Amazing Spider-Man #700

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One of the most important names in the history of comic books, Steve Ditko is not a superhero, but many characters that are beloved the world over would not exist in their current form without him. An artist and writer that is best known as the co-creator of Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, sadly he passed away in 2018. For that reason, it is even more touching today that his involvement in Spidey’s creation was celebrated when Amazing Spider-Man #700, which had a cover date of February 2013, was released. Clearly highly valued by fans as well, it is the Steve Ditko variant cover version of the issue that is now valued at $500, an amount that should ascend for quite a while now that Steve is no longer with us.

4 X-23 Vol. 2 #1

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Always a risky thing to touch on in comic books, the introduction of clones can bring to mind some pretty awful stories fans and critics look back on with derision in their hearts. As such, when X-23, a female clone of Wolverine, was introduced, it easily could have gone awry. Fortunately, in execution, the character was fantastic and it didn’t take long for her to become one of the most popular X-Men characters. Given several series over the years, the Gabriele Dell'Otto variant cover version of the X-23 Vol. 2 #1 is now valued at $600. Recently introduced to mainstream audiences after the stellar film Logan, she is bound to return to the big screen which will balloon the value of this issue even further.

3 Ultimate Fallout #4

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The most famous character that Marvel has ever created, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, has been at the heart of far too many stories to count. For that reason, it always seemed obvious that any attempt to make a new character, Spider-Man would be a foolhardy one that would surely fail. However, once the world discovered Miles Morales, an alternate reality version of Spidey, he went on to be embraced with abandon in many circles. As such, we are shocked the issue in which he debuted, Ultimate Fallout #4, which has the cover date of October 2011, is only valued at $60.

2 Rick and Morty #1

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One of those shows that you either love or hate, it seemed like only a matter of time until the fans inspired Rick and Morty to make the leap to the comic world. Fortunately, they did just that with the release of Rick and Morty #1, which was dated April 2015. Highly collectible, if you find the ultra-rare Justin Roland variant cover version, it is currently valued at $1,050, which is an awful lot to pay for an issue you see as a business investment. However, considering there is a finite amount of them and people love this show enough to riot over a dipping sauce, it seems obvious that wealthy fans will pay more and more for it.

1 X-Men Red #1

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One of the founding members of the X-Men, ever since Jean Grey first passed away at the end of the Dark Phoenix saga, she has come back to life only to kick the bucket again several times. The most recent instance of the character’s return, X-Men Red #1, which has the cover date of April 2018, reintroduces Jean to a world that has changed a lot since the last time she was alive. Only months old at the time of this writing, despite that, the Rob Liefeld variant cover version is already worth $75. If that isn’t an indication that the issue will be worth a fortune one day, we don’t know what is.

References: comicbookrealm.com, ultimatecomicbooks.com

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