Wives Confess: 15 Things Women Do (On Purpose) To Piss Off Men

Some men proclaim that they can't live with women yet can't live without them. What this really means, of course, is that they don't understand everything about women, especially when it comes to arguments.

For couples, fighting can be a dealbreaker or an opportunity to learn and make the relationship better moving forward. But what about mini-fights? Little spats in which the couple isn't really arguing but there is clear and present tension surrounding them. Can there be a learning opportunity to make the relationship better for these tiny tantrums? Based on the following fifteen confessions, maybe not in these cases. This is because the following female halves to these relationships all have mastered the art of angering their men and frankly, seem to enjoy it to some degree. Call it playing games in the relationship, call it manipulation, whatever you like.

In any case, you'll quickly understand that these ladies have perfected the science of annoying and enraging their beloved husbands and boyfriends whenever they feel like it. For any men who have wanted to know what it is like in the mind of a woman, here are fifteen confessions from gals who have purposely cooked up ways to anger their other halves.

15 I Know That It Irritates My Bf When I Talk During A Movie... I Still Do It Though

It isn't clear if this little lady continues to talk through her boyfriend's favorite shows and during movies because it's a habit that she is having trouble breaking or because she just loves to see her true love's annoyed face when he realizes he just missed out on some very important part of Criminal Minds. If she just truly enjoys annoying the media lover, this relationship might not have the stuff to last the test of time. On the other hand, if she is just naturally a Chatty Cathy type of girl then maybe this is something she can work on and try to curb her talkative ways when her boyfriend's eyes are affixed to the screen. If you've ever been in a movie theater and seen that couple... you know the one... with the girl who's talking nonstop and ruining your moviegoing experience to some degree and the guy is offering apologetic glances to everyone around them, maybe you can sympathize with the male half of this relationship.

14 I Have A Tendency To 'Ice Out' My Boyfriend When I'm Mad At Him

"Icing someone out" or turning a cold shoulder can be a common tactic for some people to turn to when they are upset. While this might be a tempting preferred hand to play when something upsetting happens, it usually comes off as childish and immature. Moreover, this tactic doesn't add to solving any problems but rather creates more by building up anger in the other person. If you've ever been given the silent treatment by someone like a co-worker or say, a fourth-grader, you know how irritating it can be. But if the person that is being given the silent treatment is the other half of the person purposely keeping quiet, there could be serious relationship problems brewing especially if the cold chill lasts longer than a few minutes each time.

13 My Fiancé Hates It When I Say 'I'm Fine' When It's Clear I'm Not

Oh, boy. Well, this is kind of a classic, isn't it? In men's locker rooms, at Friday night poker tables and at bars across the world, one thing that men can bond over is their mutual contempt for when their wife says, "I'm fine" but they can tell that there is a specially marked spot for them in the doghouse, reservations compliments of their wife.

"Why does she's fine when she's not?" many married men have complained about before. We have a feeling that many of their wives would answer that it's because they wish their husbands would know them well enough by now to not only understand why they are upset but enough to not have upset them in the first place. It sounds like this couple could use a good dose of open communication skills and maybe a little bit of compromise from each.

12 It's Always A Fight When My Boyfriend Catches Me Checking His Phone But...

Digital drama. It’s something that plagues the relationships of untrusting partners in these modern times. Has anyone else wondered why the boyfriend hasn’t simply put a passcode lock on his phone by now? Since “it’s always a fight” implies that this has happened many times, we can’t help but wonder why it keeps on occurring. Maybe he feels like he should not have to lock his phone, which might be an inconvenience for him, especially around someone that he should be able to trust whole-heartedly. But this guy has a lot more problems going on for him than worrying about if he should set a passcode on his phone or not. The real problem is that his relationship lacks trust and open communication. Or he could always just set a passcode, keep changing it and live with the digital drama until he simply can't take it any longer.

11 I Wear Skimpy Outfits On Purpose

This girl has a creative plan all figured out in order to get her boyfriend’s attention. Simply by getting other guys to check her out, her boyfriend’s jealousy meter will start beeping and then he will realize what a complete fool he has been… ignoring his beautiful girlfriend when there are so many other eligible bachelors out there who would truly appreciate her if he isn’t going to… or so she thinks. Maybe she hasn’t fully thought out this plan yet. It seems to us like it could easily backfire on her. If her boyfriend is smarter than a stack of paper plates, he can probably be able to pretty easily piece together that his insecure girlfriend is purposely trying to anger him by showing off in front of other guys to make him jealous. And if his emotional maturity is greater than that of the aforementioned stack of paper plates, he'll probably be telling her to hit the road if she keeps this up.

10 I Take Forever Getting Ready On Purpose

Sounds like the recipe for a great marriage... she passive-aggressively makes it so that they run late under the guise of having nothing to wear to purposely annoy her husband, knowing that a personal pet peeve of his is running late. Instead of bringing up the topic of what is bothering her and hashing out the matter with her husband so they can put the matter to rest and move on happily, this wife decided that pushing the troubling topic deep down to fester and cause massive resentment in the future was the better choice. The husband, no doubt, will have his own reserve of resentment thanks to his wife's clever little way of getting under his skin. Cheers to the (un)happy couple! How many more years do you give them?

9 I Know That He Hates It When I Compare Our Relationship To Others... I Can't Help It

While this is a fairly typical point of contention for couples to deal with, that fact doesn't help when you are the one who is currently being driven crazy by your significant other constantly comparing your relationship to that of your friends, your brother and his wife and so on. Usually, this signifies that there is some obvious trouble in the relationship but this kind of relentless game of comparison doesn't necessarily have to be a dealbreaker with your true love. This behavior might be due to feelings of insecurity either due to low self-esteem, childhood traumas (having knowledge that her father cheated on her mother, for example) or it could be the result of an unfaithful partner in a previous relationship. Whatever the case may be, if it possible to get past this mindset, the relationship could have the possibility of survival in its favor.

8 Bringing Up My Husband's Painful Past Gets Me Out Of Trouble

This one is just plain mean. Emotional blackmail is what this tactic is called. This manipulative wife is shameless about her ability to stop her husband in his tracks if she is the one who seems to be headed straight for the doghouse. Instead of talking out the problem and coming up with a possible solution, she goes straight for the "painful past" card, playing it like a heartless hustler in order to get her way. But if she plays this card too many times, her husband may finally decide that facing up to his complicated and delicate past is worth the pain in order to shut his wife down. Or maybe he will tell her that enough is enough the next time she starts to shove his dirty laundry in his face and shove some divorce papers her way in return.

7 He Tells Me I Don't Need To Keep Asking Him If I Look Good... It Bugs Him So Much

Everyone deals with insecurity in some form at least at some point in their lives. Having insecurity rule your life so much that it spills over and affects your significant other's life, however, is very different. While it might seem that most people would have automatic compassion for their partner, a relationship with the stress of an incessant barrage of insecure questioning can put a heavy strain on any relationship. It can be hard to have compassion for someone who is constantly seeking reassurance by asking the same question over and over no matter how much love is involved. The sad part of this is that this behavior can lead to a vicious cycle. If the partner gets too annoyed with the insecure questioning and breaks things off, this may send their former other half into a downward spiral of self-loathing.

6 He Says Checking My Phone In Front Of Him Is Rude... I Don't Care

It may be hard to believe but yes, there are still people in existence who find joy even (or especially) when they do not have a smartphone glued to their hand. If you happen to be one of these few rare souls left, chances are good that you have found yourself in a situation in which you felt snubbed by someone else in favor of their cell phone. With all of the social media apps available today, it seems as if our society is moving more towards a digital social life than an actual one. If that sounds crazy to you, you can probably relate to the frustration this girl's boyfriend undoubtedly feels any time he sees his girlfriend whip out her phone for an extra long session of no eye contact and no communication.

5 If He's On My Bad Side, I Take An Extra Long Time Deciding

Decisiveness is a quality that many people find attractive in general. Employers like their employees to carry a strong decisive trait, parents try to instil the ability to make decisions with confidence in their children but when it comes to personality characteristics in a partner, it is extra important to many people to find this trait in their special someone. It means that the person they are considering merging their life with has self-assurance and certainty about them. It also means that they possess the kind of courage that it takes to smartly assess a situation and boldly choose the wisest decision that will be able to cover everyone's best interest. It sounds like this lady is lacking in this department in a major way and though it may not bother her significant other too much right now, the fact that she goes out of her way to be extra indecisive just to bother him might.

4  Yes, I Will Leave Dirty Dishes In The Sink All Day And Night To Prove A Point

We are willing to bet a pretty penny that it isn't so much the unwashed dishes in the sink waiting for the attention of a soapy sponge that bothers this hubby so much about his wife but the passive-aggressive way that she chooses to "prove her point" instead. But then again, we could be wrong about this. He could be completely clueless that his dear wife is doing this on purpose only when she's mad at him and he is just a neat freak who hates dirty dishes left in the sink. But whatever the case may be, this doesn't seem to be a very nice way to get issues resolved. Plus, at the end of the day, there's an angry wife, a newly angered husband and an entire sink full of dishes that nobody will wash until this couple kisses and makes up!

3 It Always Drives My Boyfriend Crazy When I Ask Too Many Questions

It is hard to tell if the girlfriend in this scenario is like a little kid in the backseat during a road trip with an endless supply of the kind of agitating bombardment that only a child on long and never-ending highway adventures can deliver. "Are we there yet?" "When are we going to be there?" "Are we there now?" If that is what she means by "inquisitive personality" then we can see how the boyfriend is easily irritated by her non-stop barrage of rapid-fire questioning. But on the other hand, maybe the boyfriend is easily bothered and overly sensitive to these types of things and the girlfriend's questions are actually completely normal. It's pretty difficult to tell what is really going on based on a two-sentence confession but if her friends, family and co-workers have also complained about her "inquisitive personality", she might want to tone down her "need to know."

2 When I Constantly Complain About Being Tired, He Gets Bothered... It's Fun

Resentment is a bitter weight to carry around. When one half of a couple feels that they are contributing more than the other to the partnership, feelings of resentment and anger can build up. In this case, the boyfriend is working full-time while his girlfriend is working half as much, yet, from her own omission, purposely annoying him about twice as much. It doesn't seem as though she's actually tired all of the time but instead just enjoys complaining about being sleepy and feeling run down often so that her boyfriend will be reminded that he works more than she does and there's obviously some bitter feelings there about that. Either that or he doesn't care about her working half the hours he does and just doesn't want to hear her moan about being tired anymore.

1 Asking My Boyfriend The Same Questions Drives Him Insane... Which Is Why I Do It

Well, we can definitely see why these kinds of constant questions would drive her boyfriend a little batty. In a healthy relationship, partners would not have a need to ask each other if they were still loved by the other because if the relationship is moving along as it normally does, there wouldn't be any reason to question things unless a big, dramatic revelation fell out of the sky, so to say. And surely, if the partner who had been asked the question answered with "yes", hearing "Are you sure?" from their other half would be irritating. More so, if it happened a near-daily basis. It's normal for people to feel insecure about certain situations and it's also a natural reaction to want to comfort our loved ones when they are feeling insecure but an overdose of insecurity is likely to inject an unhealthy amount of frustration and stress into any relationship.

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