We Can't Believe The Savage Tweets That Got These 15 People Fired

Twitter is a social media platform where people are free to post and say whatever they want. However, while that is the case, the things you say on social media can backfire and can come back to haunt you. In fact, your tweets could actually cost you a job! While most people are smart enough not to send out tweets that could offend people or could cost them their jobs, that is not always the case.

In fact, there are several different people who have had terrible tweets cost them a career. Some posted racist tweets, some s*xist and others that were just plain gross or offensive. This article will look at 15 in particular who made terrible tweets that led them to be canned from their jobs.

Take heed from these individuals and watch what you post, you never know what people will find or search for in the future. If you think you might regret a tweet in a week, a month or a year, simply don't tweet it. But without any further ado, let's take a look at some tweets that led people to be fired.

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15 Houston Rockets Fire Their Social Media Guy

via thedreamshake.com

Sports social media teams have been doing some amazing things over the past few years, but this a dark spot for them. As the Houston Rockets were leading the Dallas Mavericks in a playoff game back in 2015, their official Twitter account tweeted out a horse emoji with a gun emoji pointed at it and the words "Shhhh. Just close your eyes. It will all be over soon." This was obviously in reference to the fact that the Rockets were winning and the series would soon be over. While some would find this edgy tweet a funny one, there were many more responses that complained it was out of line and "too far". The team agreed and the social media employee who posted it was fired for the tweet. Many fans said he shouldn't have been let go for the tweet, but you really can't argue with the team for letting him walk, especially after the outrage from a large percentage of the public.

14 Woman Tweets Herself Out Of A Job

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When you have a job offer from a big company, it is a terrible idea to go on social media and complain about the job, before you even start it. Well, that is the exact scenario that Connor Riley found herself in after she got a job offer from Cisco. There are people that can hardly find a job and would be ecstatic to have one with a large company like them. She obviously wasn't too fond of it as she tweeted that she would have to weight the utility of a big paycheck vs. hating the work. A Cisco employee found this tweet and eventually tracked down her hiring manager, and she was told her services were no longer needed. This is a rare example of someone being fired from a job before their first day of work. In today's digital age, every company has people online, so you should really watch what you say, you never know who's watching!

13 Chrysler Has A PR Nightmare

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Accidentally tweeting from the wrong account is an annoying and embarrassing thing. However, things are worse when the "wrong account" you accidentally tweet from is that of your employer. This is the exact problem that plagued Scott Bartosiewicz. He was working as a social media strategist and was tasked with posting some tweets for Chrysler. Thinking he was on his own account, he tweeted "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f***ing drive" from the official account for Chrysler, who call Michigan their home. He was fired after the mistake and the whole team at Chrysler was incredibly embarrassed as a result of the entire ordeal.

12 Former MLB Pitcher Fired For Terrible Tweet

via nrc.nl

Getting drunk and posting on social media is never a good idea, and this goes double when you are in the public eye or are famous in some regard. Despite all of this, former MLB pitcher (who was working in sports radio at the time of the tweet), decided to get crazy drunk and take to Twitter. After over a dozen drinks (according to him), he decided to congratulate "all the dirty Mexicans in San Antonio". This racially insensitive tweet went viral and once news of it got to his employer, he was let go from his job. Once he sobered up and realized his terrible mistake, he apologized. However, this was too late as he was already let go and had much of the public against him.

11 An Extra On Glee Is Fired After Posting Spoilers

via chucks-fun.blogspot.com

When you work in TV or film, it is basically an unwritten rule that you do not release information on the show or film before it airs. Hundreds of people put weeks and weeks of work into these shows, so to post leaks or spoilers is a big slap right in the face. Despite this, Nicole Crowther (who was a recurring extra on the show Glee), took to Twitter to tweet some plot spoilers that she heard on set. Unfortunately for her, the producer of the show found her tweet and essentially fired her online by saying "I hope you're qualified to do something besides working in entertainment". Ouch, that had to hurt. She basically ruined any chance of ever working in film or TV again because of this one tweet.

10 An Employee Of The Obama Admin. Is An Internet Troll

via hypefeeds.com

This is a pretty crazy one. A Twitter account with the handle @natsecwonk tweeted hundreds of different anti-administration posts over a few months. These criticized a number of different people, regulations and more. While many people may not have known about this account, it caught the attention of many different people in Washington. After some probing and questioning, it was actually revealed that a staffer of the Obama administration was behind the troll account. This was a shock as Jofi Joseph (the man behind the account), was actually quite popular and revered throughout Washington. Of course, he was fired from his job and admits that he regrets the things he did and said.

9 Broadcaster Fired For Anti-Gay Tweets

via thestar.com

Everyone has their opinions on certain hot-button topics, but most people keep that to themselves and don't feel the need to voice their thoughts on Twitter. If Damian Goddard would have taken that advice, he might still have a job. A few years ago, a hockey agent took a stand against gay marriage and instead of just remaining silent on the issue, Goddard took to Twitter in order to state his own thoughts towards gay marriage. He felt that it was wrong and only supports traditional marriage. Of course, this is the kind of thing that companies and networks are trying to distance themselves from, so he was fired. He also got berated by those online who were disgusted by his comments.

8 Firefighter Finds Himself In Hot Water After Tweets

I think some people forget that other people can see their old tweets and they don't just disappear. While people are free to Tweet whatever they want, why anyone would ever want to tweet extremely s*xist and rude things is beyond me. Well, that is exactly what now-former firefighter Matt Bowman, did a few years ago. Instead of posting about his day or his job like most people, Bowman tweeted about how if a woman ever tried to kick his butt, he would tell her to go back to the kitchen. How he even thought of this and why he posted it is beyond me. When the fire station he worked for caught wind of this tweet and others like it, he was let go. Maybe next time he'll think twice before making unnecessary and s*xist comments on social media.

7 Man Joking About A Stillborn Daughter Is Rightfully Let Go

via thesun.co.uk

Going through a stillborn birth or other similar issue is a terrible and hard time for families. That time is difficult enough for families, they don't need people mocking them or making offensive comments about the whole ordeal. Well, this is what happened when Alfie Barker tweeted at Harry Arter about his stillborn daughter. After Arter's team tied a game they were winning by a lot, Barket tweeted "big hype just for a disappointment like the 9 months leading up to your child's birth". That tweet is beyond inappropriate and other users on Twitter made sure to let him know. The man who sent out these disgusting tweets was actually a semi-pro soccer player himself and he was thankfully let go from his team as a result of these tweets.

6 Girls Dresses Up As A Boston Bombing Victim

via dailydot.com

Sadly, there are many tragedies in the world today. One of the biggest in recent memory was the bombing of the Boston Marathon a few years ago. It claimed the lives of many people and changed the city forever. But whenever there is a tragedy, there are always people out there who try and "shock" people by being "too soon" with jokes or posts. One example of this is when a woman named Alicia Lynch, made a Twitter post that showed her dressed up for Halloween as a Boston Bombing victim. While she has claimed it was meant to be a joke, it wasn't funny at all and was nothing but offensive to everyone. Because of this post, she was let go from her job.

5 Teacher Is Fired After Tweeting About Being High

via hypefeeds.com

While many people have no issues with people smoking weed and posting about it, there are some individuals who should probably keep that part of their lives a secret and off of social media. One profession who should keep this info private, in particular, would be a teacher, especially one who teaches children and teens. That is exactly why it was a very bad idea for high school teacher Carly McKinney to post a semi-nude photo of herself to Twitter, while also smoking weed in said photo. While we are sure plenty of teachers do this kind of thing, it was a horrible idea to post a photo of it. As a result, McKinney was fired and we cannot say that we are surprised.

4 Boss Finds Would-Be Employee's Tweets And Fires Her On The Spot

via jobsearch-guides.blogspot.com

When most people are about to start a job, they are excited and hopeful for the future with the position. However, this isn't always the case. Some people might not like the job they are about to start, but very few actually broadcast that information for all to see on social media. That is, except for a woman from Texas who was about to start a job at a pizza place. The day before starting her new job, she sent out a tweet that said: "Ewwww I start this f*** ass job tomorrow". I don't know why you would not only take a job you think you'll hate, but then post about it on your public Twitter profile. This tweet soon came back to bite her in the butt as the franchise owner of the pizza place got on his Twitter account, found her tweet and then fired her right from Twitter. This is a cautionary tale for all, don't tweet bad about a job that you don't even have yet, as you could lose it real quick.

3 Nir Rosen Goes Way Too Far

via nrc.nl

Nir Rosen is a journalist and for a period, was the Law Fellow at New York University. He held this position until he made some offensive tweets that got him canned. Sexual assault is obviously something that nobody should ever joke about, but that is just what Rosen did. When a journalist and CBS News correspondent was s*xually assaulted, he took to Twitter to not only mock her, but also to say that it would have been amusing if Anderson Cooper was also assaulted. He also made several other horrible tweets about the situation. This, of course, is terrible to say and nearly everyone on Twitter agreed. There was widespread outrage and he was removed from his position as Fellow soon after. While he has since apologized, he still totally deserved to be fired and he made his bed, and now he's got to sleep in it.

2 Justine Sacco Gets Sacked

via bet.com

The name Justine Sacco used to just be the name of a PR consultant with less than 200 followers on Twitter. However, one fateful (and very offensive tweet) changed her life forever. She tweeted a message that read: "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding, I'm White!". This is obviously a terrible tweet and when it was retweeted by a tech blogger, it went viral. She sent the tweet before boarding the plane and when it landed, she was public enemy #1 on Twitter. She said the tweet was a joke, but it was a very unfunny and offensive one if it was. She was fired from her job and got thousands and thousands of hate messages. She is a prime example how everyone should watch what they tweet, no matter how few followers you have. It may end up ruining your life.

1 Taco Bell Employee Pissed Off At His Job

via gabworthy.com

Now this one is just plain disgusting in every sense of the word. While we all get pissed off with our jobs from time to time, this guy took it to a whole new level. Cameron Janikowski obviously wasn't too fond of his job at Taco Bell, so he decided to do something truly horrible and pee all over some nachos (which hopefully never found their way to a customer). Not only that, he actually posted the whole thing to Twitter and soon the internet found the post and it went viral and people were livid. He was thankfully fired for this disgusting act, but for something like this, firing the man just doesn't seem like enough of a punishment for the disgusting thing he did and posted about.

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