You Won't Believe How These 15 Celebrities Spend Their Hard Earned Cash!

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had millions of dollars? It’s probably something we've all wondered about at some point in our lives. What if your life changed and you were suddenly a celebrity with millions of dollars, would you stay humble, or would you buy a gold bathtub?

Having millions of dollars means that you can buy anything that you want, for the most part. Celebrities have proven time and time again that they will go out and buy literally anything they want, no matter how lavish or ridiculous the price tag. I guess when you have millions of dollars you never worry about it disappearing. Some celebrities choose to spend the bulk of their fortune on multiple homes, while others will spend it on cars. Many celebrities do stay humble, however, and continue to live a modest existence even though they're wealthy, but those kinds of celebrities are rare.

When it comes to spending money, that's one aspect where celebrities cannot claim to be just like the rest of us. They sometimes spend their money on maddening things and without a care in the world. They go on large shopping sprees basically because they can. There are no limits on their credit cards, and they have people waiting on them hand and foot the moment they step into a store. Remember that scene from Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts finally gets to go shopping? It’s good to be rich!

15 Nicolas Cage

Who doesn’t love Nicolas Cage? I mean, he brought us Gone In 60 Seconds, Face/Off, Leaving Las Vegas, and National Treasure. He was a pretty popular actor, at one point bringing in one blockbuster after another, though these days we don’t see much of the actor. He made a ton of money, making upwards of $20 million a movie. With big money came big spending, and while at one point, he was worth $150 million, he managed to blow through most of that, even finding himself $13 million in debt to the IRS! Ouch! Cage loves comic books, maybe a little too much. At one point, the famous actor had a collection of comic books that was worth $1.6 million. He has made a comeback recently, and as of today, Cage is now worth $40 million, which isn’t too bad considering how much money he's spent over the years.

14 Paris Hilton

What is it with celebrities and these insane doghouses they purchase for their pets? Paris Hilton is another celebrity who likes to spoil her dogs to the max. With an estimated net worth of $100 million, the celebrity certainly has the means to pamper her dogs. Between her reality TV career and her fragrance collections, she does quite well for herself. In 2012 alone, her fragrance collection brought in over 1.3 billion in revenue. I’m not sure who's buying this stuff, but that’s quite the bit of profit. Paris has no problem spending money; she isn’t exactly someone you would consider to be thrifty. When it comes to her dogs, she spares no expense. She spent $325,000 on a custom doghouse that included, air conditioning, ceiling moldings, mini designer furniture, and a small black chandelier. Those dogs don’t know how good they have it.

13 Akon

Most people, when they need diamonds, will go to a Jared or something, but that’s not the case for Akon. When he decided he wanted diamonds, he went after his own diamond mine in South Africa. It’s hard to say how much he spent on the mine, but he received quite a bit of flak for the purchase given the whole “blood diamond” thing -- not to mention that the purchase of the mine was a bit shady as there wasn’t a lot of information on how much it was purchased for. Even Akon admits that the ownership is “complicated.” A lot of people called the rapper blood-thirsty because of the purchase. "They are talking about it and haven't even been there. They are talking about what they heard in the press and on TV, what they are seeing in the movie," Akon said, referring to the Oscar-nominated film Blood Diamond.

12 Lady Gaga

There's no doubt about it -- this popular singer can be a little weird at times. Her outfits alone have raised a few eyebrows. But it’s not just her outfits that make people wonder; it can be some of her purchases as well. Lady Gaga has had a successful reign in the music industry, accumulating a net worth of $280 million. So, what does this mega-star spend her money on? Well, the funny thing is, it turns out that Lady Gaga may have a thing for ghosts! Yes, as in spirits! She allegedly bought a ghost-detecting machine for $50,000. Now whether she was trying to detect ghosts out of fear or fascination is hard to say, but it’s a really messed-up purchase. We're betting she found herself in one of those haunted houses and needed to make sure that she didn’t have any unexpected visitors.

11 Elton John

Elton John has certainly lived a successful life, and he’s a legend in the music industry. So, shouldn’t he be able to spend his money on whatever the hell he wants? Well, don’t worry; he does. In 2015, John was worth a whopping $480 million. Now that’s the kind of wealth that's nothing to sneeze at. When it comes to spending habits, John does have some unusual ones. For example, he really likes fresh flowers. He loves them so much, in fact, that he spends around $320,000 a year on them. During a lawsuit, it came out that John spent huge amounts on floral arrangements. “I like flowers. I don't have any people to leave my money to; I'm a single man. I like to spend money. It's my money to spend." You tell them, Elton! It’s true, though. Where is all his money going to go after he passes? He might as well enjoy it!

10 Rachel Hunter

When Rachel Hunter hit the modeling scene, magazines and designers couldn’t book her fast enough. She became one of the most iconic supermodels out there. A New Zealand girl, she came to America and set the runway world on fire. She retired as a supermodel and went on to hosting reality TV. She has a net worth of $60 million, so what does the supermodel spend her money on? Well, her dogs, of course. She has a huge love for her dogs, which many of us can understand, and she has no problem spoiling them. She has multiple German Shepherds, and it’s reported that she spent $15,000 for a dog house for these dogs. Could you imagine? That’s what some of us spend on cars or a downpayment on a house. It must be one hell of a dog house!

9 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson loves to spend money. In fact, during the peak of his career, when he was worth $300 million, spending was all he did. That was how he ended up losing his fortune from extravagant spending habits. A great example of how Tyson spent his money was the Bengal Tigers that he purchased. He bought two of the rare cats for $150,000 because just going out and getting a dog would have been considered mainstream. It was just one of the many things Tyson purchased at the time to flaunt his wealth. He made his huge fortune through his fighting career and his many endorsements. Although at one point he was considered to be broke, he has made his way back up to Millionaire’s Row, and is now worth an estimated $3 million. Hopefully, he's learned his lesson about spending money unnecessarily.

8 Bono

Bono is certainly a living legend with a career that most people will never attain in their lifetime. Although he isn’t known to go out and spend money on diamond bathtubs or anything like that, he'll still shell out some coin for some pretty unusual things. He's considered to be the eighth-wealthiest singer in the world and has a whopping net worth of $600 million. Now that's a lot of money to spend, and Bono has no problem spending it. In fact, he has so much money that when it came to a hat that he had left behind in another city, he spent over $1,700 to have the hat flown to him. And it wasn’t sent via courier; the hat got its own seat in first class. It’s pretty sad when a hat gets better treatment than most people out there.

7 Kim Basinger

When it came to Kim Basinger’s fortune, she wasn’t interested in going shopping or buying a new house. No, this girl decided to go out and buy herself a town. To do this, we have to guess that she had some help from her ex-husband, Alec Baldwin, because she only has a net worth of $36 million, but at some point during her career, she purchased a town called Braselton for $20 million. That’s a hefty price for a town, and it seems like an unusual thing to buy. This was in 1989 before her divorce and before she claimed bankruptcy in 1993. She purchased 1,751 acres of the town's measly 2,000 acres that were privately owned and planned on turning it into a tourist attraction. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like to own part of a town, but that’s what it means to live in the celebrity world.

6 Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is well beyond a millionaire; in fact, he has a net worth of 3.7 billion! WOW! Spielberg likes to spend his money on interesting things as well. When it comes to directors, there's no doubt that most of them are nerds. And what do film nerds love? Film memorabilia, of course. Not just any film memorabilia, though. Because Spielberg is a huge fan of Citizen Kane, when it came time for memorabilia to be auctioned off, he was right there. Acquiring the Rosebud sled is like a wet dream for film nerds, and Spielberg got his hands on it for $60,500, which is really pennies to the director. When you’re a billionaire, spending 60k is like smashing open a piggy bank, looking for change. The sled is now somewhere in his house probably hanging on a wall.

5 Celine Dion

Celine Dion is another music legend that has banked a lot of cash over the years due to her successful career. As of today, the singer is worth over $380 million, which is such an insane amount of money that it’s literally hard to imagine how to spend it all. That's also probably the reason why most celebrity’s blow their cash on silly things because there's no way they can spend the amount of money they have. When we think about humidifiers, we think of those ones that you can buy at Walmart for $100, but Dion would not even hear of buying such a cheap product. She uses a humidifier at home and when she travels to protect her voice and keep it in working condition. The humidifier that she purchased, however, cost $2 million. I’d like to know what that thing is pumping out to be worth that kind of money.

4 Jay-Z

We all know that Jay-Z likes to spend money on extravagant items. Between him and his wife Beyoncé, they have no problem shelling out big sums of money on anything. With a net worth of $610 million just on his own, he has every reason in the world to throw money around. One of his many off-the-wall purchases came in the form of a racehorse that he purchased for $55 million. Many people found it to be an odd purchase since he had no experience with racehorses. The horse's previous owner, Steve Coburn, admitted, “I hated to sell the animal, but it is hard to say no to a double nickel in millions. And it is the best thing for horse racing. Our racing community has been pushing to get a rapper involved in ownership for a long time. I could not turn down the chance to give our sport an ethnic boost.”

3 Tom Cruise

Most people already think that Tom Cruise may be a little crazy, so it sure didn’t help when he bought a sonogram machine for his home when Katie Holmes was pregnant. He wanted to be able to, at a moment’s notice, hear the heartbeat and check to make sure the baby was okay. Most people wait and go to the hospital for that sort of thing, but not Cruise; he wanted to be able to check on the baby anytime he wanted despite the risks of too much radiation. When his wife became pregnant, he purchased the machine for $200,000 and tucked it away in their home. Not surprisingly, Cruise has a net worth of $500 million because any movie he makes seems to be Hollywood gold. He certainly has no reason to ever worry about money, though his divorces are adding up quickly.

2 Rihanna

Celebrities always look polished, or at least they really try not to be caught by the paparazzi when they're looking less than fabulous. This takes more work for some celebrities than others. Many celebrities will spend a lot of money to make sure that they look perfect at all times, but you have to wonder, how much do you really need to get done? In the case of Rihanna, it’s apparently a lot because she spends a fortune weekly on looking the way that she does. She has an estimated fortune of $230 million, and one of her favorite things to spend money on is her appearance. It costs this celebrity about $56,000 a week to look the way that she does. If I had to guess, that probably has to do with hairstyles, eyelash extensions, pedicures, and manicures -- the list really goes on.

1 Katy Perry

It’s obvious that celebrities often go overboard when it comes to buying gifts for the loved ones in their lives, but sometimes, they get really out of hand. When Katy Perry was still married to Russell Brand, she had to decide what she was going to get the man in her life for his birthday. Oddly enough, the idea she came up with was to send her man to space. Yeah, apparently, that’s a thing, and it costs around $200,000. The idea would be that he would be sent out into the atmosphere for a sweet chunk of change. In the end, she decided not to do it, probably because it was madness, but we would have to say, maybe next time, get him some socks. It’s pretty bizarre to think that someone can have so much money that he or she can just start sending out random members of the family into space.

Source: scoopwhoop.com

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