19 Things TLC Fans Should Learn About Audrey Roloff

Audrey Roloff has become one of the most iconic lifestyle bloggers at the moment. She’s the wife of the Little People, Big World cast member Jeremy Roloff. Every since they found that spark between them, she’s been working hard to grow her career the most she possibly can! She has a big happy family that has completely welcomed her with open arms. She also has a very interesting lifestyle as well. Not only does she give advice, but she makes sure she always puts her best foot forward in anything she sets her mind to. From running track full time back in school to growing her blog to new heights, it seems like nothing can get in her way from reaching her dreams.

She’s a complete inspiration for so many individuals out there in the world. Now that she has a growing family of her own, it’s only a matter of time before she branches out even more and maybe even has her own TV show; who knows what the future has in store for Audrey! Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll get to see more about her and her life and take that to inspire our own lifestyles. Here are 20 things all TLC fans should know about Audrey Roloff and her family. 

19 She Values A Healthy Lifestyle

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Audrey Roloff is someone who really loves to take care of herself as best she possibly can, from her healthy lifestyle to her positive thinking. She is someone you’ll find taking advantage of every second of her day to get her whole to-do list complete with time to spare. She values so much in her life and within her family, but it’s nice to see that she takes care of herself and makes time for her own health and happiness as well.

18 She Runs Whenever She Can

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Not only does she value a healthy lifestyle, but she also enjoys running as well. She’s always been a very active individual, so it’s nice to see her keep up something she’s loved to do even as a kid. While she might make it look simple, she really has put a ton of work into her fitness routine, which is something she should honestly be proud of. We can’t wait to see how she pushes herself next in her routine.

17 She Was A Barre Instructor

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Did you know that Audrey is also a Barre instructor as well? Not only does she take time to take care of herself and her own healthy lifestyle, she also passes on that experience and knowledge to other lucky people as well. It would be so interesting to actually see what her class is really like. She even has specials where you can follow along on her blog with some of her classes as well! Sign us up.

16 Her Father Was A Runner

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This might be a bonus fact for some, but she got her amazing and inspiring fitness habits from her father, who was also a runner as well. It was obviously something very important in the family and has really helped her manage her lifestyle and find some peace of mind, especially when it comes to melting some of that stress away. As a new mother, anything to help with stress is really an amazing and special thing to cherish.

15 They’ve Always Been Committed To One Another

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Audrey has mentioned in many interviews and in her own blog posts that she was adamantly pursued by Jeremy and he always took it very seriously. Now that’s some serious commitment. It’s nice to know that they’ve always been committed to one another and that they are a big happy family that’s growing continuously. They also make a super cute family!

14 She is Actually A City Girl

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One look at Audrey might convince you that she’s a country girl through and through, but that’s not actually true. She’s been one to live in big cities almost her whole life. She’s lived in the big city growing up and only just now moved to the countryside of Oregon, where she has fully embraced the slower pace of life. From the looks of it she totally loves it and it really does seem to inspire her, especially with her blog posts!

13 They Are Moving Everything To The Country

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While it might seem simple to make a move to the country since there isn’t so much chaos everywhere, it was a but rougher than you might imagine. Audrey completely uprooted her life to have a family with Jeremy and it’s something that wasn’t easy on her or even on her own family as well. At least she seems at home in her new abode. Let’s hope those vibes keep flourishing as more time goes on.

12 Are They Writing A Book Right Now?

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They are! Both Audrey and her husband Jeremy are actually writing a book together. The book is basically their love story because they believe that people want to know everything about them and how they live their lives, and they would be right! They are such an interesting couple. We can’t wait to see what kind of stories they decide to share in those pages, because we hope it’s a good mix of love, family, and lifestyle tips!

11 She Happens To Be A ENFP

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If you don’t know what an ENFP is, it is a Myers-Briggs personality type. The class of ENFP is typically known as being a campaigner and also a free spirit that likes to go with the flow. This really does match how she presents herself. She always seems like she’s down for any kind of adventure and she does so with a very positive attitude. She’s a total inspiration, that’s for sure.

10 She Is A Huge Beach Lover

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Even though she jokes about Jeremy being her farmer babe, they both really love the beach a ton! They love going there and hanging out around a fire and just enjoying themselves. While they might always seem like they’re constantly on the go, they do take time to unwind and relax, which is amazing and a great example to follow. This past year they actually went to the beach to celebrate Audrey’s birthday! Even though we’re a bit late, happy birthday Audrey!

9 She Has A Pretty Strange Nickname

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Since she was a little kid, she’s always had the nickname Auj, but it wasn’t until she was older that Poj got added on to the name to end up with Auj Poj. Audrey loves this nickname, and she actually made it the name of her website and blog as well. She thinks it really fits well with the style of her life being so hodgepodge all the time. She might joke about her life being thrown together, but she really does have a very interesting life, to say the least.

8 She Is A Full-Time Blogger

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Running a blog might seem like easy work, but it’s anything but, especially when you add a relationship, family, and full on celebrity career to the mix. When Audrey started dating Jeremy her life was turned upside down; she was suddenly in the spotlight. This makes it even more interesting to see how her perspective has changed throughout her blog posts that she publishes. Her progression through her career has changed so much throughout her life, which makes it so much more interesting.

7 She Is Running The Blog With Her Husband

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Another great thing to see is that she runs the blog with her husband Jeremy. They both contribute to it and it’s a perfect mix of different perspectives, different lifestyles, and tips for how to create a unique family unit that works for them. It’s very special that they share their experiences together like this, which makes us really want to see more in the future, especially when it comes to balancing their relationship. They want people involved in their relationship so they can grow.

6 She Has Her Own Clothing Line

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Not only does Audrey run her blog, but she also has her own clothing line full of cute t-shirts that match her daughter and she even offers discount codes for those who follow her on social media. She’s got a creative mind, and it’s awesome to be able to wear her ideas right there on your shirt for all to see! Plus she’s always putting out more and more designs that are fresh and new for those who like to switch it up.

5 She Loves Her Daughter More Than Anything

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While Audrey is pretty open with her life, especially through her blog posts, one that always shines through the most is the fact that she loves her daughter so much. She loves being a mother and she cherishes her daughter more than anything in the world. She has her life together in such balance, and it’s amazing to see that little baby be so spoiled in a loving and beautiful family. Her audience loves her baby too. I mean, how could you not?

4 She Is Insecure About Her Ears

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Audrey never has seemed like the type of person that would be insecure about anything. She seems like she has the perfect life, the perfect family, and the perfect fitness routine. But she actually doesn’t really like her ears! She actually has stretched ears but they happened by accident and because of it she hasn’t worn earrings in almost 6 years, according to her social media. Who would have thought it would have happened from a ski helmet pulling on her ears?

3 She Is A Total Tomboy At Heart

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If you really look at some of the elements she includes in her wardrobe and how she styles her hair and makeup, you might be able to tell that Audrey used to be a real tomboy. She overall has a very classic and casual style, and she never really wears that much makeup. Audrey likes to keep things a bit more simple and natural than most in the spotlight, which is honestly quite refreshing to see among all the others out there.

2 She Deals With Chronic Stomach Pain

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Something not many people know about Audrey is that she actually has quite a few gastrointestinal issues that she deals with on a daily basis. She has a ton of chronic stomach pain, but it is quite inspiring that she’s been able to have a smile on her face at all times and push through the hard times to take care of her family. We hope she gets through these health issues, but she seems to be taking great care of herself!

1 She Was Not Allowed To Wear Makeup

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Can you imagine not being able to wear makeup until you’re in high school? It’s always so fun to play around with makeup, because after all, it’s an art and lets you explore your creativity. But that’s exactly what happened to Audrey Roloff. She wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until much later on in her life. Her parents wanted her face to be clean and not complicate her life in any way, and maybe it did help. You don’t need makeup to be beautiful, but it’s okay to play with makeup and have fun!

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