When Nannies Talk: 15 Celeb Nannies Who Are Exposing Their Employers

Being a celebrity nanny has to be an interesting job, just imagine the things that these nannies see on a daily basis. They are not allowed to talk about it though; it could cost them their jobs or worse. Most celebrities will make their nannies sign NDA agreements that prevent them from discussing personal issues with anyone else. If they break that agreement, they can be sued. So, they need to be careful about what they say in public so that it doesn’t come back to haunt them.

Some nannies just can’t keep secrets very well and they can’t help but talk about the people they work for or used to work for. Celebrities are weird creatures and it’s obvious why we become fascinated by them, they live these crazy lives where wealth is at their fingertips. Despite their fame and fortune though, some of them are a little weird.

There are plenty of families out there that don’t hire nannies, but many do take the opportunity to get a little help. They have the money for it. Some will only hire one while there are some celebrities that have an entourage. It’s rumored that Angelina Jolie has a staff of 25 to help her with her many children, but she probably needs them to avoid a nervous breakdown — it’s eight children!

If you’re dying to get the scoop on what’s going on in some of the most famous families, then we’re dying to tell you.

15 Some Celebrities Hire Ugly Nannies

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 13: Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are seen at Los Angeles International Airport on January 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Well, can you blame them? We can’t even count on two hands how many celebrity daddies fooled around with the nanny. So, we aren’t surprised one bit that some women are hiring the ugly nannies. It is rumored that Jessica Simpson is one of those celebrities. Many people would consider her move to be one of someone who is insecure, but we think it’s probably the smartest thing she’s ever done. When it comes to her husband Eric, she is not taking any chances. Does this protect her from him ever cheating on her? Of course not, but why put the candy right out in front of him? A guy who cheats with a nanny is lower than low, but why take any chances? There was a rumor in 2016 that Eric was fooling around with the nanny, but it was never confirmed, so that could have been why she opted for the ugly nanny.

14 Their Bosses Scare Them

Why are we not surprised? Kate Gosselin has been in the media a few times due to her temper and if you watched any of her shows, she can get a little hot under the collar. Obviously, she has a lot of kids and that can be a struggle for a single mom, even with a nanny. According to her former nanny Ariel Cantara, she was a nightmare to work for. Cantara quit her job as the nanny because she claimed that Gosselin was “insane.” She claimed that Gosselin was a neat freak and had her carrying on ridiculous tasks all the time. She was very controlling and the nanny just got fed up. “Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no set schedule with days off. You work when Kate says she needs you to work.”

13 She’s The Baby Whisperer

Now that Fergie and Josh Duhamel are no longer together, Duhamel had to get his own nanny. This lady has some serious skills because apparently, she has skills when it comes to putting babies to sleep. They’ve literally nicknamed her “the sleep whisperer.” She is so well known for these skills. It’s rumored that even Kelly Rowland tried to steal the nanny from them. Get your own baby whisperer Rowland! Duhamel had no intention of losing the nanny, so she got a stiff promotion so that she wouldn’t be tempted to leave. We don’t think that nannies are in it for the money and they would typically prefer to stay with one family until they are no longer needed. The nanny is a great help, especially now that the couple is separated, but the nanny goes to both households, so it works out.

12 It’s Not Fun To Work For Madonna

There is no doubt about it; Madonna is a legend in her own making. She’s had a hell of a career because she’s mega-talented. Her nanny, however, has a different take on the singer and she thinks that she can be a real B-word. That was what her former nanny Angela had to say when she resigned from her position for “personal reasons.” Her nanny had no problem staying on until a new nanny was found, but Madonna was so ticked off about her leaving, she ordered her off her property immediately. We’re not sure why she had her panties in a twist, but the nanny was a little taken back that she ordered her to leave just two hours before she was to take her annual month-long leave. You might want to rethink things if you were planning on applying to work for Madonna.

11 You Can’t Talk To The Enemy

**Exclusive** David Beckham and Victoria Beckham arrive at LAX airport with their four children Romeo, Cruz, Harper and Brooklyn to board a flight Los Angeles, California - 05.07.12 Mandatory Credit: KMA/WENN.com

Victoria Beckham is no fool and she has spent many years hearing rumors about her husband. The man is gorgeous and he always has women flirting with him. Despite the fact that he has a beautiful woman on his arms, there have been infidelity rumors about him for years. Victoria’s former beautician is one woman who has claimed that she slept with David. So, when the rumor got out that their nanny Abigail Gibson was seen talking to the former beautician, she got an earful from Victoria. We would not want to be on Victoria’s bad side if you want to keep your job. Victoria never believed the rumors about her husband, but she’s also not going to forget about what was said either. She told Gibson to stay away from the woman. Abigail decided to quit instead of listening to her stating, “she could no longer work under those circumstances.”

10 They Hear All The Fighting

51811186 US Weekly is reporting that less than a month after splitting from wife Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck has moved on with their former nanny, Christine Ouzounian. File photos show the Ben and Christine running errands with the kids back in May... FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

If you are working as a nanny, then chances are you are bound to hear a couple of fight on occasion. But it’s probably worse if it’s a couple on the rocks like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. However, what the couple was probably fighting about was the nanny herself, though we’re not exactly sure when Jen found out that Ben was sleeping with the nanny. Christine Ouzounian claimed she often heard the couple screaming at each other and it would be her job to sooth their son Sam when he was upset. The couple was together for ten years and many were shocked when they broke up. Ben, of course, got it on with the nanny so it’s hard to trust anything that she says. Garner called the cheating “bad judgment” on her ex-husband’s part, but claimed that it's not why they got divorced.

9 Bad Nanny Behavior

In this case, it was the nanny that was in the wrong. She tried to be scandalous and she got caught in the act. For some nannies (not all) they dream about getting a celebrity assignment and then stealing the handsome man from his wife. It rarely happens that way, so we’re really not sure why nannies fool around with the married daddies because the most they get out of it is 15 minutes of fame. Eva Amurri is the daughter of Susan Sarandon and she’s married to Kyle Martino. In this case, it was the husband that fired the nanny after he received an inappropriate message from her. She sent him a “fake” message that was supposedly meant to go to her friend. “OMG. Girl, did I mention to you how hot and s*xy my boss is." No one believed that she sent it to the wrong person and Kyle wasn’t interested.

8 She Demands Respect

Well, of course, a celebrity wants to be respected in their own home, but what happens when it goes too far? A former nanny of Kourtney’s said that Kourtney apparently expected her to call her “madam.” This is the kind of diva move that we would expect from the Kardashians though. The nanny claimed that she was reprimanded one time that she forgot to call her madam. Kourtney is one mother who does seem to be devoted to her kids, but she’s also a Kardashian and well, we know how they can be. She appears to be a cold fish sometimes and all the Kardashian’s have been known to be difficult to deal with. We’re not sure whether this rumor is true, but if it is, then Kourtney may need to get over herself and not use outdated forms of getting respect.

7 The Superhero Nanny

#4969559 Super mom Gwen Stefani spends the day with her family in Sherman Oaks, CA on May 8, 2010 where she took her boys, Zuma and Kingston Rossdale to a kids birthday party complete with super heros Wolverine and Iron Man and the cast of Star Wars! Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Apparently, Gwen Stefani’s kids like to dress up like superheroes all the time and they certainly look cute doing it. Gwen Stefani, at one point, hired a male nanny just to dress up like a superhero with her kids all the time. This was when she was still married to Gavin Rossdale. It sounds fun, but it’s a wonder why she didn’t do it herself. We could totally see Gwen as a superhero. It sounds like a great nanny and it must have been fun. Gwen certainly hasn’t always had luck with nannies, though. Her last one is the reason why her marriage to Gavin ended. We really have to wonder why these men go after women that are so much less than their wives. Gwen’s album This Is What the Truth Feels Like is what comes from a broken heart.

6 Some Bosses Are Super Harsh

We can probably pick out a few celebrities in our heads that we would never want to work for and it’s usually the ones that rumors have gone around about. One of Charlize Theron’s former nannies stated that Theron was very difficult to work with. She alleged that her boss would not allow her to look at her while she was doing her job. That seems a little bizarre to say the least. Who knows if the nanny is telling the truth, but she had a little more to say about Theron. She claimed that she was required to write out on a notepad everything that she did with her child instead of just relaying it verbally. It sounds like Theron prefers the “seen and not heard approach” for her employees. But to us, it just sounds a little too creepy.

5 The Song-And-Dance Nanny

When celebrities are hiring nannies, they sometimes can get carried away. A nanny is meant to care for your child when you are unable to; it’s not their job to entertain them in absurd ways. Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy loves to see her mother sing and dance; it actually soothes her. Apparently, one of Beyoncé’s former nannies claimed that the singer required her to learn her songs and sing and dance for Blue Ivy. We hope she got extra pay for things like that because it sounds a little ridiculous. The nanny was expected to put on song-and-dance routines for Ivy and we cringe just thinking about it. It’s not exactly what a nanny signs up for when they get the job. They are expected to take care of the kids, not perform like a circus animal.

4 A Singing Nanny

Seriously, we are starting to feel bad for these nannies. There is just something not right about forcing a nanny to sing. When it comes to Sarah Jessica Parker’s kids, they like to hear the song, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. So, it was a requirement for the nanny to learn the song and sing it to her children every single night. Maybe some nannies wouldn’t mind doing something like that, but not everyone can carry a tune. We’re not sure if the nanny disliked it or not or if it’s just something she talked about. We have never heard anything truly harsh coming from the Sarah Jessica Parker camp, so if the nanny was okay with the singing routine, then nothing would really be wrong with it. But if it were something that was forced on her, then that would be an entirely different story.

3 Kim Kardashian Needs Her Beauty Sleep

Apparently, Kim does not like to be disturbed at night and likes to get her beauty sleep. That means that their nanny gets paid an extra $2,000 a night just to make sure she stays with the children at night so Kim is not disturbed. That must have been amazing especially when the children were still too young to sleep through the night. Imagine that life as a new parent? Though Kim would have missed the bonding experience that comes with soothing your children back to sleep at night. Kanye too was a stickler for getting a good night’s rest and if any of their children woke him up in the middle of the night, he would dock the nanny’s pay. The nanny was certainly making a big chunk of change during the night hours, so it was in her best interest to make sure the kids were quiet.

2 Pretending To Be Mommy

This one creeps us out a little and reminds us of the movie Psycho where Norman Bates dressed up like his mother. Apparently, when Julia Roberts goes out of town, she expects her nanny to wear a ginger wig at night. The logic behind this creepy little act was that the children were supposed to think that it was Julia tucking them in at night. Even if the kids were still really young, we don’t see this working. The wig was only donned at night, it wasn’t as if the nanny was expected to go out with it on but still, it’s super weird. There have been many rumors over the years that claim that Julia Roberts is a difficult person to deal with. Her own sister who committed suicide claimed that her sister was a B-word and that it was the family's fault that she took her own life.

1 You Can’t Force Meditation

85047, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday October 4, 2012. Jessica Alba leaves her hotel pushing baby Haven in a stroller in New York City. The "Fantastic Four" beauty was full of smiles and sporting damp hair as ventured out into the Big Apple. **BRAZIL OUT** Photograph: ©Wagner Az, PacificCoastNews.com **FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE** **E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES** LOS ANGELES OFFICE: 1 310 822 0419 LONDON OFFICE: +44 208 090 4079

The choice to meditate has to be a personal one; it’s not something that you can fake or force. Jessica Alba is a strong believer in meditation and she wanted her children to be able to do it before bed every night. She is big into the healthy lifestyle. Not only does she mediate, but she only eats organic foods and hits up hot yoga every now and then. She asked her nanny to meditate with her children every night before bed. This isn’t the most shocking confession and it’s not a big deal if the nanny is into it. But not everyone believes in meditation and forcing someone to do it could make them uncomfortable. If the nanny was cool with it, she probably found some peace in it too. The job of a celebrity nanny has to be stressful at times too.

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