15 Whisper Confessions From Men Who Only Date Exotic Women

Oh the joys of living in a multicultural paradise! Sure, different races might not always get along, but there are some definite benefits to living in a country or a city with a huge range of different racial backgrounds. And guys know exactly where I'm going with this. They say variety is the spice of life, and this is definitely the case with women. Sometimes, dating the same women over and over again can get seriously boring. That's why many guys have expanded their horizons and started dating outside of their race. The benefits for this can be huge, and you just might find someone who will totally rock your world. We have all come to realize that sticking to one type of anything can be boring, and the same goes for women.

All these Whisper confessions tell stories of guys who have dated so-called "exotic" women, and you won't believe some of their stories. It might just be the deciding factor in convincing you to ask that cute girl out who you always liked. Because to truly understand the world around you, you have to sample everything it has to offer. And this is certainly the case with women. There are so many gorgeous women of all walks of life that you can discover at all times. And with so much fighting and hatred in the world today, what better way to fight it and bring people together than with the oldest "weapon" we have – love!

15 Asian Girls Love Him

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We all know that certain races are famous for staying away from each other. But how true are these stereotypes really? This guy, for example claims that he's a black guy and Asian girls love him. He always thought that Asian girls didn't like black guys or that they stayed away from guys like him. But he was in for one hell of a surprise when he found out the truth. Not only did they like him, but they were extremely flirtatious with him. This is why you should never believe what people are telling you – always try for yourself to get with girls, even if you think you have no chance.

Asian girls have become something of an obsession among many guys these days. There's no doubting that some of them are in fact very beautiful, but that's true with pretty much every race. What seems to be most attractive about Asians is this myth that they are hard to get. But as this guy found out, this just isn't true.

14 Family Prejudices 

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We all know that there are some long-standing prejudices certain people have against certain races. This is very true in countries like America where there are many different races. Two races who have a long and tumultuous history together are white people and black people, who have lived together in the US ever since black people were brought over as slaves to the country. This guy wants to put all that behind him, and move on with his life. Trouble is, he wants to date a black girl, but his mom has very different ideas... She thinks that mixed race children will never be accepted, and will be alienated by both whites and blacks in America.

When you think about it, the prejudices between certain races makes sense. At least from a purely scientific viewpoint. It all goes back to tribal nature. You see someone who is different, and you immediately think that they're not part of your "tribe." But it's the current year of 2017, and we need to move past that mindset.

13 He Fell In Love With A Mexican Girl 

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Looking back on like, we all can think of that one special person who meant a lot to us back in the day. This is "the one that got away." Sometimes we can look back on this special person with fond memories, other times we simply can't bear to dwell on it. But this guy in particular knows that the only person he's ever been in love with was a Mexican girl, and he's having some difficulties getting over her. He admits that he loved her a lot, and he still thinks about her. He misses her, but in the end he accepts that it's "just life."

This is a confession tons of people can relate to. In the end, it really doesn't matter what race that special someone was, we all know that the feeling of love is the same no matter the color of their skin. And it still hurts to look back at that loss...

12 Black Women Love His Confidence 

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If there's one thing that pretty much all women are attracted to, it's confidence. Confidence can make a semi-attractive guy into a total ladies man. It can help them get girls that are way out of their league. And as this guy admits, it doesn't matter what race the girls are – they're all attracted by confidence. In this particular situation, the guy making the Whisper confession admits that he's been dating black girls for as long as he can remember.

He says that they're always surprised that this random white guy has the confidence to walk up to them and start striking up a conversation. And because of this, he has great success. This is yet another example of the fact that women outside of your race might be a lot more interested in you than you think...

11 He Thinks Latinas Do It Best

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For some guys, they don't even really see "races" when dating. For them, all they see is a lot of beautiful women who could use some company. So what if one happens to be black, or Mexican, or even Native American? At the end of the day, beauty can manifest itself in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. For those guys who are lucky enough, they've sampled the entire palette of available women from a huge range of different races. And this guy is one of them. He's dated many different girls, although he's come to a very interesting conclusion.

According to him, Latina women do it best. This will probably be a controversial opinion that many of you will disagree with, but you can't fault him for having certain tastes. And it's hard to deny that there are in fact many beautiful and charming Latina girls out there...

10 He Used To Be Racist...

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We all know someone in our lives that is borderline racist. Sometimes, this hateful ideology comes about due to their family upbringing, and their ignorant attitudes towards new ideas. Other times, it can be something that develops due to the negative experiences someone has with a particular race. But one thing's for sure – it's a terrible way to look at the world and probably something that indicates lower intelligence. So how does one become "cured" of racism? Well, like so many other things in life, it seems that love is the answer.

This one dude was once a racist, but he admits that his life was turned upside down when he fell in love with a Native American girl. Native Americans are some of the most unique people in the world with a strong and interesting culture, and it seems their women were enough to make this racist individual finally see the light.

9 He Loves Russian Girls For Their Confidence 

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Although many of the girls mentioned so far have been people of color, that doesn't mean there aren't exotic white girls out there. Some white girls come from the other end of the globe, and live in countries with vastly different cultures than our own. In this way, they can be considered "exotic." Russian girls are a great example of this. There's always been a sense of mystery and allure when it comes to these Eastern European women, and guys have been obsessing over them for many years. For the longest time, there has been a sense of hatred between Russia and America, but there's also been a lot of love shared between American men and Russian women.

This one guy has experienced this love firsthand, and now he's never going back. Out of all the women he's met, Russian girls hold a special place in his heart. But it's not just about their physical beauty. According to him, he loves them because of their confidence and their ability to carry a decent conversation.

8 He Only Dates Mexican And Black Girls 

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In America, guys are lucky in that they have a huge range of different kinds of women to choose from. There's something there for everyone. This is a stark contrast to other types of countries, who are dominated by one race and one type of woman. In the USA, there are quite a few people of colour, but the most common are definitely black and Latina. And in these two groups, this particular guys found exactly what he was looking for. In fact, he doesn't have a reason to try any other type of woman.

We all have our specific tastes and desires. And for some men, they find themselves to be attracted primarily to one or two races. And there's nothing wrong with that! Mexican and black women are beautiful, and you could hardly blame a guy for becoming obsessed with them.

7 He Was Blown Away By The Women In Egypt

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Egypt is a wonderful place filled with all kinds of ruins, amazing sights, and mysterious secrets. But one of the best-kept secrets about Egypt is the nation's women. According to many guys on Whisper, Egyptian women rank right up there as some of the hottest in the entire world. Don't believe me? Travel there for yourself to find out just what you've been missing all these years. These women are unique in the Middle East, and they seem to have their own special appearance that makes guys all over the world go wild.

One particular guy on Whisper admits that he traveled to Egypt and found this out for himself. When he first got there, he wasn't too excited about his trip. But as soon as he set foot in the country, he realized that this trip was going to be a whole lot more awesome than he originally expected!

6 He Loves Arab Girls For Their Eyes

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We all know that Disney princesses aren't actually how women look in real life. It's a very stylized, over-exaggerated representation of the female form. There's no denying that these fictional princesses are beautiful, but pretty much every guy accepts that he's never going to actually meet a girl like that in his life. But is this really true? One guy thinks that Arab and Asian women actually look a lot like Disney princesses, especially when it comes to their eyes. He think their eyes are so huge that they look just like the Disney princesses that we've all fallen in love with at some point in our lives.

Large eyes have long been considered a mark of beauty. The Italian women of olden times used to purposely take certain drugs that would make their pupils dilate. This was to create the "bella donna" effect, which was the illusion of larger eyes.

5 The Most Beautiful Girl He Knows Is Russian

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Rusian women are so attractive and widely known for their beauty that they're talked about quite a lot on Whisper. Many men have fallen victim to their seductive gaze and their stunning good looks. Another man who was ensnared by a Russian beauty admits on Whisper to falling completely in love with her. He admits that it's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen or met, and he just can't get her off his mind.

We've all been there at some point in our lives. That one girl just won't get out of our heads, no matter how hard we try to forget her. And this particular guy seems to be asking how American men are treated in Russia. Could he be planning a trip to Russia to surprise this girl he was so taken by? If so, we wish him the best of luck!

4 He's Dating A Japanese Girl 

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Especially in recent years, guys all over the world have become somewhat obsessed with Japanese women. We all know the stereotype – hot schoolgirls that are innocent on the outside but naughty on the inside. There's also a huge influx of Japanese culture happening right now, especially when it comes to anime and video games. Huge conventions are a great place to go to see hot Japanese girls dressed up in some seriously alluring cosplay. But what's it like to really date a Japanese girl? Is it really as good as it seems? According to this one guy on Whisper, it's not really all it's cracked up to be.

He admits that he's dating a Japanese girl, and he's considering cheating on her. Why? According to him, she's just keeping him in the dark about way too many things. Regardless of race, it looks like this relationship is in some serious trouble. They really need to communicate better!

3 According To Him, Egyptian Women Are Complicated

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We've all dealt with that one girl who is just way too complicated. Because of this, relationships with these women don't actually last too long. Complicated women are hard to put up with, although the rewards for doing so are usually great. It's just that most guys don't have the patience to go through all that. One guy on Whisper admits that Egyptian girls are the best in the world – but there's a catch. According to him, they might be beautiful, but they're also extremely complicated. This is something he just can't wrap his head around.

Although dealing with complicated women can be a drag, they're also some of the most rewarding women to be with once you deal with all that baggage. Relationships are something you have to work hard at if you want anything to come out of them, and this is obviously the case with Egyptian women – at least if you believe what this guy has to say.

2 Dating A Japanese Girl And Feeling Lucky 

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While the previous guy who was dating a Japanese girl admits that the relationship isn't going to well, this guy is having pretty much the opposite experience. He's basically having the time of his life while dating a Japanese girl, and he can't get enough of her. He even goes as far as to say he's the luckiest guy in the world. He's in a relationship with a Japanese girl with a nice body, a big heart, and he's left feeling blessed. This might just make you consider having a relationship with a Japanese girl in the future.

But this also brings up another important point. The previous guy had trouble dating a Japanese girl, while this guy's having the time of his life. So what does that mean? The answer is simple. Race doesn't matter. It's about the personality of the actual girl herself, not the color of her skin or her nationality. Thinking all girls of one race or nationality are the same is extremely narrow-minded.

1 He Had A Huge Crush On A Mixed Race Girl

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We all remember that one girl back during school who we never got the courage to ask out. She might have been out of our league, with a different group of friends, or maybe we were just shy. But it's something that a lot of us look back upon and regret. We can't change the past, but we can learn from it, and passing up opportunities with women in this fashion inspires us to be more outgoing in the future. You have to grab life by the horns, and that's definitely the case with asking girls out.

This one particular guy admits that he wished he had asked a cute mixed race girl out during school, but he never said a word to her. Most of us can relate to where he's coming from. Sometimes, mixed race girls turn out to be insanely hot. The blending of different races and nationalities can be a very beautiful thing, and these mixed race girls can look totally unique and different.

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